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The Tide (Tide Series Book 1)

by Anthony J Melchiorri

An unearthed scientific secret will bring humanity to its knees.
Books 2 – 4 also on sale for $0.99/£0.99 in the US and UK until 7/15/18!
Book 2: Breakwater –
Book 3: Salvage –
Book 4: Deadrise –

Aboard a clandestine ship with unparalleled technology, Captain Dominic Holland commands a crew of skilled covert operatives and talented scientific personnel dedicated to fighting biological and chemical warfare. Their missions have taken them all over the globe to combat sinister plots and dangerous adversaries. But a new assignment leads them to a genetic engineering laboratory on an abandoned oil rig where they discover the most disturbing threat to mankind they have ever seen.

Back in the United States, CIA analyst Meredith Webb exposes a frightening connection between the agency she has devoted her life to and the abandoned oil rig. Her investigations are short-lived when terror spreads across the country. Something is turning humans into nightmarish creatures hell-bent on destruction.

Dominic and Meredith face impossible odds in a perilous effort to fight the impending apocalypse. But will their efforts be enough to turn the tideâ??or is humanity’s fate already sealed?

“A thrilling, pulse-pounding addition to the genre with compelling science and a frightening twist.” — Nicholas Sansbury Smith, USA Today bestselling author of the Extinction Cycle series and Hell Divers.

Book 1: The Tide
Book 2: The Tide: Breakwater
Book 3: The Tide: Salvage
Book 4: The Tide: Deadrise
Book 5: The Tide: Iron Wind

Forgotten: Book #1 in The Lost Children Trilogy

by Krista Street

Forgotten memories. Supernatural abilities. Mysterious tattoos.

Four months ago, Lena woke up in a dark alleyway with no recollection of who she is. The only clues to her past are a mysterious tattooed symbol and a supernatural power: the ability to see evil in people.

While struggling to regain her memory, she follows a strange guiding instinct to a small Colorado town. There she finds other young men and women with similar stories, similar tattoos, and a multitude of superhuman powers. Among them a man she’s intensely attracted to, yet with no memories of him, she has no idea why.

As Lena and the others explore their powers and try to figure out who and what they are, they make a frightening discovery. Those who know the answers to their questions are hunting them. And if they find them, these superhumans may not survive.

Forgotten was a semi-finalist in the YABC 2017 book awards and was heralded as a “most highly recommended” read by Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews.

What Amazon readers are saying about Forgotten:

“This is a totally new, different and unique story. Nothing like I’ve read before. I loved it!”

“I enjoyed the whole crew in this story. All of their paranormal attributes kept you wondering where they all originated from until the very last page.”

“I feel like I have become family with the characters, whom each and every one are wonderfully different and unique.”

“I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough wanting to know what happen next! Perfect mix of romance, mystery, action and fantasy!”

Grab Forgotten, book one is Krista Street’s captivating Lost Children Trilogy today! Packed with supernatural fantasy, heart-wrenching romance, and mysterious twists, you’ll be left breathless while reading this page-turning series.

American Warlock I

by Lee H Andersen

Marcus Wrath, a cross between James Bond and an American Warlock, takes on the demon meddling with human destiny.

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