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Addict Behind Our Bedroom Door: A Mother’s Journey Through Her Child’s Addcition: Love, Fear, Struggle and Hope

by D. L. Wilson

A rare glimpse into a parent’s worst nightmare.
How do you help an addicted child?

Drug abuse, heroin addiction and the opioid epidemic are rampant. Is one of your kids on drugs?

If so you face many challenges dealing with teen drug use. Trying to help the user, keep your family and relationships intact and maintain your own sanity and life, will test you like nothing else.

When you are swept up in the cyclone of a child’s addiction, it is chaos. It is difficult to get a true perspective of what is happening around you so that you make the best decisions. This book will help you understand what is happening.

รข??Addict Behind Our Bedroom Door’ chronicles the years D. L. and her husband spent struggling with the ravages of their daughter’s mental illness and addiction. It is an honest, raw, unpolished look at what it is like to be in the storm of addiction with someone you love.

D.L’s journey is a testimony to the strength of a mother’s love. It speaks to endurance and resiliency in the face of overwhelming despair and terror when a child is suffering from drug addiction. This is a story about setting boundaries for self-preservation. It gives permission to ask for help and removes the shame of parenting an addicted child. It is about letting go of guilt while simultaneously holding onto the wish that one day; the addict will get well. This story is about never giving up hope in the face of despair. It is about the promise that love can overcome the horror of addiction and loss.

Locking the bedroom door at night did not keep the addiction out. It was always present, intruding and threatening the safety and security of their home. D.L’s journey is a testimony to the strength of a mother’s love. It is resiliency in the face of despair and fear. It is about setting boundaries while working tirelessly to overcome obstacles and hardship that sit in the way of a child’s recovery. It is about never giving up or letting go of the promise to love and hope for healing.

Dealing With Anxiety And Panic: Arm Yourself With Information, Relieve Anxiety, Prevent Panic Attacks, Know How To Care And What Remedies To Use (Peaceful life Book 1)

by Rosalyn Dana Evans

Are You Tired Of Your Anxiety Taking Over Your Life?

The way our lives are today, it’s only natural that we all face some stress and anxiety.

But when this panic becomes overwhelming and prevents you from living your life, then it’s time to take action and manage your anxiety!

With this unique guide you can learn everything about anxiety and relevant disorders, so you can control your emotions and lead a peaceful life.

What’s the difference between anxiety and depression? Or panic and fear? What are the symptoms and causes of anxiety, and what makes it different from regular stress?

In this amazing book you will find the answers to these questions, along with much more information, all backed by scientific research, that will help you relieve anxiety and take care of yourself.

After reading this guide, you will feel more confident and better prepared so you can manage your anxiety, prevent panic attacks and most importantly, understand that you are not alone.

So Get Yours Now And Regain Control Over Your Life!

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