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Restricted by the size of your garden or outdoor space?
Raised bed garden is your answer.

This book provides the size requirements for the construction of raised beds, the materials you can use, and constructive tips for accommodating the maximum garden capacity into limited spaces

The benefits of raised bed gardening are:
-Good aeration
-Good drainage
-Root spread
-Less risk of soil compaction
-Better weed control

Vegetables from your raised beds are superior to those from the supermarkets. Your raised beds grown vegetables are free from harmful chemicals

This gardening strategy is becoming popular today for the followings:
-Raised beds permit gardeners to save space.
-Raised beds permit gardeners to use their own soil.
-Water saving
-Pests can be easily controlled.

Get a copy of this DIY guide to start your raised bed gardening now.

A Short Introduction to Classical Mythology

by John Lord

Religion among the lively and imaginative Greeks took a different form from that of the Aryan race in India or Persia. However the ideas of their divinities originated in their relations to the thought and life of the people, their gods were neither abstractions nor symbols. They were simply men and women, immortal, yet having a beginning, with passions and appetites like ordinary mortals. They love, they hate, they eat, they drink, they have adventures and misfortunes like men,–only differing from men in the superiority of their gifts, in their miraculous endowments, in their stupendous feats, in their more than gigantic size, in their supernal beauty, in their intensified pleasures. It was not their aim “to raise mortals to the skies,” but to enjoy themselves in feasting and love-making; not even to govern the world, but to protect their particular worshippers,–taking part and interest in human quarrels, without reference to justice or right, and without communicating any great truths for the guidance of mankind.
The religion of Greece consisted of a series of myths,–creations for the most part of the poets,–and therefore properly called a mythology. Yet in some respects the gods of Greece resembled those of Phoenicia and Egypt, being the powers of Nature, and named after the sun, moon, and planets. Their priests did not form a sacerdotal caste, as in India and Egypt; they were more like officers of the state, to perform certain functions or duties pertaining to rites, ceremonies, and sacrifices. They taught no moral or spiritual truths to the people, nor were they held in extraordinary reverence. They were not ascetics or enthusiasts; among them were no great reformers or prophets, as among the sacerdotal class of the Jews or the Hindus. They had even no sacred books, and claimed no esoteric knowledge. Nor was their office hereditary. They were appointed by the rulers of the state, or elected by the people themselves; they imposed no restraints on the conscience, and apparently cared little for morals, leaving the people to an unbounded freedom to act and think for themselves, so far as they did not interfere with prescribed usages and laws. The real objects of Greek worship were beauty, grace, and heroic strength. The people worshipped no supreme creator, no providential governor, no ultimate judge of human actions. They had no aspirations for heaven and no fear of hell. They did not feel accountable for their deeds or thoughts or words to an irresistible Power working for righteousness or truth. They had no religious sense, apart from wonder or admiration of the glories of Nature, or the good or evil which might result from the favor or hatred of the divinities they accepted…

After A Million Quotes: Reflections On Applying Wise Quotes To Living Well

by Matt Williford

After reading countless quotes, the author has selected and commented on exceptionally wise ones that get at the most important lessons for living life well. This book contains quotations from some of the greatest and wisest minds in history, including: Baltasar Gracian, Seneca, Arthur Schopenhauer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mark Twain, Theodore Roosevelt, Buddha, Confucius, Goethe, Benjamin Franklin, William James, Socrates, Aristotle, and many more.


by Seneca

Seneca’s complete Dialogues include the classic Aubrey Stewart translations and Damian Stevenson’s version of On the Shortness of Life:

On the Shortness of Life (De Brevitate Vitae)
Of a Happy Life (De Vita Beata)
Of Providence (De Providentia)
On the Firmness of the Wise Man (De Constantia Sapientis)
Of Anger (De Ira)
Of Leisure (De
Of Peace of Mind (De Tranquillitate Animi)
Of Clemency (De Clementia)

Going MGTOW: Surviving Modern Life Without Women

by MGTOW Man

This MGTOW book is a testament to the MGTOW movement and is has strong anti feminist views. Indeed it has anti-marriage anti-children views and advises that men go their own way in life. The Mens Rights Movement known as MGTOW is growing stronger each day and soon will be larger than feminism. Its time men wake up.

Word Count : 5500

The fastest growing demographic is ‘men not getting married by choice’ MGTOW is a movement within the mens rights movement consisting of a demographic of men that are simply walking away from modern day marriage and children to live a life going their own way.

This is a philosophy not a movement as such. It is a way to live your life and guidelines to find your ultimate happiness in life. It’s about putting yourself first and not holding the liability of society. Your life is your own and you choose how to live it. It is your life so take good care of it because nobody else will. You are not here to save women and children simply because you are a man and you sure are not here to foot the finances for their existence for no reward. Being MIGTOW is about understanding biological impulses and having enough emotional intelligence to think with your head at all times. Most importantly MIGTOW is about having an understanding of the legal system and how women have constructed a system with support of the state to completely ruin your existence if they so choose.

Nature plays a cruel trick on men. Between the ages of 18 – 35 women devour men with beauty and charm in exchange for men picking up the liability of them looking after them for the rest of their lives. The Cinderella fantasy is live in both sexes and nature plays this cruel trick on men as they feel the need to own and mark the women of their choosing only to later learn that they have been duped by nature. They are then stuck with the regret of their actions and have come to understand the drastic mistake they have made by their youthful self. Once trapped in a relationship you may find it hard if not impossible to exit and doing so creates devastating consequences for your wellbeing.

Women have forced men to evolve and adapt to the climate of today. Its time to turn our backs on traditional values and say no thank you. Opting out of the system shows a clear message that few are willing to take.

MGTOW is the line in the sand that says enough is enough. Women simply are not worth it and we are starting to realize this and evolve by going our own way. I hope more men wake up to this realization and go their own way because this will force women to evolve and adapt and I want to see women innovate and contribute towards society. Feminism has gave them equality and now its time for them to pay their own way rather than having their cake and eating it.

People don’t understand MIGOTW, intact try and have a conversation with one and you’re likely to come across the following opposition:

“Your scared of responsibility”

“Your feel different later in life”

“You haven’t met the right woman”

“You just can’t get laid”

Women think this is a pathetic because it does not serve there self interest

As a single man you own 100% of your free time, when you enter into a relationship you loose your ability to own your time. You have commitments hanging over your and influencing your decisions.

Join us, because its time for the slaves to leave the plantation

Body Language: Master the Art of Nonverbal Communication & Speed-read What Everybody Is Saying (Body Language,Persuasion,Manipulation,Confidence, Analyze People Book 1)

by Joe Miller

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Body Language: Master the Art of Nonverbal Communication & Speed-read What Everybody Is Saying

Understanding the basis of the Non verbal communication happens to be a very important matter for a student of this field. However, having the perfect guidelines for the same is a very tricky job nowadays as there are hundreds of books on the subject all offering different presentations of the same subject. This multi-face description of the same idea happens to be the guiding source here for writing this book.

The author here shows the guiding steps one by one and that the difference can be braught in for the different kinds of body languages and the non verbal mode of communication. In simple words, this book is expected to win the choice of the readers.

In this book, you will find all the information you’re looking for about:

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