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The Massacre at Yellow Hill

by C.S. Humble

When George Miller is killed in the mines of Yellow Hill, his wife and children are left to try and piece their lives back together. Tabitha Miller, George’s widow, is thrown into deeper chaos when she discovers that George’s death had nothing to do with the cave’s collapse, but was caused by some terrible predator deep within the earth. His death covered up by the mine’s Proprietor-Jeremiah Hart.

In nearby Big Spring, freed slave-turned-occult bounty hunter Gilbert Ptolemy arrives with his adopted son in search of a murderous vampire. New revelations in Yellow Hill draw the duo toward the struggling Miller family, the strange mine, and the horrors lurking within.

The Miller and Ptolemy families are pitted against mundane and supernatural forces in this Weird West adventure. Family struggles, heart-stopping gunfights, and nightmare creatures from dark realms abound in this first novel from C.S. Humble, The Massacre at Yellow Hill.

Night without Stars (Supergirls Book 2)

by Mav Skye

After Jenn escapes the Pig’s house of horrors, she wanders the countryside with May, her dead sister’s ghost, until a rogue priest finds her and tucks her away in his uncle’s deserted cabin.

Jenn cares for Tina and Tony, children rescued from the sex trade. Together they find the peace she and May had always dreamed of. But her dark past catches up with her, and it has a helluva big knife.

She turns to the priest for help, but he has a dark past of his own, and even darker enemies. Together they have a decision to make. Fight or run?

The Haunting Of Shadow Bay: A Supernatural Thriller

by J.D. Russell

The secrets hide in Shadow Bay.

When Ian begins to investigate strange happenings in his town, he finds himself pitted in a war between supernatural forces of good and evil. Finding a mysterious woman is his only hope, and if he can’t escape the clutches of the haunted town Ian may never get out of Shadow Bay alive.

Fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz will appreciate this riveting thrill ride, which mixes suspense and horror in an unputdownable book with a surprising ending.

Dark Haunting: Dangerous Buy

by Wade Belknap Jr

Amanda bought an old typewriter on the way to her friends house, but never would have guessed that the object housed an evil that had been itching to get out for a very long time. One spur of the moment decision may very well cause more damage than Amanda would have ever considered before, but it’s not just the typewriter that is cursed.

Amanda and a few survivors find themselves alone in the world. They must figure out what happened and how to find there way back home, before they are swallowed whole by the evil that escaped from the typewriter purchased by Amanda.

Through the Cosmic Gates

by Richard Klu

Through the cosmic gates is the story of a team of archaeologists uncovering an ancient tomb buried in a desolate area. Power thought long dead arise as archaeologists unearth strange objects which seem to come to life and feel their minds twisted with the fabric of the universe. Curiosity turns to obsession… turns to….

The Haunting of Elleric Lodge

by Cat Knight

Inheriting a huge Scottish estate seemed wonderful. Until she got there.

Blair sunk every penny into the renovation intending to make it a business venture. But part way through the renovation Blair realised perhaps this wasn’t a good place to host guests. With no staff and terrible things beginning to happen, she had nowhere else to go for all the money was gone. Are the ghosts the locals talk about real? Is someone or something trying to hurt Blair? Can she find out the secret of Elleric Lodge? If she doesn’t once thing seems certain. Blair will turn up dead.

If you love ghosts and Haunted houses, you really should be reading Cat Knight’s other books.

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If you read stories in the occult, occultism, horror, supernatural and paranormal genres then add these to your reading list.

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