Free humour Kindle books for 08 Jul 18

Cruise Ship Creatures: A Field Guide to the Curious Creatures Who Holiday on Cruise Ships (Cruising Fun Book 1)

by Ruby Allure

Have you ever been on a cruise or are you considering sailing on a cruise ship? Well if you’re a bit of a people watcher then this book will provide some cruising entertainment. Using this field guide you can spend hours fascinated by the numerous â??Cruise Ship Creatures’ and breeds that emerge on any given cruise. With that in mind, and with the intention to add a bit of fun to those lovely sea days, here is your perfect opportunity to spot a whole variety of â??Cruise Ship Creatures’.

Kolkata Diaries

by Chanchal

â??Hey God, you can’t do anything, I got it, now leave it to me, you just live there in the heaven, and have some snacks’ Aryan says.

Aryan, a simple boy, in this mind blowing psychological romantic thriller, falling in love at the first sight with his classmate, the beautiful and curly hair girl Sophie at the age of 16, laughing and singing with her in school and one afternoon fall apart, and ended with an intuition â??that one day they will meet again’.

It all started with the intuition and imagination, and became the madness for him to chase his love.
A journey of Aryan’s intuition, takes him from love to the red blossoms, strings, dreams, frustration, loneliness and hatred to himself. Was he got his love aback? Was he got it intuition right?

With â??Kolkata diaries’, Chanchal tells the psychological romantic thriller.

Unsafe at Any Speed: An Elsie W. Book

by Sarah Jayne Brewster

My coworker is a woman named Elsie W. She is a complete disaster of a coworker both in the office and, more importantly, in her car. Every day is a new act in the circus that is her life…and it touches everyone around her.

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