Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 07 Jul 18

Ali the Ant (Color My World Book 1)

by Stacy Bycher

Join Ali the Ant as he embarks on an important mission to find food for his family. Along the way he overcomes obstacles, realizes his own strength, and gains confidence in himself. He learns that even very small creatures are capable of very big things! In addition to the beautiful, hand-drawn artwork that will delight both children and adults alike, this story relays an important message to readers. Through Ali’s adventure, children will learn the importance of perseverance, hard work, struggling through challenges, and believing in oneself even when things are difficult.

The Cutting Room Floor: A Gripping Romantic Thriller (Secrets and Lies Book 1)

by Dawn Klehr

A Junior Library Guild Selection and #1 Amazon Bestselling Mystery

DEZ: If my life were a movie, this would be the pivotal scene: a guy peering through his bedroom window at a beautiful girl. I’m the guy, seventeen, somewhat troubled, watching the girl sit on her porch step, crying. The camera closes in on the guy’s face, tighter and tighter. He smiles, but it’s not sweet. It’sâ?¦odd. The kind of smile that gives the viewer that prickly feeling deep in their gut.

Yeah, I do this a lotâ??watch my life through the eyes of a director. Maybe because I want to be that one person in charge. I wish I didn’t crave control. But I do . . . badly. And though I might not be able to control Riley, I can help get her to where she needs to be. Convince. Persuade. Protect. I’ll make Riley love me, even if it means I have to play the villain.

RILEY: I won’t let this destroy me. I’ll just keep my head up, ears closed, and try not to look at their faces at school tomorrow. I should be used to it by now. This is just how it goes around here. One wrong move, one bad rumor, one mistake, and it’s social death row. I’m the latest to be sentenced. Move out of the way, everyone.

Dead girl walking.

Thank God I have Dez. Sometimes I feel like he’s the only person who understandsâ?¦

Hungry Jack (Disturbing Tales Book 1)

by Ransom Kane

Something stalks the woods of No-Man’s Hollow; a creature not fully man nor beast; with a devilish talent for misdirection and a seemingly unquenchable HUNGER for vengeance… and also human flesh.
Follow this tale of primal evil along the faultline of the human soul; between past and present, wilderness and civilization, sanity and madness; but think carefully before you do. It is much easier to learn than it is to forget…

Life in a Struggle: Don’t let anyone bully you. If they do, get help. (How to overcome bullies Book 1)

by Destiny Diaz

This book is about a girl who is being bullied. The Student Council members help her.

P’yxx – The Ministry of Superheroes and Scamps, Volume 1

by Robert Iannone

The Ministry of Superheroes and Scamps is a stand-alone spin-off series from Egg and the Hameggattic Sisterhood. It is a girl-empowering fantasy adventure.

It is the story of the twin daughters of a living legend, the Queen of Aerianna. To their delight, they have been given permission to partake in their first solo adventure. Unwittingly, it will invoke the Law of Unintended Consequences leading to a future neither mother nor daughters could have ever foreseen.

With their parents blessing, they have decided to visit a small planetoid in the Andromeda Galaxy. Why? Because they can. What they don’t know is that the planetoid is home to the Infinite Requiem of Scientific Insufficiencies – a curious institution dedicated to repurposing failed scientific experiments. It is run by a sentient robot called an ALF Prime.

Their visit doesn’t go quite as planned. The other guests who happen to be visiting are a class of exceptionally bright students from a prestigious academy. One of them is P’yxx, an elfin-like being who teams with our twins to avert a galactic-wide catastrophe caused by a practical joke gone terribly wrong.

And the seed for the creation of the Ministry of Superheroes and Scamps is planted.

Little Pencil Finds His Forever Friends: A Rhyming Pencil Grip Picture Book

by Christine Calabrese

Watching his companions enjoying fun activities, this lovable character becomes increasingly unhappy with his predicament-Little Pencil realizes that he really wants to be helpful but can’t seem to find anything to do! 

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