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Gabriel: Zero Point (Evan Gabriel Trilogy Book 0)

by Steve Umstead

A Gabriel Universe Novella
Evan Gabriel wasn’t always a feared and respected North American Federation Navy Commander. Before dangerous missions to the ice-bound planet of Poliahu, the deadly jungle world of Eden, and politically corrupt Mars, he was a simple recruit, fighting to make his mark in the elite Naval Special Forces…and was part of a top-secret military experiment that would change his life forever.
Zero Point tells the tale of a young man faced with difficult choices and dangerous trials. Fans of the series will see part of the mysterious past Evan Gabriel carries with him, while readers new to the series get a preview of what is to come in a military man’s haunted life.
Zero Point is the true beginning of Evan Gabriel, and his story is just getting started.
Also available: Gabriel’s Redemption (Book 1), Gabriel’s Return (Book 2), Gabriel’s Revenge (Book 3), Gabriel’s Journey (complete collection) 
~Note: This is a novella of approximately 22,000 words (~90 printed pages) and can be read either before the trilogy or after. Includes excerpts from all three Gabriel books (not included in word count).

~” Umstead can write an action-packed adventure story better than most. He is an artist in designing a high-tech battlefield and weaving in the human element with his character’s depth and color. If you like action in a science fiction setting then you really need to pick this up from book one and give it a shot.” – Tom Clementson, The Kindle Book Review
~ “If John Scalzi and Tom Clancy got combined in a transporter accident a la The Fly….and I mean that in a good way.”
~ “This series brings me back to the old days when Sci-Fi was about ass kicking, great friends, loyalty and action.”
~ “Umstead has a way of putting you right into the scene, whether it be on a Jamaican beach, a rundown apartment or the icy surface of a distant planet.”
~ “Character-rich story, non-stop adventure (think Jason Bourne travels the stars). Completely immersive read.”
~”…the military fiction of Tom Clancy, the hardware of Heinlein’s Starship Troopers, and the intrigue of Dan Brown.”
~ “The detail of the world-building pulled me in and made everything utterly believable.”
~ “Well-thought-out universe with a tightly woven history, timeline, and culture.”
~ “The author’s imagination is amazing…he has knowledge of combat tactics, both with squads and hand-to-hand.”
~ “Umstead’s writing is solid, as good as it gets, not only in the genre, but in general.”
~ “Umstead deals with issues like honor, responsibility and human nature. While deep in thematic content the forward thrust of the story never stops.”


by Chris Lowry


Are aliens among us? Every day all over the world people report mysteries in the sky. UFO’s. Have they visited? Are they abducting people? Are they planning an invasion?

Sit back and grab your copy of INCURSION – a collection of sci fi comedy’s about alien invasions, mistaken space marines and super soldiers in a post apocalyptic future where a computer rules every decision.

This three book set will keep you flipping pages as the action packed comedy tickles your alien funny bone.

MOON MEN- A nerd with a secret is escorted cross country by a government agent who wants to keep him safe to negotiate a peace treaty on the moon.

EPOCH – A warrior from the past is kidnapped into a dystopian future to fight Troopers based on his skills, and a computer that declares him public enemy number one.

SUPER SECRET SPACE MISSION- When two idiots are accidentally shot into outer space to save the world from invading aliens, earth may never be the same.

Includes samples from military science fiction and space opera:



Grab your copy of INCURSION for a night of guffaws, belly laughs and a lot of nostalgia with references to a lot of your favorite science fiction classics.

Readers say they “can’t wait” for the next adventure, so start yours now.

Serenity Incident: book two of the Dead Path Chronicles

by Richard A. Valicek

Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Serenity Incident by Richard A. Valicek is Book 2 in The Dead Path Chronicles, a tale that involves an ancient prophecy, a great elf wizard, a group of vampires, and the destiny of a kingdom witnessing turbulent times in its history. Set against the backdrop of the future 23rd Century, this monumental fantasy tale will captivate readers with its strong story points, the compelling characters, and the entrancing setting. Readers follow the story of Caprius Seaton and Melina Hampshire as they go through all sorts of challenges to enable a union that is destined to be, and which is the only power left for the kingdom to overthrow the cohort of its powerful and supernatural enemies.

This is a story with a lot of action, one that will spur excitement in readers. From the very first page, readers are introduced to some of the compelling characters, including the legendary elf wizard Grongone, who plays an invaluable role in the story. The writing is crisp and fluid, with powerful descriptions that immerse the reader in the vivid landscapes and the intense action that drives the plot. I also enjoyed the intelligent and plot-driven dialogue, crafted to read naturally and to allow the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the characters.

Richard A. Valicek has a great gift for character, and although there are many of them in the story, he manages to keep the reader focused. Serenity Incident reads beautifully from the beginning, and although it’s the sequel to another book, it reads well alone, with just enough backstory to bring the reader into the storyline. Fascinating story with a great setting and strong characters. It is, without doubt, an interesting and engaging read, a great treat for fans of fantasy.

Spaceship Struggles

by Ingo Potsch

Spaceship Struggles is hard-core Military Science Fiction. As the name has it, it’s about spaceships and their struggles. They fight against other spaceships and against the forces of nature. It’s action almost entirely, with very few and short calm periods in between. A short introduction to the situation and a little explanation as to how it got to be what it is are provided early on, embedded within the story. The plot centers on Junior Lieutenant Astley of the destroyer Mandana, a fast, maneuverable, long-endurance warship of mid-range size. Astley serves on the Mandana as chief officer, the second-in-command to the skipper. As the Mandana gets assigned into ever more dangerous missions, young Astley needs all his skills to cope with the challenges and bring his ship and crew back home. The Mandana’s deployments are related to the war against the Aesuron Empire, a technologically advanced and very dangerous enemy. The war against the Aesuron had been started without much of a reason, not to mention a good reason, but now that it is going on, the situation requires a solution to avoid total annihilation. With the hope of contributing to the longed-for decisive victory, Astley faces decisions and challenges which demand more of him than he ever thought possible.

