Free historical fiction Kindle books for 13 Jul 18

The American Flyer

by Todd K. Hardage

The summer and autumn of nineteen thirty-one is a time of awakening for Ockie. At the beginning of the summer, Ockie sees his friend, Albert, riding on a brand new American Flyer bicycle. albert’s father is an overseer at the mill, therefore he is one of the few fortunate people in the community who makes more than just a meager subsistence and can afford to buy his son a luxury such as a bike.
Ockie becomes consumed with the dream of buying his own American Flyer , but knows his father can never afford to help him. He finds work delivering groceries and cutting grass in order to bring his dream into reality. He does not tell his father how much money he is making, for fear that he will be required to contribute some, if not all, of his income to the family.
That summer also produces two of Ockie’s lifelong loves, baseball and Darlene Oliver. Darlene teaches Ockie how to dream in spite of the poverty of the mill village, and baseball provides the dream of escape from that poverty. When Darlene’s father dies, she moves with her mother to Atlanta and a better life, where her dreams can flourish. She has, however, instilled in Ockie the courage to dream beyond the mill village. His first dream, although a small one, is to buy his own American flyer bicycle.
This dream of the American Flyer soon transforms Ockie as he realizes that material possessions and money do not make a person happy. He soon learns that the love of family and faith in God are the most important possessions a person can have.

Cooking up Trouble at the Peabody Palace

by Jewell Tweedt

When AJ Johnson lets her temper get the best of her and lets a butcher knife fly she loses a fiance and her job as chef at his restaurant in one throw. Taking a chance on an advertisement she finds herself as the new cook at the Peabody Palace in Black Gulch, the rowdiest mining camp in all of California. When a gruff new sheriff comes to town AJ just may have met her match. Can AJ cook up a new life for herself while staying out of trouble at the Peabody Palace? Not likely. Join her as she trades her wit and wonderful recipes for a chance at love in a town where everyone is crazy for her cooking and crazy for gold.

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