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The Zeta Yoke. Northern Coahuila, 2010-2011

by Sergio Aguayo

Confronting organized crime requires an understanding of its workings. The Zeta Yoke is based on legal documents made available by the government of the state of Coahuila, information submited by the National Human Rights Commission and an exhaustive research of other material. This report details how the Zetas controlled northern Coahuila for several years and their interactions with the authorities at various levels. It focuses on this cartel’s control of the Piedras Negrasprision and the brutal reprisals in Allende and other local districts following a betrayal, responsibility for which lies at the door of the DEA and Mexico’s Federal Police.

Ignite Your Light

by Anu Arora


Dear Friends,

I decided to write this book as I felt that this was the best way, I could share with you the simple shifts that have helped me create a new life for myself. A life which is expanded and enriched with joy, beauty and happiness.

For the last decade I have been studying on what makes us happy. I constantly seek ways that move us towards the positive. What was surprising is, how much of what happens in our life is within our control.

My invitation for you is to read this book with an intention. An intention that this book brings you insights, to create the life you want.

My hope is that this book ignites your inner light and helps you explore your own infinite potential.

Please share your experiences with me at: [email protected]
Love and Light,

El Yugo Zeta. Norte de Coahuila, 2010-2011 (Spanish Edition)

by Sergio Aguayo

Para enfrentar al crimen organizado tiene que entenderse cómo funciona. El yugo zeta está basadoen documentos judiciales facilitados por el gobierno del estado de Coahuila, en información entregada por la Comisión Nacional de Derechos Humanos y en una búsqueda exhaustiva de materiales. Explica en detalle la manera en que los Zetas controlaron el norte de Coahuila durante unos años y cómo interactuaban con las autoridades de diferentes niveles. Explora en particular su control del penal de Piedras Negras y la brutalidad empleada en Allende y otros municipios por una traición en la cual tuvieron responsabilidad la DEA y la Policía Federal.

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