Galactic Voyager

by Ingo Potsch

Carlos Ausbourne is working as a business scout. He is travelling uncharted areas of the galaxy in search for business opportunities, which he will report to his principals. This job is very much to the liking of the adventurous man, who enjoys discovering what no man has seen before. Together with his local guide, an Asaukee alien, Carlos is roaming around deep inside the Touruku Empire. This huge dominion had been opened for outsiders like Carlos only recently, and he is one of the very first travelers there. His entirely peaceful mission soon becomes quite thrilling and dangerous, as Carlos gets drawn into a murder case which also involves his guide and the extended family of this alien. As they pursue the traces of the murderers, the situation gets ever more perilous. Carlos and his alien friend need all their combined skills and knowledge to have a chance of survival.

Martin & James Visit The Witch: a Martin & James cozy action spy thriller (Martin & James Case Files Book 4)

by S.A. Schneider

Martin & James find trouble but this time aren’t out on a mission.

The two are visiting a shop, not just any shop, a mysterious shop run by a witch. James isn’t sure how Martin knows this woman, but they obviously have a past and now Martin needs her help.

James, ever curious, is entranced by the wonderous items in the shop. While Martin and Madame Washti are inspecting an item from their last mission, James explores the shop. Will he get into trouble even here? Martin must deal with James while in this shop of mystery.

Classic short stories have always been a great way to spend a few minutes of pleasure. The pulps were some of the best stories and their time is coming again. Similar to vintage Amazing Stories and Weird Tales magazine, these stories harken back to a bygone era and bring reading enjoyment to a new generation.

The Martin & James series is mystery thriller and action suspense time and again – with a bit of the supernatural this time.

DataTrigger (The Ragdoll Sequence Book 1)

by J.P. Carver

A Novella of 30,000 words or about 80 pages.

Blamed for the murder of a CEO that she didn’t commit and two other murders that she did, Ragan ‘Ragdoll’ Eisen is running. She finds herself relying on friends and her own skills as a computer security cracker to stay one step ahead of being caught in a world of implanted identity computer chips and surveillance infested streets.

Tired, confused, and unable to see how her world could get any worse she learns that the most dangerous person after her isn’t on the Central Electronic Security police force, but a corporate woman who wants something in Ragan’s possession: a program that belonged to the murdered CEO.

The Given Garden (Parts 1 & 2 Combined): Adult Contemporary fantasy, a Dystopian Romance in the new Utopia. (The Eden Chronicles)

by S.K Munt

They told us that this new world was perfect
They told us that we were all equal under the eyes of the only God
They told me that I was nothing
He told me that he would protect me
They swear that I can trust them
I don’t
How can I believe in something, in a world where faith isn’t optional?

The Given Garden is Book #1 in the dystopian series, The Eden Chronicles, and is set six hundred years after Armageddon, where Utopia is the goal, but chaos is the result. Larkin had no choice to be an illegal third-born child, so does that mean that she should give her life to the crown in penance? And if so, can trust that she will find a friend in Prince Kohen Barachiel, and not a Nephilim master? The kingdom is in his family’s hands, her life in his, the clock is ticking until God’s return, and Satan is watching, waiting for her moment to strike back against the alpha males of the royal faily.
It’s angels versus demons in this post-apocalyptic fairy tale that is sentimental, sensual and exciting.

Brotherhood (Empires of the Void Book 1)

by L.L. Saucerman

Earth has fallen. When the Kavar invaded, humanity was unprepared to defend their world from the technologically superior force. The lizard-like alien invaders conquered the planet in a single night.
Born the night of the invasion and taken to the Sisterhood’s labs, Lynn has never known anything but brutality. As a gifted psychic, she was seen as nothing more than an interesting lab specimen. That, however, changes suddenly when the Kavar Lord, The Silent One, saves and claims her.
Suddenly she is thrust into the Kavar world. If she wants to stay alive and keep her family safe, she must find a way not just to survive, but excel, in a brutal honor-driven society where justice can only be found in combat. Lynn finds herself caught in the middle of Kavar political maneuvering; struggling against her physical weakness, lack of knowledge, and prejudice against humanity.
Her family’s choices leave her grappling with questions about what it means to be human, and where her loyalty should lay. Should she keep the agreements she made to keep her siblings safe, or join other humans in preparing for a rebellion that could free their world?

The Black Tapes: Or, How the Bouncer Bounced Back (Book One)

by Michael Kenney

All is provided, yet everything is lacking.

The Metro is the plenum, a future-city of color and exuberance, but its citizens are full of violence and greed. If there is any hope for peace it lies with the Iris, a machine that can link the minds of every human-being to create a single mind, a single energy. Someone just has to push the button.

Sean, born into this world of hate, sets out to do the impossible: to take the data he has stolen off the internet and turn on the Iris. His journey will set off one of the greatest rat-chases the Metro has ever seen. All the big players are in on it, to stop or help Sean’s mad rush to the Iris. There’s Casey with her army of gangsters, who wants nothing else but to make sure the Metro stays a jungle. There’s Randal the mutant, a creature of nightmare surrounded by other misbegotten souls, cursed with an inexplicable fate. And then there’s Tommy the Bouncer, Tommy the Butcher, Tommy the Terrible, who just wants to beat everything to a bloody pulp.

These players and more all have their eyes on the prize: the Black Tape, the switch that if flicked may set off an age of no-death. Maybe. In the end, Sean will discover that the Metro might be too far gone. Hope’s slim, but it’s there. He just has to try.

Easier said than done.

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