Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 10 Jul 18

Dragon Forgotten: A Spellbound Souls Reverse Harem Prequel

by Keira Blackwood

I used to be a soldierâ??but now I have no future.

Fighting for my country used to give me purpose. After my tour of duty ends, so does that sense of fulfillment.

I’m lost until the dreams startâ??dreams of the life I truly desire. In the night, I’m treated to visions of a beautiful woman who I share with two other men. These fantasies feel more real than my waking life. I’m completely captivated, utterly in love with a woman I’ve never met.

There is hope for my future, nowâ??all I have to do is claim her.

Dragon Forgotten is a short story prequel to the Spellbound Souls reverse harem trilogy featuring one strong female dragon shifter and the three hot-as-sin male dragon shifters who win a place in her company…and in her bed.

Tragic Beauty: A Dark Captive Romance (Beauty & The Darkness Book 1)

by Iris Ann Hunter

#1 AMAZON BESTSELLER – A dark, erotic romantic suspense you won’t be able to put down. Perfect for fans of Pepper Winters.
Indebted and enslaved. I never thought that would be me. But here I am…standing over my father’s grave and burdened with a debt I’m terrified to pay.

I belong to him now…to Shayne, my obsessor. The man who is both my savior and my torment. The man who will ruin me. The man who will take everything from me.

But before I’m his to break, I steal something for myself–a night I can call my own. A night that goes horribly wrong, until a man crosses my path, with beautiful green eyes and a menacing voice…and nothing is ever the same again.
My name is Ava, and this is my story.

(Contains a villain who will slay you, an alpha who will ruin you, and a girl who will steal your heart. Trigger warnings…all of them. Feels…all of them. Reasons you should proceed with caution…all of them.)

Note: This is Book One in the BEAUTY & THE DARKNESS Trilogy. Does not end on a cliffhanger.

“Full of heat, raw grit, and tangible intense characters, Tragic Beauty goes way beyond five stars for me!” ~ Anita Gray, Amazon Bestselling Author

The Stone of Sadness (An Olivia Miller Mystery Thriller Book 3)

by J A Whiting

Olivia Miller has just finished her first year of law school. She is staying at her cousin John’s house in Howland, Massachusetts to dog-sit his chocolate Lab while John goes on a business trip. Olivia promises to clean out the attic and she finds a forty-year-old newspaper with an article recounting the grisly murders of a young mother and her four-year-old daughter. John tells Olivia that the mother and daughter were their cousins and that the murderer was never brought to justice. Olivia is still dealing with feelings of loss, guilt, and sorrow over last year’s murder of the aunt who raised her, but she decides to research the killings and find out why no one was ever accused of the crime. By trying to uncover any piece of information that might shed new light on the old murders, Olivia may be putting her own life in danger.
Although some of the details of this novel’s crime are loosely based on the unsolved murders of my distant cousins in Rutland MA in 1973, this is a fictional story and the characters and setting are products of the author’s imagination.

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