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You Laugh, I Win! The Ultimate Try Not To Laugh Challenge Joke Book: Family Vacation Edition (You Laugh I Win)

by Serena Webster

Here is a game the whole family can love! Perfect for road trips, family vacations, camping trips and airplane rides. 

You Laugh, I Win! The Ultimate Try Not To Laugh Challenge Joke Book – Family Vacation Edition is not only full of great family-friendly jokes, but it’s presented in a competition format. The player or team that smiles, grins or laughs the most are actually the losers! Try not to laugh as you are presented with some funny jokes. The team that can hold in their laughter will be the winners, but it won’t be easy. Get this humorous You Laugh, I Win! The Ultimate Try Not To Laugh Challenge Joke Book – Family Vacation Edition today. It makes a great gift for moms, dads or any members of the family!

Large print format!

The Education of a Trader

by T. Livingston

Combining risk management tactics, timeless wisdom, trading strategies, spirituality and self-discovery, The Education of a Trader will not only entertain you, it will also save you from many of the pitfalls that traders go through in their early years.

Part The Alchemist, part Reminisces of a Stock Operator, T. Livingston’s masterpiece tells the story of Jimmy, a young man who dreams of finding his soulmate and stock market riches. His journey leads him through unimaginable twists and turns and ultimately to the keys to stock market success. Join him on his adventure and learn how to prepare mentally and strategically for each trade.

Puerto Rico: America’s Last Colony?: A Look at the Psychological Impact on the Puerto Rican People of Over 100 Years of American Colonialism

by M. L. Rodriguez

Puerto Rico has been in the news lately, and not for the best reasons. Financial collapse, Hurricanes Irma and Maria, mass exodus of families and a failing infrastructure have led many to ask the question, “How did Puerto Rico end up in this state?”
It has been said that Puerto Rico is a colony. This has been discussed at length from an economic standpoint. It has also been discussed in great detail from a political standpoint. But the topic is rarely, if ever, discussed from a psychological standpoint. The effects of colonialism on Puerto Rico become apparent when viewed through a socio-psychological lens. For researching this book dozens of interviews have been conducted with some of the oldest living Puerto Ricans. Their experiences as well as the work done on the subject by Frantz Fanon and other historical works are referenced to explore this important topic.

The A-Z of Mental Health

by Arjun Gupta

A book that looks into a diverse range of people and how mental health issues affect them. Armed forces, corporate employees, students and how mental health issues are ingrained in all our lives.

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