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Jack The Ripper – The Black Magic Myth

by Mike Covell

Jack The Ripper – The Black Magic Myth is an intimate look at the life, adventures and death of Robert D’Onston Stephenson and his attachment to the Jack the Ripper case.

Featuring a massive range of primary historical sources from around the world to tackle some of the myths and stories attached to him and his life.

Full Circle: Coming Home to the Faithfulness of God

by Athena Dean Holtz

In the aftermath of spiritual abuse and toxic leadership, one woman’s shattered life is restored by the faithfulness of God. Athena’s driving desire for affirmation and attention pulled her away from her family, husband, and children into what she thought would bring happiness. Deceived by Scientology, forays into mysticism, and twelve years in a restrictive and legalistic cult, she lost everything her marriage, relationships, home, business, money, and reputation. This is the candid and inspirational story of how her eyes were opened, how God restored what had been lost, and gave her the desires of her heart, including a new love.

Martin Luther: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Martin Luther

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Martin Luther is famous for the moment he nailed his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg, yet the scope of his influence on the modern world is hardly limited to that one act. He emerged as a leader of the Reformation, coming onto the European scene at a time when modes of thought were changing, adapting from the medieval norm of reliance on authoritative sources such as Aristotle to modern ideas of discovering knowledge through textual interpretation, experience, and experimentation.

Inside you will read about…

â?? From Law Student to Monk
â?? The Angry Monk
â?? 95 Theses
â?? Debater, Reformer and Heretic
â?? Knight George
â?? Defining the Lutheran Church
And much more!

As his life followed a tumultuous path from student to monk to reformer and church leader, his emphasis on salvation by faith and the authority of the Bible aloneâ??not priests or the popeâ??had lasting impact on the history of the church. While Martin Luther may remain a controversial figure, his life and writings undoubtedly played an important role in the religious, intellectual, and political development of the Western world.

EMERGENCY! Hvis du måtte flykte, Hva ville du ta med deg? (Norwegian Edition)

by Jose Ruben Amador

Svar på dette spørsmålet
Hvis du måtte dø og du kunne ta med deg noe,
Hva ville det være?
Velg ett av disse alternativene:

1. Jeg vet ikke. Kanskje ingenting. Jeg vil bare vite hva jeg trenger, når jeg trenger det.
Alt er viktig og ingenting er.

2. Min familie. Folk jeg elsker.

3. Ond Alt dårlig.

Tenk på svaret ditt og del det med meg
[email protected]

Jeg spurte meg selv dette spørsmålet, og jeg svarte med hvert alternativ, i henhold til rekkefølgen der de ble funnet.

Jeg kjenner noen som gjorde denne avgjørelsen og hans valg overrasket mange mennesker. Som han forsto det .
Kanskje du ikke forstår hvorfor det tredje alternativet;
Kanskje du tror det ikke gir mening, men det gjør det .
Denne personen har valgt alternativ tre.

Suspicious Plants At Walmart

by Ron Bergeron

In April 2010 the European Grapevine Moth was discovered in the beautiful rift valley of Ukiah, California. The suspected source was produce trucks left overnight in infested areas of Hopland. At the same time, the powerful story you are about to read was unfolding. Ironically, I wrote this entire story ignorant of the fact that the infestation had already begun.

During that summer I thought I witnessed violations of plant shipment quarantine and inspection requirements. These rules are in place to help slow the spread of non-native invasive fauna and flora. My story suggests the EGVM may have been brought into the Ukiah Valley through this preventable negligence.

This true story is a record of the day to day events as I tried to navigate the maze of protocol and corporate bureaucracy to find answers to my questions.

This has to be true, no one could make this story up. After you read this book you may never see Walmart or their Associates the same way again. I tried to describe people and events as precisely as I saw them, despite the fact that there is always a difference between what we see and what is actually real. Since laughter is perhaps the most important thing in my life, I saturated this book with as much humor as possible. Enjoy these samples from the book:

“OH MY GOD!” An Associate at the next table wailed. “They cut my hours so much, my next paycheck won’t be enough to cover my health insurance premium. I’ll owe Walmart money for working.” She held her face in her hands as the tears streamed out from between her fingers.

I walked into the Outdoor Living Room to find birds pecking holes in the tops of the Ramen noodles and breakfast cereal boxes, again. Bird droppings are sprinkled all over the merchandise to be sold. This can’t be a good thing. It would be nice to have indoor storage for a lot of the stuff we sell. Out here everything gets exposed to the elements and the animals.

“How do you think someone does when they get their hours cut in half,” she replied as she slammed an item into a cart.

“Oh, no!” the customer gasped. “Look, forget it. This isn’t worth the hassle.” The customer abandoned her cart and items at Maggie’s register and stormed toward me and the door. I conjured up the most sympathetic look I could, and smiled valiantly as the lady approached. She stopped just inches from me, pointed her finger back at Maggie, The Cashier From Hell, and yelled, “THAT WOMAN SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF YOU!!”

I knew I was sending the fox to watch the hen-house, but I wasn’t sure what was happening. I wanted to see if Walmart would do what’s right without being told to do so by a government agency. Well, what a surprise; The fox took care of the problem in the hen house. It still amazes me just how naïve I was, when I look back on this moment.

As of this writing, five months after we received the EGVM procedure from the County, I have not seen an authorized green waste container, or a plant identification book anywhere.

Here was a Chinese man complaining that he didn’t want to buy anything made in China. And every time he complained something was made in China, I felt like saying “But, so were you!”

“ATTENTION ALL ASSOCIATES, we have a Code Adam. It is a little boy wearing blue jeans and a yellow pullover shirt.”

“You really are a beautiful man,” Creepy Slim said.

Just then, another drug addict came out of the store and walked past me. This addict wears a nice shirt and tie. He is the newest assistant manager Jansen, and he’s demonstrating to all the children one of Walmart’s best products, the cigarette. He is getting them ready to become lifelong customers. He doesn’t have to be teaching kids how to do deadly drugs, there is a secluded room inside the store for smokers. Can’t blame him though, the room is disgusting. And, in a true “Cradle to Grave” customer concept, Walmart now sells coffins.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Plowshares

Zwischen Liebe und Angst (German Edition)

by Leilani Engel

“Ein kleiner Junge geht am Strand entlang. Ã?berall liegen gestrandete Seesterne, die am Strand vertrocknen. Tausende. Der kleine Junge hebt einen auf und wirft ihn zurück ins Meer. Dann hebt er einen weiteren Seestern auf und schleudert ihn weit ins Meer. Und noch einen. Und noch einen…

Ein Mann beobachtet den Jungen eine Weile, dann geht er zu ihm und sagt: “Warum tust du das? Es ist doch völig sinnlos, es sind viel zu viele, du kannst sie unmöglich alle wieder ins Meer werfen und sie werden vertrocknen…”

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