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by Guy Portman

What is a sociopath to do?

Dyson Devereux’s life appears to be on track. He has a way with the ladies, impeccable good taste, and as the recently promoted head of Burials and Cemeteries at Newton Borough Council, a job that demands respect.

But Dyson is becoming annoyed with his drug-addled girlfriend’s decline, fed up with his banal work colleagues, and incensed by Newton New Cemetery’s gaudy memorial structures.

When Dyson suspects someone of having a darker past than him, he has a chance for redemption. Will he seize it, or is his destiny to be a life of toil in Burials and Cemeteries?

Brutal, bleak and darkly comical, Necropolis is a savage indictment of the politically correct, health and safety obsessed public sector.

â??â?¦ a magnificent foray into the mind of a sociopath’ – DLS Reviews

â??The book is full of razor-sharp satire’ – Crime Fiction Lover

â??â?¦ a mix between The Office and American Psycho’ – Amazon Reviewer

Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a sociopath? Meet Dyson Devereux, Britain’s answer to Patrick Bateman.



â??â?¦it’s the well-crafted and perfectly executed satirical observations, along with the dry wit and devious humour that makes â??Necropolis’ such a delight to read.’ – Chris Hall (Top 500 Amazon Reviewer. Vine Voice)

â??I remain slightly troubled as to why I found myself applauding a sociopath for being so thoroughly entertaining.’ – Little Bookness Lane (Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer)

As well as being a very British satire, this black comedy will appeal to fans of transgressive fiction authors like Bret Easton Ellis, Chuck Palahniuk and Irvine Welsh.

Not your average novel, Necropolis buries humorous fiction in a coffin brimming with satirical observations. If you like your crime and serial killer/psychopath books laced with dark humour, then Necropolis is the read you’re looking for.

It’ll also answer the important questions in life, like how to test chloroform? What’s a cremulator? And why can’t you bring a chainsaw to an office party?

â??â?¦ a magnificent foray into the mind of a sociopath’ – DLS Reviews

â??â?¦a brilliant book which surprised the hell out of me, extremely enjoyable, thought provoking, shocking and at times disturbing.’ – Bookbloke

You can read about Dyson’s continued exploits in Sepultura, available on Amazon now.

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Charles Middleworth


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Not So Nice Guy

by Phil Torcivia

Love … Who needs it?

I don’t know if this just comes with age or what, but I’m less patient with my relationships, when I should probably be more patient. The first sign of any drama, no matter how sexually starved I happen to be, and I lose her number. Perhaps this makes me unpopular with the ladies. Maybe I’m getting a reputation.


What I am hoping is that by reading my take on the whole mating game, you’ll have a better appreciation for whatever predicament you’re in, be that anything between marital bliss and been lovin’ your fist.

Karma Kicked Me

Sure, I’m bitter sometimes. Aren’t you? How many times do you let karma kick you before you become jaded like me, and begin to expect it? So, you’re pissed. He dumps you for a skank-hole. Go ahead and be hurtâ??that’s natural. It’s an ego slap. As you get older, you’ll begin to take these more in stride. Sure, you’ll complain about it to a friend, relative, or co-worker, but you’ll get over it.

Look at this book as my way of getting over it. A collection of irreverent, sarcastic, vulgar, crude, whatever-you-call-it essays containing my odd perception of life, which might actually lower my blood pressure by writing, and generate a giggle or two for the reader.

WARNING: F-Word Used Over 160 Times

Before we go any further, let me warn you that I love to cuss. F-ing love it. You’re going to read plenty of bad words, so reading aloud is strongly discouraged, unless you’re in church.

Also, since I have taken certain liberties with our language, and I am a bit whiny and insensitive, I’ve decided to enhance this tome withâ??drum roll, pleaseâ??recipes!

Yay, Recipes!

Cheers, my dears.

SOY LA TUITERA DE MODA: La historia de una feminista (Spanish Edition)

by Mauricio Sextante

Nancy_Bruja es la bloguera feminista más mediática de la red. Sus mensajes se reproducen viralmente por las redes sociales gracias a miles de usuarias que la han aupado como referente en su lucha contra el patriarcado. Pero detrás de Nancy no hay ninguna mujer, sino un inteligente y cínico director de periódico que ve en el activismo feminista un caladero de lectores y una fuente inagotable de ingresos publicitarios para su periódico. Cuando por diversas circunstancias tiene que presentar al público una Nancy de carne y hueso, Miguel Escribano se las ingeniará para conseguir que una joven le preste su voz y su cuerpo al mediático avatar. Lo que no tiene previsto es que Nancy acabe por asumir poco a poco la personalidad real de Nekane, una joven estudiante de periodismo adicta al rugby y los deportes de contacto, y que ésta termine revolucionando por completo el panorama bloguero español y de paso las corrientes feministas en los medios digitales.
Ficción humorística que toma la forma de novela satírica, concebida en exclusiva para el mero divertimento.

Die ultimative Witze Sammlung: Für gute Unterhaltung und stundenlangen Zeitvertreib (Witze, Witzebuch, Witze Buch, witzige Bücher, witzige Ebooks, Witze Deutsch, Witze Kindle) (German Edition)

by Max Lustig

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Die Witze Sammlung enthält die unterschiedlichsten Witze aus allen möglichen Lebenslagen. Diese Witze sorgen garantiert für gute Unterhaltung.
Spass muss sein – ein Witz kommt selten allein!
Dieses Buch bietet stundenlange Witzespass! Der ideale Zeitvertreib für zu Hause, unterwegs, auf Reisen!
Und nun Viel Spass und gute Unterhaltung!

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Journey Towards a Preordained Time

by Renata McMann

Journey Towards a Preordained Time is a science fiction novel (or novella), a time travel book, and a religious satire. Renata travels back in time to escape her abusive husband. She gives birth to Jesus. The actions of the first four books of the New Testament happen with entirely different meanings. For example, do you know why Jesus was so interested in children? No, not that. He really had a good and noble reason, but it is not what is said in the Bible. Also, Jesus did not walk on water, he surfed.

This is a short book of about 40,000 words. A new cover was added in 2017.

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