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ABC For Kids (ABCs for Kids Book 1)

by P.N. Crystal

This alphabet book A- Z combines letters with Animal such as ant , bee, pig and more .This classic beginner book by P.N. Crystal Perfect for kids ages 0-5 learning their ABCs.
The most entertaining alphabet book waiting for every young kids

Intermittent Fasting: The Complete Intermittent Fasting Diet: 2 Book Bundle – The Art of Intermittent Fasting & The Ultimate Fasting Diet

by Connor Thompson

Maximize your Weight Loss and Transform Yourself with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Diet

Book 1: The Art of Intermittent Fasting: How to Lose Weight, Shed Fat, and Live a Healthier Life

Are you looking for a new way to become healthier and lose weight?

Have you tried every conventional diet out there only to find out that they’re nothing more than empty promises? If so, the problem might not be what you are eating, but rather when you are eating it. A new, better kind of fasting is the solution to your weight loss problems, and The Art of Intermittent Fasting is here to help.

Intermittent Fasting isn’t some new fad dietâ??it’s an entirely different way of eating, one that is designed to help you get the most nutrients from the foods you do eat, while also helping keep your total calories down..

Between the two, natural weight loss will follow, easier than ever before. This time, you’ll be working with your body’s natural rhythms, allowing you to start seeing significant progress in as little as one month!

Inside The Art of Intermittent Fasting, you will learn:

  • How our modern diet is failing us
  • The truth behind intermittent fasting
  • How to start fasting safely and effectively
  • Benefits to expect
  • Different types of fasts
  • Foods and meal-plans to help make your fast easier
  • Exercises to encourage weight-loss while fasting
  • Combining the ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting
  • FAQ with all your most pressing questions
  • And more!

Book 2: The Ultimate Fasting Diet: Simple Intermittent Fasting Strategies to Boost Weight Loss, Control Hunger, Fight Disease, and Slow Down Aging (Comes with 28 Easy, Fast, and Delicious Recipes)

Learn how to Lose more Weight, Control your Hunger, and Live Longer…with the Ultimate Intermittent Fasting Diet

Are you sick of difficult diets and hard-to-follow recipes?

With the Ultimate Fasting Diet, your worriesâ??and weightâ??can be a thing of a past. Intermittent fasting is extremely easy to follow and maintain, because it focuses less on what you are eating and more on when you are eating.

The Ultimate Fasting Diet is a simple guidebook full of tips, tricks, and how-tos, covering everything you need to know in order to eat properly and succeed at your revolutionary fastâ??including 28 easy, quick, and delicious recipes for both your fasting and non-fasting days.

Inside, you’ll discover…

  • Why your previous diets failed you
  • What an intermittent fast is
  • The science-proven benefits of fasting
  • Facts and myths about fasting
  • Beneficial foods
  • Easy breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes full of protein and nutrients
  • Tasty snacks for any time of day
  • A 7-day meal plan
  • And FAQs you’ve been dying to have answered!
  • And much more…

So, are you ready to take control of your eating habits and improve the way you look and feel once and for all?

Download “The Complete Intermittent Fasting Diet” and start losing weight and feeling your best today!

THE COACHING QUESTIONS HANDBOOK: 150 Powerful Questions for Life Coaching and Personal Growth (Motivational Books) (Coaching Questions Books)

by Tim Hanson


Have you ever been in a coaching session or a conversation and run out of questions to ask?

If so, let this be your guide. It is stacked with powerful,
open-ended coaching questions for every type of coaching session.
Whether you are coaching clients on personal development and goals, or
coaching them on relationships, it is all here.

The Sections Include:

– Personal Growth Questions

– Relationship Questions

– Fun-Based Questions

– Health Questions

– Career Questions

– Money Questions

– Physical Location Questions

– Master Questions For Elaboration

– And More Coaching Questions!

**Includes A Special Surprise At The End**

**One last thing…if you download today, you’ll get a link to receive incredible ebooks TOTALLY FREE!**

Go ahead and take a sneak peak inside to get a taste of the questions you are about to encounter so that you can take your coaching skills to the next level.

Antiguo Egipto: Una guía fascinante de la historia de Egipto, antiguas pirámides, templos, mitología egipcia y faraones como Tutankamón y Cleopatra (Libro … Egypt Spanish Book) (Spanish Edition)

by Captivating History

Explore la fascinante historia del antiguo Egipto

El antiguo Egipto es una de las civilizaciones más fascinantes y sofisticadas de la historia conocida. Los antiguos egipcios son recordados por sus dioses, pirámides, faraones, momificación, jeroglíficos, agricultura y mucho más.

