Free horror Kindle books for 11 Jul 18

Rats in the Loft

by Mark Lumby

Almost immediately after moving into 59 Cornlands Roads, Peter began to realise that something wasn’t right. Strange noises that came from the loft prompted him to investigate further. It sounded like something lived up there, scratching and knocking on the ceiling. But what Peter discovered would eventually unlock a memory to his past, and the trauma of losing a childhood friend.


by Jason Perry

Getting kicked off their military squad, Connor Pierce and Jacob Winthrop decide to take matters in their own hands and investigate the old saw mill, involving the Missing Persons Case file 967JD. Little do they know, bad luck begins to brew for them, leaving them fighting for survival. With evil lurking inside, these two Ex-military troops look to find any, and all possible clues that will help them uncover the truth about the saw mill and the travesties that have occurred there. Their fight to stay alive could prove costly if one wrong move is made. With his partner betraying him, Jacob must fight for survival, all by his lonesome or will he encounter and befriend a stranger, to help him put an end the evil and its devastating ways?

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