Free science Kindle books for 07 Jul 18

Cancer? We’ve Got This!

by Juliet Mitchell

THIS IS A MUST, MUST READ FOR ANYONE THAT HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER! Readers that want a way to get maximum knowledge within a short amount of time will really dig the style and tone that Juliet uses. Highlights of this book includes do’s and don’ts, secrets of cancer survivors and other hard-to-find information that will give you the winning edge against cancer.

This easy-to-digest, short book will become your new bff. Seriously, for people who want to become proactive about not getting cancer or that want to learn ways to overcome it, this book is an invaluable resource.

The Martians’ Eyewitness

by Diurny Rizzo

If you knew that the Martians were coming, would you prepare yourself mentally and spiritually to welcome them physically?

When Aurora finds out that she has traveled consciously to the astral world, she embarks on a spiritual journey that takes her to the red planet where she witnesses the Martians.

The Martians’ Eyewitness not only relates this spiritual journey, it also serves as a spiritual guide to readers who have been contacted by extraterrestrials through out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, UFO abductions or sightings, and so on.

This book tells you how the Martian beings, whose spiritual existence is real, are preparing humankind through those who are coming forward to talk about their physical and spiritual encounter with extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Your copy of The Martians’ Eyewitness will help liberate you from any preconceived notions you may have about the spiritual world.

Twelve Men in the Huddle

by Michael Banas

Peter Wagner is an orthopedic surgeon beginning a one-year Sports Medicine fellowship in Tulsa, Louisiana. There he meets Heather Jackson, the Sports Information Director for the number one ranked college football team in the nation – the Tulsa Valley Tarpons. Dr. Wagner is immediately captivated by the pre-season spectacle of a team predicted to win the national championship. He immerses himself into the team’s daily routine, including a stay at their remote summer camp on the bayou, under the watchful eye of head coach Buford B. Hayes. Coach Hayes played for the Tarpons fifty years ago and has never left Tulsa Valley since, rising to cult status amid a fan base thirsty for a national title. As the season begins all is well in the Tarpon Nation until a series of unusual health problems begin to afflict the team and Dr. Wagner, leading him to question the integrity of the school’s training program. Fueling the controversy is the arrival of a Los Angeles sports writer on a singular mission – to clarify how a team bogged down in mediocrity for decades, can suddenly catapult their way to the top of the college rankings. As the title game approaches, additional revelations draw the focus of a nation upon Tulsa, searching for answers.

Twelve Men in the Huddle is a behind the scenes look into the role of sports medicine in college football – a balancing act between ethics, emotion and monetary gain.

Wallflowers – #2: 50 drawings by Joan Worth

by Joan Worth

Original line drawings of flowers with whimsy character. Creatures in circles and interesting creative animals. A free and open coloring experience without cluttered background patterns. Made for colored pencils. Wallflowers #2 like the first Wallflowers by artist Joan Worth are new, life size and with no repeats. Suitable for all ages.

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