Free poetry Kindle books for 08 Jul 18

From Affliction and Refinement to Fulfillment: Inside My Process of Faith

by Angela Dingler

How can the weight of afflictions and the flames of refinement bring fulfillment? Can suffering really bring victory?

Angela Dingler answers these questions with an inside look into her past and her heart, along the way.
Woven into her story, she shares her poems, journal entries, prayers, and reflections that show her vulnerability and struggle with a rare transparency.
Angela describes life and faith as a process which all go through as we progress. She tells how she became stuck in her process and the great struggle she faced with depression and bipolar disorder. We see her faith and hope grow throughout her story and gain our own.

These Are More Than Sappy Love Poems

by Maggie Graham

These Are More Than Sappy Love Poems is the literary debut of the 17yr old North Carolina native writer, Maggie C Graham, and is a collection of poems dealing with loss, love, happiness, family, and friends.

Ten Writings and Poems: Welcome. To Heaven

by Sophia Marie

Writings that inspire and nurture the soul. Reinforcing the faith and belief in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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