Free romance Kindle books for 11 Jul 18

Just Because You Love Me: Ten Bite Size Spicy Love Stories (Shameless Book Bundles 15)

by Ada Scott

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It’s the passion that sets the epic romances apart from the rest. The women in this set are left a sweaty quivering-legged mess over and over again by their lovers. After that? A snuggle and breakfast in bed in the morning. For those readers who love the physical expression of loveâ?¦ accept no substitute.

The Authors: With multiple top 10 authors in their genres, the writers in this bundle know how to bring you romance that will melt your heart… and other things.

The Stories: Sick of bundles full of stories you’ve already read before? The stories in this bundle are exclusive. You will not find them anywhere else, so sit back, lock the door and enjoy some mommy time with these ten bite-size spicy romances!

I’m Feeling Myself 2

by Chrissy J.

Elite thought falling in love with Genesis and building a relationship with him would be a walk in the park. She soon learns that the same way you get your man is the same way you can lose him. Elite has secrets being thrown at her from every direction, not to mention a secret of her own that will have everyone questioning her. What’s a girl to do when her back is against the wall? With three men trying to claim her as their own, will she choose the right one? Will Genesis make it? What happens with Tamara? Find out these answers and more in I’m Feelin’ Myself 2!

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