Este libro revela los secretos del fascinante mundo del antiguo Egipto, las intrigantes historias de sus celebridades, como Akenatón, Ramsés el Grande, la Reina Cleopatra y el niño Rey Tut. Aprenderá sobre los poderosos dioses y el vínculo mágico entre el Sol y la gente de Egipto, y explorará los horrendos rituales funerarios que garantizaban un camino seguro hacia la otra vida. Descubra los secretos de una de las sociedades más magníficas que hayan existido y descubra por qué todavía logra captar la atención del mundo.

Algunos de los temas tratados en este libro incluyen:

  • ¿Quiénes eran los antiguos egipcios? Sus orígenes, historia y geografía
  • ¿Quién tenía el poder?: La estructura social del antiguo Egipto
  • Reyes y su poder militar
  • Los magníficos faraones del nuevo reino y su imperio
  • La decadencia y fin de la civilización egipcia
  • Un romance, política y tragedia: la historia de Cleopatra VII
  • La religión, la mitología y los rituales de los antiguos egipcios
  • Creencias y rituales funerarios: momificación y vida futura
  • La arquitectura del antiguo Egipto: templos y pirámides
  • ¡Y mucho más!

Obtenga el libro ahora para aprender más sobre el antiguo Egipto

Hong Kong Cityscape: Photobook of Hong Kong The amazing Sleepless city (photobook nature 1)

by Arika Williams

94 pages large size Photo books of Hong Kong, photo books nature, photo books adults, photo books children, photo books for babies,
photo book for education

Suitable for education and relaxation

Life and nature that you will never miss.

Full-size images and full color.

Shopify Amazon Ecommerce Combo: Ways to Earn Money Fast as an Ecommerce Entrepreneur Running a Shopify or Amazon Marketing Based Online Store

by Johny Beltran

Here’s How to Earn a Living Online Without Investing Thousands of Dollars in Capital

Do you want to get started making money from home?
Are you tired of “get rich quick schemes” just teaching you the “WHAT” instead of the “HOW”?

Well, it’s time for a change and it’s time to finally make a consistent income online.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll uncover:

Shopify Like a Pro
– Where to look for a product that you can sell on Facebook
– A 4 point criteria that will help you decide what to sell and what not to sell
– How to choose the best product category for beginners
– How the process of dropshipping works
– Example of me looking for a product to sell with an explanation of why it could be a good product
– How to set up your Shopify store fast
– How to set up your product listing so you’ll end up with a high converting sales page
– How to set up your ad for maximum conversion
– How to analyze your ad results after the 3 day $5 ad test

Amazon Associates Affiliate
– The art of finding a product that makes money
– How to get your affiliate link and sign up for a free account
– How to earn passive income from your products reviews
– A criteria to use whenever you’re searching for a good product to promote on your review website
– What are the types of products you should be looking for? (Example included!)
– How to create your WordPress website from start to finish in 60 minutes or less
– How to write a review of the product you are promoting… step by step (with examples)
– More examples of real product reviews to study and copy
– How to get traffic to your website without spending a fortune on advertising
– How to outsource your Search Engine Optimization for as cheap and as effective as possible

Do You Want to Get Started Today?

It’s time to finally start and profit from a real home-based business.

Scroll up and download your copy now.

CоmÑ?lеtе GuÑ?dе On Hоw To Dеаl WÑ?th DоmеÑ?tÑ?с Pаrtnеr AbuÑ?е

by Meiso

An аrgumеnt or kind оf injurious асtÑ?оnÑ? Ñ?n a rеlаtÑ?оnÑ?hÑ?Ñ? mаÑ? result in gеttÑ?ng сhаrgеd wÑ?th dоmеÑ?tÑ?с vÑ?оlеnсе. Though thеrе соuld bе a difference bеtwееn thе tеrmÑ? domestic vÑ?оlеnсе and dоmеÑ?tÑ?с аbuÑ?е, thеÑ?е can lаwfullÑ? hоld thе same оr соmÑ?аrаblе сhаrgеÑ?. A person Ñ?Ñ? liable for immediate arrest when соmmÑ?ttÑ?ng a Ñ?hÑ?Ñ?Ñ?саl vÑ?оlеnсе аgаÑ?nÑ?t hÑ?Ñ?/hеr Ñ?Ñ?оuÑ?е/Ñ?аrtnеr. EmоtÑ?оnаl, vеrbаl оr Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?сhоlоgÑ?саl аbuÑ?е for аn еxtеndеd period оf tÑ?mе mаÑ? аlÑ?о Ñ?uffÑ?се fоr bеÑ?ng charged wÑ?th dоmеÑ?tÑ?с violence.

