Free historical fiction Kindle books for 08 Jul 18

The Potter of Paradox (The Spirit Series Book 1)

by Traci Stead

There are no new questions, just new situations.
Mariam, Marta, and Eleazar were siblings with a common conundrum: just what were they supposed to be doing in life? Nothing seemed to be working out right.
Mariam was getting too old to find a husband; she needed money, but how was she going to get it? Widowed Marta was running a tavern out of her home. And young Eleazar was attending secret anti-government meetings. Their lives intersect with Jesus and his disciples, but it’s the potter in the shed down the hillside who guides them to Jesus and their purpose in life.
Nearly two thousand years later, a young man asks the same question.
Jack, a struggling businessman, longs to create the beautiful works of art that he sells to clients, but his father has stressed for years the risks of being a self-employed artist. Jack knows business is the logical way to go, but his heart pulls him back to the potter’s wheel.
On a holiday visit with his aunts, Jack rekindles a friendship with Mr. John, the local potter. The friendship evolves into a partnership. But is pottery all that Mr. John is selling?
Two thousand years are not enough to separate this story of family, calling, and the ancient mystery of The Potter of Paradox.
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The Duke’s Pregnant Peasant

by Annabel Blair

A Scandalous Regency Romance that leaves little to the imagination – for mature eyes only!

Ferdinand is the Duke of Vestavia, and well received by his people and other nobles. He has a good relationship and friendship with his wife, Rosalind, though there has never been a spark of romance. Lately, he has grown tired of the life of nobility and felt more and more pulled to spend time among the commoners.

Vivian is a scullery maid who, although she has a difficult time with her mother, wants for little and finds happiness in simple pleasures of life. When she learns she is pregnant with the child of nobility, she fears her mother will use this knowledge to wrongfully seek financial gain from her lover.

The two seek love and balance, but perhaps their biggest asset is the one they never thought to use – the Duke’s wife, Rosalind.

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