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Prince Martin and the Dragons: A Classic Adventure Book About a Boy, a Knight, & the True Meaning of Loyalty (The Prince Martin Epic Series Book 3)

by Brandon Hale

Epic Action Adventure. Electrifying Full-Color Art.
The Hobbit Meets Watership Downâ??With a Twist…

Prince Martin returns with his brotherly band to oppose ancient dragons that threaten the land!

The two dragons have slept for two thousand long years. They embody the worst of humanity’s fears. They have dreamt of destruction and fire and smoke. A new cycle beginsâ??for the dragons just woke.

And these deadly old drakes are the nastiest sort: they incinerate cities and kill just for sport. Now they’re heading out west, these two blasts from the past.

Their intentions are cruel.

The die has been cast.

But a quest has begun for a shield and a spearâ??two long-missing marvels the two dragons fear.

And the Prince and his friends join this perilous quest to discover those weapons and rescue The West. They have little idea, though, what lies in store . . . 

When kids finish this book, they’ll come begging for more.

Join the Prince, and the elf, and the wolf, and Sir Ray.

There’s adventure aplenty.

And dragons to slay.

Buy a copy today for yourself or a child, whose young heart will be captured, completely beguiled!

Book features and series information:

  • Electrifying full-color art! 
  • The tale appears to be written in prose. But when kids read aloud, they’ll be delighted to discover the whole story secretly rhymesâ??just like the description above. Click “Look inside” for a sample.
  • Prince Martin and the Dragons is Book 3 of the Prince Martin Epic. Enjoy it as a stand-alone. Kids will also love Books 1 and 2: Prince Martin Wins His Sword and Prince Martin and the Thieves.
  • The Prince Martin Epic chapter book series will be loved by kids who are enchanted by castles and quests, knights and dragons, swords and shields, old-fashioned derring-do, high-stakes adventure, and epic showdowns between good and evil.

Praise for Prince Martin and the Dragons:

“The great G.K. Chesterton remarked that ‘Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.’ Brandon Hale does children the evergreen favor of providing adventures in which we learn the simple truth that dragons can be killed, heroism and courage are rewarded, and love and goodness triumph against wickedness.”

 – Mark Shea, co-author of the New York Times bestseller, A Guide to the Passion

Prince Martin and the Dragons is an engaging introduction to the world of knights and castles, swords and sorcery. Kids will be captivated by this modern take on classic tales of the past.” 

 – Patrick O’Brien, author of The Making of a Knight

Praise for the Prince Martin Epic series:

“Boyish, archetypal, cross-cultural, and timeless . . . exactly what young boys love and need.” 

 – Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., bestselling author of The Philosophy of Tolkien: The Worldview Behind The Lord of The Rings and C.S. Lewis for the Third Millennium

The Last Girl (Sonya Neslund Mysteries Book 1)

by Laura Ellison

Sonya Neslund has gone through some serious changes over the last year. Her mother Carolyn has died from lung cancer and the home she shared with her mother and stepfather Cal had to be sold, forcing Sonya to live with her unemployed father Aron and Uncle Bill Neslund, who has early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Sonya manages to make two new friends during her first day of high school; Bobby Chambers, who is openly gay, and the beautiful Piper Jones. Piper’s friend Jessica Holden does not show up for school, and they soon find out she was viciously attacked, her face slashed. Sonya and her new friends launch their own investigation to find the slasher, who calls himself the Ravisher, as they deal with pain from their pasts, including a former friend of Piper’s, now institutionalized, who may know the identity of the Ravisher, but uses her information to control Piper as the Ravisher plans his next attacks. Meanwhile, Sonya could be putting herself in more danger as she uses her photography hobby and budding investigative skills to bring herself closer to the Blue Diamonds, a notorious motorcycle gang, that may hold the key to the Ravisher’s identity.


by Alasdair Grant

Fifteen-year-old Jenna Blake doesn’t understand why she’s been blacking out at school, but she does know why she’s afraid to fall asleep: When she dreams she lives another girl’s life.

