Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 09 Jul 18

The Treasure Seeker: The Quest to Find God, Spiritual Intimacy, and Value, 3rd Edition

by Teena Stewart

God is a Treasure Seeker who pursues a relationship with us, His lost treasure. We, the searchers, are looking for the one priceless thing that makes life meaningful. Once we discover and enter this relationship, God assumes the role of Master Jeweler who lovingly shapes, refines, polishes, and incorporates our flaws, transforming us into the beautiful jewels we are meant to be. The Treasure Seeker speaks especially to women, helping them feel valued while incorporating scripture for life application. Unique accompaniments include the “lost” parables: lost sheep, lost coin, prodigal son, pearl of great price, and lost treasure in the field. The Treasure Seeker is enriched with folklore of lost treasure tales, treasure and gemstone trivia clips, and points to ponder at the end of each chapter. Women have the opportunity to identify their gemstone makeup including their flaws. Ideal for women longing to deepen their relationship with Christ, and for spiritual seekers trying to grasp the message of the cross. Excellent for independent readership or small group study. Revised edition 2018.

Impeach Trump

by Megan Goldmine

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. One of the most controversial presidents in history. “Impeach Trump” has become the new slogan and rally call among many. Use this notebook to write down you thoughts and notes on this presidency.

Excommunicating the Faithful: Jewish Christianity in the Early Church

by Ken Howard

How, in just a few hundred years, did the body of Christ evolve from an a-political, non-violent, trans-religious Jesus movement, populated predominantly by Jewish Christ-followers but rapidly opening to Gentiles who also wanted to follow Christ into an organized, hierarchial religion, which embedded itself with the State, embraced “Just War,” and excommunicated its last surviving Jewish remnant? Howard answers this question with groundbreaking historical research and persuasive argument in Excommunicating the Faithful: Jewish Christianity in the Early Church, and makes clear the implications for today’s churches.

“More pertinent and helpful than I could have ever foreseen, much less hoped for.
รข?? Phyllis Tickle

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