Free war Kindle books for 09 Jul 18

The White Witch – Comrades

by MC Spangler

Book I of the White Witch trilogy.
Bridger is on another quest for an elusive treasure in a place of unimaginable hostility and danger known as the White Witch.
Compounding this, no one’s ever seen or heard of the White Witch except one man known only as “Digger” and not only is he not talking, there’s an aggressive competitor searching for it as well who’ll stop at nothing to get to it first!
Armed only with what he can carry and hindered by an unexpected partner, this time it might be the last quest for Bridger!

Alamo Joe

by Phil Ferrazano

Joseph Philip Alamenzo is half-Irish, half-Italian. As a kid in New York, he played Army with his friends. Now he’s in Cambodia, playing soldier for real. The pressure is hellish; the jungle, hot; the in-coming, constant. How does Alamenzo deal with this terrible trifecta? By escaping to the Alamo, meeting Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and a beautiful woman named Rosa. Alamo Joe breaks the mold of Vietnam War stories with unexpected twists and turns that will keep readers hooked to the very end.

From the author of Facing The Wall: An Infantryman’s Post-Vietnam Memoir.

A Sunny August Bank Holiday To A Wet Easter: Royal Marine Light Infantry 1914รข??16 ***TOP 10 BOOK***

by TJ Budd

A semi-fictional story, written as the diary, of my grandfather Raymond Loveridge’s experiences in the Royal Marine Light Infantry (RMLI) from the outbreak of World War One and the defence of Antwerp to the Easter Uprising in Ireland via the campaign in the Dardanelles. It also covers his meeting and letters home to Lily Wray, the love of his life, whom he married in 1916

The actions all took place and Ray was there along with all the named characters serving with the Portsmouth Battalion of the RMLI. The dates and events are taken from their service records along with available historical documents. Ray’s attitude changes over time from a jingoistic naive Marine to a disillusioned veteran as his close friends and comrades are slowly whittled away by enemy action and disease. He is also left pondering about God and if life is predetermined or is it just pure good luck to survive, where so many others have died.

* Amazon/Kindle/Fiction/War number 7 position, March 2014

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