Jade looks like Jenna, has the same best friend, is attracted to the same boy; but all similarities end there. In Jade’s world dreams are illegal, and the inadvertent mind link she’s formed with Jenna now threatens both girls’ lives.

Like every Imperial citizen, Jade was trained in early childhood to eliminate brain activities associated with dreaming. She does what her academy teachers tell her to doâ??she tries not to draw too much attentionâ??but her dreams have returned, and her sleep-induced incursions into Jenna’s mind come with dangerously unexpected side effects.

Jade and Jenna’s mind connection has made them immortal. Unfortunately, only the Eternal Emperor is allowed to live forever, and now his terra cotta warriors stalk Jade in one world while his ‘link’ hunts Jenna in the other. Somehow the girls must come together and do the impossible: find a way to defeat an all-powerful being who can’t be killed.

Spiced with Chinese mythology and sprinkled with oriental alchemy, blended with hints of modern brain science and explosive martial arts, ETERNAL will appeal to fans of Alison Goodman’s EON novels and Michael Scott’s THE SECRETS OF THE IMMORTAL NICHOLAS FLAMEL.

Sirens’ Song

by Rebecca Price

No animal on Earth can resist the pull into the circle of life. Join Cohelo’s salmon school as they swim their most difficult journey.

One salmon, Cohelo, overcomes many dangers to reach the headwaters of her birth and is able to lay her own eggs.

Diary Adventures: My 4th of July: A Fun Short Story For Kids

by Champ Books

Explore the inner thoughts of Pinky Papadopoulos, a modern girl whose life usually revolves around her cell phone and the shopping mall, as she is forced to spend a few days at her cousin’s house in the throwback town of Gumby Grove. Pinky keeps track of all her adventures in her diary as she tries to not only survive the 4th of July holiday in Gumby Grove, but also learn to love it.
Pinky’s adventures spans many aspects of Independence Day, including a bit of its history, fireworks, and a rather competitive frog jumping contest.

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I Love to Brush My Teeth-Me encanta lavarme los dientes (English Spanish Bilingual Collection) (Spanish Edition)

by Shelley Admont

Jimmy is a sweet little bunny, who doesn’t like to brush his teeth, but with a little magic and a few surprises, Jimmy learns just how important tooth brushing is and how much fun it can be.

Jimmy el pequeño conejito no le gusta lavarse sus dientes, pero con un poquito de magia y unas cuantas sorpresas, Jimmy aprende cuánto es de importante lavarse los dientes y cuánto divertido puede ser.

My 2 to 24 Activity Book (My First Book Series 5)

by Meredith Coleman McGee

“My 2 to 24 Activity Book” introduces readers to math concepts related to the number two including addition and multiplication exercises.

Draw 30 Characters from Hello Kitty: The Best Drawing Book to Learn How to Draw Cutie Characters from Hello Kitty

by Paul Cezil

Learning to draw is one of the most important skills that a child can gain. Even as adults, when we express ourselves we visualize the connection between thoughts and ideas in our mind. Spatial awareness is learnt from a very young age and this skill can be honed by learning to draw.

However, for many parents, the process can be frustrating – and once the teacher gets frustrated it is very likely that the student will as well. That is why this book was written. Not only is it a showcase for different techniques which are easy to learn and will help your child’s artwork come on leaps and bounds – it also emphasizes the importance of having fun when learning to draw.

Enjoying the journey of becoming an artist is the only way in which to improve. Without taking pleasure in their learning, it will be very difficult for your child to truly express themselves through the medium of any type of art. When they learn the techniques in this book, they are also guaranteed to enjoy themselves and develop a passion.

One this happens, the sky is the limit! Being able to produce excellent drawings and sketches is the cornerstone not just of many mediums of art (such as painting, sculpting and calligraphy) – it is also an important skill in science, mathematics and any area which incorporates visual thinking. In many ways, the skills learned in this book can be a key to your childs success.

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