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Canning And Preserving Cookbook: Big Collection Of Recipes Everybody Can Make

by Simon Cobb

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Canning And Preserving Cookbook: Big Collection Of Recipes Everybody Can Make

This book is designed for your assistance because canning is common in many households to feed a family before the majority of households turned to supermarkets to get food. Canning will help you to have enough food at home. You can keep enough food for the winter months in your home, and farming families often had a kitchen garden and they like to preserve food to save money.

Canned foods are an important part of numerous cuisines, such as in Asian cuisine, the spicy pickle made of vegetable is an important part of the food. Preservation is a good process because it helps you to promote the growth of good bacteria, mold and yeasts in foods.

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The Super Speedy Vegetarian 5:2 Recipe Book. Over 95 Vegetarian 5:2 Recipes That Can Be Made In Under 15 Minutes

by Gabrielle Alexander

Do you want to have a delicious menu of vegetarian dishes available, whenever you need it?
Do you want to be losing weight, without being hungry?
Do you want uncomplicated and quick to create recipes?
The 5:2 is the HOTTEST diet around right now and this book is awesome because I am a vegetarian too and I have lost over 20lbs following this diet!
This book has been created from experience and proven results.

Why is the 5:2 so popular? Because it WORKS!
And being a veggie Should not top you from getting amazing results – why? Because this book is packed with nearly 100 veggie friendly recipes. As well as a selection of gorgeous recipes, you will also get a simple overview of the 5:2 diet to help you stay on track.
This book is full of recipes categorized into 100, 250 and 500 calories –
Delicious Breakfast ideas
Yummy filling lunches
Tasty Dinners
Not-so-naughty desserts
Scrumptious snacks
As a vegetarian who practices the 5:2, I understand the trails of creating tempting menus week after week. This guide will help you keep it all in check, stay on track and shed POUNDS!

Meal Prep: 77 Delicious Meal Prep Recipes with an Easy Guide to Weight Loss and Clean Eating

by Celine Walker

77 Delicious and Easy To Make Meal Prep Recipes That Saves You Time and Money

This book contains 77 easy-to-make recipes with nutritional information. These recipes are so deliciously healthy you wouldn’t even notice that you are on a diet.

Planning your meals is perhaps one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although meal preparation may be a new way of cooking at first, you will eventually realize that it is a step closer to keeping up with a healthy way of life.

Most people can agree that it is hard to eat healthily and cooking healthy food each and every day is even harder! Meal Prepping solves both these issues at once. By going through this book, you will learn how to make large healthy meals in one setting. This will allow you to have delicious and nutritious meals throughout the week without having to waste time cooking and cleaning every day!

In this book, you will discover

  • The Benefits of Meal Prepping
  • How to Plan Your Meals
  • Easy to Prepare Soups, Salads, and Main Courses
  • Recipes for Healthy Snacks that are Easy to Make
  • And more!

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Ketogenic Instant Pot: Easy Recipes For Healthy Eating To Lose Weight Fast For Smart People (Ultimate Low Carb Series)

by Victoria Westman

Do you want delicious and easy-to-make Keto instant pot recipes that your whole family can enjoy? Imagine having full nutritional information for every recipe so that meal planning becomes much easier!

Research has proven that diet and lifestyle directly impacts health and wellbeing. Experts agree that eating keto foods can help you lose weight rapidly and promote optimal overall health. Ketogenic foods are not only delicious, they also help you to stay healthy by losing weight and reducing your chance of suffering from acute and chronic diseases. Ketogenic is the way we were meant to eat!

The Instant Pot is the essential appliance of the 21st century, allowing professionals, busy moms and dads, and college students to create stunning meals, all in a single pot. And it’s not the slow cooker of the olden days.

You’re about to discover how to create over 40 healthy and delicious Instant Pot Keto recipes with proper directions and nutritional information.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Chapter 1: What Is An Instant Pot?
  • Chapter 2: An Overview Of The Keto Diet
  • Chapter 3: Why Follow A Ketogenic Diet?
  • Chapter 4: Top 15 Common Myths Of A Ketogenic Diet
  • Chapter 5: Keto Friendly Food
  • Chapter 6: Instant Pot Useful Tips
  • Chapter 7: The Amazing Keto Swaps

When the ketogenic lifestyle and Instant Pot cooking join forces, the satisfaction of your taste buds is guaranteed.

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The Meatless Cookbook: 50 Simple and Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

by Gordon Rock

50 inspiring and easy recipes, delivers the best of epicure meatless dishes.

Meat-lovers and vegetarians alike have raved over tofu and vegetables that have been baked, spiced, and fried with mingled reminiscent flavours. Now, you can make the same mouth-watering soups and salads, dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your own kitchen.

There are step-by-step methods that not just teach you what to make, but how to make it. Even beginners will be able to create the same flavours as an experienced chef.


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