Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 13 Jul 18

Superheroes Fight Bullying With Kindness

by Carla Norde

Using actual children dressed in superhero costumes, the writer, encourages children to be kind to one another to reduce bullying.

This book is the first in the Bullying Prevention Series, which includes:

Book 1: Superheroes Fight Bullying With Kindness: Featuring the Judy Center Campers from Arlington Elementary School
Authored by Ms. Carla A. Norde, Contributions by Ms. LoLo Smith (for Pre-Kg through 2nd grade)

Book 2: Book 2: Superheroes Say No To Bullying
Authored by Mr. Gerald S. Norde Jr., (3rd through 5th grade)

Book 3: My American Girl Doll and Me: Superheroes Fighting Bullying with Kindness
Authored by Ms. Carla Andrea and Ms. LoLo Smith American Girl Doll and Me: Superheroes Fighting Bullying with KindnessPaperback

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Missing! (FREE YOUNG ADULT ACTION ADVENTURE) (The Florida Chase Book 1)

by Paul Moxham

When their father goes missing, two teens travel to Washington D.C to find answers. Their search for the truth takes them from the backstreets of the capital to the hurricane torn roads of the Florida Keys, where they enlist the help of the army in an attempt to save their father and stop World War 3.

Split into 4 parts, this story of adventure and intrigue will have readers eagerly turning the pages right through to the thrilling and action packed ending that no one will see coming.

In Part 1, Luke and Jordan Brody head to Washington D.C to seek answers. And, in the dusty backstreets of the capital, the brothers stumble across a clue that propels them to travel to Key West. Arriving, they find out that a hurricane is approaching the coast. Desperate to find answers before the storm hits, the brothers start searching, only to stop when someone holds them up at gunpoint.

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