Free religious fiction Kindle books for 13 Jul 18

Christian Romance: Dangerous Consequence (Christian Romance Series, Christian Romance Suspense Book 7)

by Anne E. Moore

Faced with having to leave school, Cammy has to make a choice that may impact her life in a way that she may regret. Her life has been a struggle up until now and things have taken a turn for the worse. She now has to ask someone she knows from her past for work that may get her killed in the process. Her only real friend in this is Kyle, a Christian follower who has to help her out. Though Christian herself, she has lost touch with God since her mother died and has been lost ever since. When Kyle does help, there are some unexpected things that arise from this that may threaten both their lives. Will his help be in time to save Cammy from a life that may end up in ruin? Get this book to find out.

Plague of Darkness

by Daniel G. Keohane

From Daniel G. Keohane, Bram Stoker Award nominated author of Margaret’s Ark and Solomon’s Grave

People hide their secrets in the dark. Sometimes, that same darkness is what will eventually reveal them.

Eight months after Saint Gerard’s Episcopal Church closes its doors, the building has become the new home of Bill and Seyha Watts. The house, however, has plans for its new occupants. Trapped in a biblical darkness that can be felt, four people stumble through a surreal nightmare where the only escape is through their deepest fears and memories. Cut off from the outside world, they are prisoners of a power they cannot see, struggling to understand what is truth – and what is a lie.

Faith and Hope-Grace’s Story (A Back to Omaha Adventure Book 3)

by Jewell Tweedt

In this final book of the Back to Omaha Adventure series teacher Grace Freeport has something to hide.Her romantic interest-lawyer Billy Prescott has something to prove.She’s in Omaha, he’s in Baltimore.What she wants and what he wants couldn’t be more different. When she reveals her surprising past some townspeople are ready to send her packing. An unexpected blizzard and support from friends changes everything.

Learn if Billy’s discovery about her past and his ambitions in life will destroy their bonds or bind them together in a discovery of faith and hope-Grace’s story.

Jenna: Mail Order Brides of Wichita Falls – Book #9

by Cyndi Raye

Jenna Myers owns the small cafe in Wichita Falls where she starts over. Unknown to Jenna, her parents had sold her to a cattle baron as a mail order bride, she ran away instead, wanting a life on her own terms.

Matt Harper, a hand at the White Ranch loves to eat. He loves to eat as much as he loves Jenna. Put the two together and it’s heaven.

When a stranger comes to town accusing Jenna of going back on her promise, he demands she marry him or pay back the money owed him. Through a trial and court proceedings, she is ordered to comply.

Will she be forced to sell the cafe in order to make things right or marry the stranger instead?

Will she lose Matt as a result? Or, does he come to her rescue?

Wichita Falls is a small, American historical western frontier town on the Texas prairie. Enjoy these clean and wholesome romance short-reads as each event brings another character to the frontier town, helping it to grow into one of the finest western towns of all times.

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