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I Spy with My Little Eye: A journey through the moral landscape of Britain

by Linnea Mills

Which direction is our society heading in? Does it provide a good enough nurturing ground for the next generation to flourish? Is it time we took a good look at our values and behaviour and changed course? Dr Linnea Mills offers a frank discussion about the prevailing norms and values in today’s Britain, interpreted through the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues. She tackles head-on topics as diverse as celebrity culture, work-life balance, immigration politics and economic divisions. This is a book for anyone with a keen interest in society, philosophy and politics. Get inspired and join the debate.

Serial Killers Beyond Evil True Crime Case Files Vol. 1: Casanova Killer, Cross Country Killer, Butcher Baker, Dr. Death, Scorecard Killer, Beast of Birkenshaw, Happy Face Murderer, Gilles de Rais

by Jack Smith

Pure evilâ?¦ these 8 cases of true crime serial killers show how far psychopaths can go to satisfy their needs to kill.

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The thought of a murder taking place somewhere in the world chills one’s spine. And when you think that there are multiple cases of people murdering dozens of others, you can’t help but freeze on the inside thinking of how such heinous cases exist and keep happening. Yet, we can’t help but feel intrigued by these cases as they show us the extreme evil that a human can reach.

In this series, you’ll discover the true crime cases of eight lesser-known serial killers:

1. The Casanova Killer – Paul John Knowles, nicknamed the Casanova killer, went on a 4-month killing spree in 1974. He still remains one of the lesser known serial killers of his generation but certainly one of the cruelest. He wanted fame before his life ended.

2. The Cross Country Killer – For 20 years, Tommy Lynn Sells killed without remorse. This horrific crime spree stunned the nation and went beyond the typical psychopath behavior of serial killers.

3. The Happy Face Murderer – After a disturbing childhood left the giant of a man riddled with emotional and psychological scars, Keith Hunter Jesperson traveled across Canada and spent time strangling and killing women whom he met along the way.

4. The Butcher Baker – Robert Hansen, a baker from Alaska, hunted down his victims without mercy. He did the unthinkable, making hunting much more than a sport…

5. Dr. Death – Under the appearance of a caring doctor, Michael Swango planned and killed… Wherever he went, death followedâ?¦

6. The Scorecard Killer – Randy Steven Kraft, a Southern California man who appeared to be a typical computer programmer, spent his evenings seeking hitchhikers and unsuspecting bar hoppers for sadistic thrills that only he enjoyed. He became Southern California’s most prolific serial killer, and possibly the most prolific serial killer in the modern United States. His â??kill list’ a.k.a. as the scorecard has a total of sixty-five murders on it, but some claim he may have murdered as many as one hundred people – or even more.

7. The Beast of Birkenshaw – Some serial killers seem surreal as if it’s almost impossible to believe that an individual could do such horrific crimes. The Beast of Birkenshaw, a.k.a. Peter Manuel, was such an individual man and became Scotland’s most prolific serial murderer.

8. The Horrific Crimes of Gilles de Rais Revisited – Gille de Rais, a French aristocrat, has been described as one of the most horrific serial killers of the Middle Agesâ?¦ or was he? In this book, we revisit Gilles de Rais terrible crimes he was accused of.

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