If thе аbuÑ?еd Ñ?еrÑ?оn оÑ?tÑ? tо tаkе асtÑ?оn amounting tо charges, thе nеgаtÑ?vе and аbuÑ?Ñ?vе behavior оf thе аbuÑ?еr mаÑ? gеt intensified. GеttÑ?ng Ñ?mÑ?rÑ?Ñ?оnеd аnd facing jаÑ?l tеrm, lоÑ?Ñ?ng thе сhÑ?ld’Ñ? сuÑ?tоdÑ? оr rеÑ?trаÑ?nÑ?ng may be issued bÑ? the соurt аgаÑ?nÑ?t Ñ?uсh сhаrgеÑ?.

Domestic abuse саn be dеfÑ?nеd аÑ? a rudе оr insulting bеhаvÑ?оr towards a Ñ?Ñ?оuÑ?е or a Ñ?аrtnеr Ñ?n a rеlаtÑ?оnÑ?hÑ?Ñ?. Generally, such bеhаvÑ?оr еmbrасеÑ? vÑ?lÑ?fÑ?саtÑ?оn, еxÑ?lоÑ?tаtÑ?оn аnd еxtrеmе соntrоl bÑ? оnе оf thе partners. AbuÑ?Ñ?vе bеhаvÑ?оr mеаnÑ? thrеаtÑ?, name calling or not fulfilling fÑ?nаnсÑ?аl rеÔ?uÑ?rеmеntÑ?. When аn аbuÑ?Ñ?vе bеhаvÑ?оr turnÑ? Ñ?hÑ?Ñ?Ñ?саl, Ñ?t Ñ?Ñ? оftеn treated аÑ? dоmеÑ?tÑ?с violence.

In thе US, mаnÑ? states have Ñ?nсludеd Ñ?Ñ?есÑ?fÑ?с protections аnd responses for reporting dоmеÑ?tÑ?с abuse. PhÑ?Ñ?Ñ?саl beating, kicking оr оthеr types оf mugging can lead tо gеttÑ?ng аrrеÑ?tеd аnd charged wÑ?th domestic vÑ?оlеnсе. Evеn thrеаtеnÑ?ng асtÑ?оnÑ? оr wоrdÑ? can Ñ?uffÑ?се for taking legal асtÑ?оn against thе suspected abuser. A Ñ?Ñ?оuÑ?е whо Ñ?Ñ? Ñ?еÑ?аrаtеd frоm hÑ?Ñ?/hеr Ñ?аrtnеr оn charges оf dоmеÑ?tÑ?с violence can Ñ?ееk Ñ?rоtесtÑ?оn undеr thе Ñ?tаlkÑ?ng lаwÑ?. Thе сhаrgеÑ? аnd thе sentence awarded to thе abuser would dеÑ?еnd оn whеrе thе сrÑ?mе wаÑ? соmmÑ?ttеd, and thе еxtеnt оf dаmаgеÑ? саuÑ?еd.

If a Ñ?еrÑ?оn Ñ?Ñ? not aware of thе lаwÑ?, hе/Ñ?hе соuld Ñ?nÔ?uÑ?rе аbоut thе Ñ?оlÑ?се Ñ?tаtÑ?оn in Ñ?nсоgnÑ?tо. ThоÑ?е in Ñ?оwеr mаÑ? look fоr rеаÑ?оnÑ? for Ñ?rоÑ?оÑ?Ñ?ng аnd Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?uÑ?ng сhаrgеÑ? of dоmеÑ?tÑ?с vÑ?оlеnсе. UÑ?uаllÑ?, аn action is tаkеn fоr Ñ?rоtесtÑ?ng thе аbuÑ?еd Ñ?Ñ?оuÑ?е bеfоrе tаkÑ?ng Ñ?tеÑ?Ñ? fоr аrrеÑ?tÑ?ng the аbuÑ?еr. In case Ñ?оlÑ?се are саllеd in whеn the dоmеÑ?tÑ?с abuse Ñ?Ñ? continuing, gеnеrаllÑ?, оnе оf thе Ñ?nvоlvеd Ñ?аrtnеrÑ? is tаkеn аwаÑ? frоm the Ñ?сеnе оf action for a dеfÑ?nÑ?tе period оf tÑ?mе, оr hе/Ñ?hе may be аrrеÑ?tеd fоr being kеÑ?t Ñ?n сuÑ?tоdÑ? fоr Ñ?rеÑ?еntÑ?ng before the соurt.

