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Teaching English Abroad Unraveled: Choosing the Right Job & Loving Year One Overseas

by Stephen Morin

Want to travel? Want to be a teacher? Experience different cultures? Be an ESL Teacher abroad?
For many, these seem like pipe dreams, but there are tons of opportunities to travel and teach English, as well as make some serious cash and have life changing experiences doing so.
Teaching English Abroad Unraveled makes the entire process of picking the right country, preparing to live abroad, and being an effective teacher simple. The book is structured to guide you through each step of the way: from picking a country that fits your needs and goals, having a great interview, preparing for life abroad, dealing with living in a foreign country etc. It’s all here!
There are tons of blogs and sites online, but also many pitfalls and the scattered information can be more painful than reading a dictionary to sift through. This book streamlines all that information to offer prospective teachers all the information they need as well as pooling together the best sites online to use in your search of work and ESL related info.
What’s included?
There are easy to navigate sections and chapters for each step of the journey.
Interviews with teachers that give their unique perspective on teaching in countries like China, Korea, and Honduras etc.
Tons of the best websites and forums to get all the info you need in a flash.
Everything from TEFL certificates, classroom management and anything between dispelled?
Who should read this?
If you want to teach abroad and are unsure about the process, this book is ideal for you. If you are in the process of finding a job, this book will save you some headaches and time. If you have taught before and want a nice resource for streamlined info, this book is still for you. In short, anyone looking to teach abroad can read and gain from this simple to read and valuable eBook.
Who wrote it?
The author has taught in three different countries as well as traveled to many more. He has taught all age groups and dealt with many of the pitfalls mentioned in the book. There was outside council and strenuous research on the book’s topics, and outside voices were included in the structure of interviews.

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