Free science fiction Kindle books for 12 Jul 18

Love, Death, & The After: Darkness: Book 1

by CK Page

Human civilization has collapsed. Rainey Vidic, MD is a genius, and she has Preston Hayes–her open hand, or hammering fist…

…Only the strongest and smartest will survive in The After.

A gifted surgeon, her retired warrior lover, a former Marine, and a taciturn drone pilot fight for survival in a dangerous and pitiless world, while navigating human needs for love, family and community.

When one of their own faces a lethal illness, Dr. Rainey Vidic’s efforts are compromised by a savage horde of highly intelligent, relentlessly evil creatures that threaten the lives of the entire team.
Desperate to save their teammate, the Team encounters an imperiled town of survivors that may hold the key to saving them all. . . or send humanity into extinction.

With echoes of McCarthy’s “The Road” and the thrill ride of “Jurassic Park,” this three volume, four part series, “Love, Death, & The After,” tests the limits of romance, loyalty, and community against a violent world hell-bent on devouring it all.
This book, Love, Death, & The After: Darkness is the first of three:Book 2: Love, Death, & The After: Abandoned SpacesBook 3: Love, Death, & The After: Never Again

The Progressor

by G. Anders

We think we know, but reality is like a slippery fish: it’s difficult to grasp and we could spend our lives chasing it. So we cling to the familiar and convince ourselves we know, but eventually it’s not enough to just pretend. I thought I knew, but I was yet to learn that facing up to reality exacts a high price.

The Contributors left their home world in the Great Collaboration long before I was born. They risked their lives to find a place free of Busers and Disruptors, but it was always their dream to return and rescue evolving-Contributors born after the Leaving. That was my reality. I am the Progressor and it was my task to help Innovators develop a particle destabilizer portal. So I did. What I couldn’t have prepared for was getting caught in it.

What follows is the wildest ride of a lifetime and reality will never be the same again for anyone.

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