Clare Ñ?Ñ? an uÑ?Ñ?еr-mÑ?ddlе-сlаÑ?Ñ? Ñ?uburbаn Ñ?еmÑ?-rеtÑ?rее, enjoying a Ñ?есоnd career оf lоvÑ?ng аnd promoting art. Shе thоught thаt domestic abuse wаÑ? about hÑ?ttÑ?ng untÑ?l the dаÑ? Ñ?hе awakens untо thе fact that hеr mаrÑ?tаl Ñ?аÑ?n wаÑ? due tо psychological аnd еmоtÑ?оnаl abuse.

She had nо idea thаt the dаÑ? in and dаÑ? оut mеntаl mаnÑ?Ñ?ulаtÑ?оnÑ? and twÑ?Ñ?tÑ?ng of hеr heartstrings were all аbоut Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?сhоlоgÑ?саl соntrоl. Thе еmоtÑ?оnаl dеÑ?еndеnсÑ? сultÑ?vаtеd Ñ?n hеr rеlаtÑ?оnÑ?hÑ?Ñ? blÑ?ndÑ?Ñ?dеd hеr frоm the Ñ?еrÑ?оnаl оÑ?Ñ?rеÑ?Ñ?Ñ?оn and financial аbuÑ?е ahead.

Clare never thоught of herself аÑ? a vÑ?сtÑ?m of Ñ?Ñ?оuÑ?аl аbuÑ?е. For crying оut lоud, she wаÑ? аn еduсаtеd woman of mеаnÑ? whо hаd nеvеr bееn hÑ?t bÑ? a mаn оr еvеn саllеd а…(Ñ?оu knоw whаt). And thеn, a frÑ?еnd rooted Ñ?n the dоmеÑ?tÑ?с vÑ?оlеnсе lÑ?tеrаturе informed her otherwise. It wаÑ? Ñ?ndееd a wake-up саll to learn that her inner сrÑ?Ñ?Ñ?lÑ?ng was сlеаrlÑ? dоmеÑ?tÑ?с аbuÑ?е.

IntÑ?mаtе Partner Abuse
If Ñ?оu are wоndеrÑ?ng if Ñ?оu аrе a victim оf dоmеÑ?tÑ?с abuse, tаkе a hаrd and fаÑ?t lооk at the соrе characteristics оf Ñ?ntÑ?mаtе Ñ?аrtnеr violence. IÑ? your Ñ?аrtnеr outrageously Ñ?оÑ?Ñ?еÑ?Ñ?Ñ?vе, соntrоllÑ?ng, excessively jealous, nоn-еmÑ?аthÑ?с tоwаrd Ñ?оur еxÑ?еrÑ?еnсе, hypersensitive, mаnÑ?Ñ?ulаtÑ?vе аnd unreasonably dеmаndÑ?ng. DоеÑ? hе/Ñ?hе Ñ?Ñ?оlаtе Ñ?оu from аll оthеr Ñ?оurсеÑ? оf Ñ?uÑ?Ñ?оrt bеÑ?оnd whÑ?сh hе/Ñ?hе controls? And dоеÑ? Ñ?оur Ñ?аrtnеr соnÑ?Ñ?Ñ?tеntlÑ? blаmе Ñ?оu fоr thе mishaps bеtwееn thе twо оf you?

Please report all abuse and at the very least tell a friend. Let’s stand up to abuse!

How to Adult: Your guide to basic adulting

by James Tuliano

The ultimate guide to basic adulting. Learn all about how to make those big purchases in life, how to ulitlize integrity to get ahead, and how to stay healthy while doing it. Children live in the moment – adults prepare for the future. Manage your money, career, and health better. Learn how to do everything the right way. Learn how to adult.

Windvane: How to get motivated and start making real money

by Max Karamazov

Have you ever compared your salary to ones sportsmen get? Or have you ever felt it is unfair that people making videoblogs on YouTube earn much more than you do on your regular office job? Ever wondered who all these prosperous people are? Supermen? I doubt so, they are just like you, but with a lot more motivation inside of their guts. This book will help you to put a seed of this fire inside of you, you will learn how to find an opportunity everywhere and then turn it into a money-making machine.

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