Free philosophy Kindle books for 09 Jul 18

Poems of Time and Space

by Elie Agur

Poems of Time and Space, first released in 1997, has earned high critical acclaim from poets and scientists alike, offering literary pleasures integrated with insights into key scientific issues. The late Ted Hughes, British poet laureate, wrote: â??I have never read anything quite like these poemsâ?¦ so compact and full of surprises’. James Lovelock, renowned scientist and environmentalist, called it â??A wonderful bookâ?¦ a companion that I will keep by me for inspiration’. The list of thumbs up also includes the late Claude Lévi-Strauss, considered the father of modern anthropology, as well as famous science-writers Nick Herbert, the late Martin Gardner, and Margaret Wertheim, who discusses the book’s content in her bestseller Physics on the Fringe.

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