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For the Love of a Duchess: A Historical Regency Romance Book

by Bridget Barton

Introducing the “For the Love of a Duchess” Novel – Discover NOW The New Regency Romance Book by Bridget Barton!

Lovely – Romantic – Exciting!

Lady Eliza Ashton, daughter of the Earl of Bexley, had always thought her life would be a straight pathway to happiness.

Engaged to be married to the devastatingly handsome Miles Gainsborough, Eliza could never have imagined how easily happiness could turn into disaster. When her father tells her that she is the only hope of saving the family from financial ruin, she finds herself set to marry the Duke of Lytton instead.

Daniel Winchester, an accomplished and successful attorney, finds his simple existence at Lytton Hall turned upside down by the arrival of the Duke’s new young bride. Determined to think her a young title-hunter, he is surprised to find himself drawn to her as every day passes. When the old Duke, his ego bruised by the realization that the beautiful young woman will never love him, becomes increasingly aggressive, Daniel is the only man with courage enough to defend her.

But when the old Duke dies, will Eliza allow the threat of scandal and the fear of condemnation to turn her away from the only man she has ever truly loved? And will Daniel Winchester ever find a pathway leading to the heart of the young woman who occupies his every thought?

“For the Love of a Duchess” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Mail Order Bride: A Nurse’s Faith

by Madison Grace

Clean and Wholesome Mail Order Bride Short Story Romance!

Sara grew up watching her father care for patients and even as little girl she knew she wanted to be a nurse. Her home in Clayton, Tennessee is a shadow of its past and Sara knows she can’t stay. The war was devastating and echoes of fallen soldiers still haunt Sara’s dreams.

Sara leaves and agrees to marry a doctor in Montana. She wants redemption for all the soldiers she couldn’t save. Little does Sara know that the doctor has his own demons. Will Sara find serenity and love or will the ghosts in her past haunt her forever?

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This book includes additional Mail Order Bride Romance Short-Stories!
Join these Inspirational women on their journey of adventure and romance. Will these women make a bold and exciting new life for themselves in the Wild West? Will they find their dream Cowboys? Or will circumstances prove to make things more difficult than expected?

Amazon Number 1 Seller “The War Within”!

Madison Hallmark is looking for a change. Tension has filled her small hometown for months, and, to her horror, war has finally broken out. She doesn’t understand the conflict – being raised around slavery her entire life, the concept has never bothered her.
But when she loses her father and everything she knows to the Yankees, she is ready to do anything to get away from the violence. Feeling that her only option is to become a mail order bride, Madison packs up the few possessions she has left and leaves for the West.
The West isn’t what she expects, however, and neither is her new husband. When she discovers a secret about him that threatens to tear them apart, her world feels like it is crashing down once again.
Will she ever find forgiveness? Can love conquer all?

From The Pastor’s Heart: A Pastorâ??s Heart Felt Prayers, Thoughts and Intercessions, to God…for the People of God

by Pastor Robert L. Proctor Jr

When I was a kid, I loved to watch my Mother doodle and then try to imagine what she was thinking when she drew her (in my mind) masterpiece. She had a creative way of doodling that simply amazed me. She would doodle on just about any available writing surface. (Yes, I was a Momma’s boy). I, think, I kind of took on that same creative outlet. I like to scribble. I believe over the years I have grown to love to scribble a thought or two. I know this because I scribble my thoughts on just about any available writing surface.

From time to time I will write in my journal the meditations of my heart – its thoughts, devotions and prayers that I have. One day my most ardent supporter – my wife – Donna, found some of my random writings in a stack of papers drawer that I place my writings. She was so impressed with my writing that she encouraged me to share them with others.

At first, I was hesitant. I was not sure how others would respond. I took that idea to God in prayer during one of my prayer closet times; asking how and why I could go forth in publishing my thoughts.

I am so amazed how God answers prayer. Have you ever bought something…then within a short time you noticed that same item was being used by nearly everyone around you? Well shortly after praying that prayer I began to see all types of things around me, prompting me to share my heart in this creative way.

Thus: “From the Pastor’s Heart – A Pastor’s Heart Felt Prayers, Thoughts and Intercessions, to God…for the People of God Vol I” was created. I pray that as you read this book – that you will find it to be inspiring, encouraging and uplifting by leaving me a review of what you thought about it.

Be Victorious. Stand Strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might.
Pastor Robert L. Proctor
Divine Grace Christian Fellowship

The Bride’s Beginning: Sweet Clean Amish and Western Culture Romance

by Mica Benchley

Get FOUR clean Amish and Western Culture romance short stories PLUS 15 free bonus clean romance stories inside!

In Good Time -Clean Western Culture Romance

In this romance story, a corporate executive (who really loves watches and clocks) makes the purchase of a lifetime. He goes to his favorite timekeeper’s shop and is presented with a watch that is regarded as junk. Interestingly, it was mailed to the shop owner with no return address.

He (Jeff) brings the watch home and tinkers with it because the watch isn’t working. He finally gets the watch to work, and it transports him to a future world that is corrupt and evilâ?¦

Always Faithful -Amish and Military Romance

Always Faithful is a clean, Amish, romance set in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A modern love story where 300-years of religious and old world European tradition clash with the 21st Century when an Iraq and Afghanistan, battle hardened, young, handsome marine comes to town looking to find a new normal for his life.

Always Faithful tackles some of the same difficult decisions as many people in the new global economy face where people of different cultures and religions come into closer contact, fall in love and try to blend two worlds. It also touches on the challenges of living in a closed society where genetically similar people marry and have children.

As the pool of genetic combinations becomes smaller and smaller, the prevalence of recessive genetic disease becomes greater. Find out if love will overcome or if genetics or religion will stop it before it has a chance to bloom.

Love between Amish and non-Amish people is rarely permitted and can cause a young Amish person to have to give up everything to follow their heart. Always Faithful will make your heart beat quicker with the turn of every page as we watch the lives of people with so much on the line pursue this forbidden love.

Sail with Me -Clean Contemporary Romance

Sail with me is a clean, clever, romantic, adventure about a woman named Lindsey Grantham. Lindsey is a bright, beautiful, and successful thirty-eight-year-old woman, who’s managed to still look, and some may say behave, like a twenty-something.

Lindsey was born and bred in San Antonio, Texas and she is Southern fried sophistication at its best.
She has it all except for a husband and a baby. And approaching forty is making her a little crazy because she hears her biological clock tick-tick-ticking.

So, Lindsey is taking drastic measures to manipulate her online dating profile to make herself appear compatible with as many men as possible in the hopes that she’ll findâ??the one! The one man who will marry her, give her a baby and make her life complete.

This clever romantic comedy also has some emotionally charged topics for women and men. The drama gets really hot and heavy when Lindsey’s kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartelâ??Caliente! Lindsey gets rescued by U.S. Special Forces, DEA, and FBI, but not before a wild sailboat ride.

Between Two Worlds -Amish and Woodcutter Romance

Emma has lived in the small Amish community of Faith’s Lake for all eighteen years of her life. The oldest of five girls, she takes on the burden on household responsibility when her mother falls gravely ill. As her mother’s condition worsens, she must accompany her into the English world as they seek medical treatment despite the disapproval of the community.

While her mother receives treatment, Emma ventures out into the strange unknown world of cars and mobile phones, and finds herself cornered by street performers heckling her for money. Terrified, she doesn’t know what to do. Then a large man comes to her defense and scares the performers awayâ?¦

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