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Just Wondering: Alice’s Story (Sorrento Book 1)

by Jianna Higgins

Forced into a retirement home too early, Alice learns it’s never too late for friendship, mystery, and loveâ?¦

A Gold Medal winner in the Global Ebook Awards 2015 in the Popular Literature Fiction and in the Humor categories!

Alice wants out. Thrown into an old people’s home at 75, she does everything she can to escape. When she meets the witty, orange-haired Ruby and bonds with a cat, Alice decides to stay. Her choice is rewarded when she falls for the home’s newest resident, Henry. The only problem is that Ruby saw him first, and she’s looking for husband number sixâ?¦

As Alice deals with an obnoxious teenager on community service, a rescue mission, and the theft of Henry’s manuscripts, she realizes life on the inside may not be so bad after all.

Just Wondering is the first book in a multi-award winning series featuring the compelling residents and staff of the Sorrento Retirement Facility. If you like unforgettable characters, razor sharp wit, and engaging prose, then you’ll love reading this story of a septuagenarian sleuth.

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My Name Is Thank-You

by Kaizen Elizabeth Love

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree (2015)
Kindle Book Award Nominee for Literary Fiction (Finalist) (2015)

My Name Is Thank-You allows us into the world’s of two very different thirteen-year-old girls. Each girl’s voice carrying its own unique tone, as they beckon us to follow magically into their lives. One is a joyous story of hope against all odds, the search for acceptance, and the longing for unconditional love; the other a sad tale of unspeakable abuse, constant rejection, and an overwhelming sense of loneliness. Thank-You and Josephine creates around us, a world rich with emotion, one that will leave you inspired, breathless, and yearning for more words.

Deeply meaningful, rich, and quirky, My Name Is Thank-You is a powerful new novel that will etch its way into your mind, and ultimately your heart.

“The dialects and tones of diverse voices always ring true, and draw you relentlessly into a meticulously woven web of heartbreak and joy. Page by page, your anticipation and expectation, never correct, allows you to progress into the amazing story.”
-Arnold P. Abbott (Author and Founder of Love Thy Neighbor, Inc.)

The Magnificent Ambersons

by Booth Tarkington

The Magnificent Ambersons is a 1918 novel written by Booth Tarkington which won the 1919 Pulitzer Prize for the novel. It was the second novel in his Growth trilogy, which included The Turmoil (1915) and The Midlander (1923, retitled National Avenue in 1927).

Peter Squared

by Ken Goldberg

Peter, a habitual peep show user, dreads dirt, fears contamination, and lives each day in strange fantasy and total emotional isolation. By strictly adhering to self-imposed mathematic rituals, he maintains his own orderly – albeit lonely – universe in a chaotic world. One day, he meets John, a lifelong mental patient. From their respective disturbances, they form an odd, but deep, friendship.
A literary novel, Peter Squared is both tragic and funny. Through vivid characters and absurd situations, Peter Squared addresses such controversial questions as: Are neglected and abused children better off protected or left alone? Is smoking really bad for you? Does fellatio violate kosher dietary laws?

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