Free romance Kindle books for 13 Jul 18

Jungle Heat: paranormal Shifter RH Romance (Shifting Desires Series Book 1)

by Lexy Timms

There is but one rule: hunt or be hunted.

All Angelica wanted to do was her job. Being kidnapped by drug lords and taken into the Amazon was not part of her plan. Now she needs to get away – and fast – before the patient heals enough to sign her death warrant.

Her only hope?

A sketchy-looking pilot who doesn’t seem to get her frantic message for help.

Taylor, aka sketchy but incredibly hot pilot, decides rescuing a damsel in distress is worth exposes his cover. They manage a narrow escape, only to be shot down mid-flight and crash into the Amazon jungle. Somehow they survive the plane, but can they survive the jungle and those hunting them?

In a life and death race for survival, who will become the hunted?

Shifting Desires Series:
Jungle Heat
Jungle Fever
Jungle Blaze

WOLF: Contemporary Paranormal Romance

by Poppy Deveaux

When Melissa, a young veterinary assistant decided to escape her failed marriage and start a new life in Ireland, she had no idea what primal, dangerous love would find her there…

And who the hell has been killing all the sheep?

This eBook is intended for adult eyes only.

Hot Neighbor: Contemporary Paranormal Romance

by Poppy Deveaux

Julie and her boyfriend, Kyle, live on the outskirts of New Orleans, Louisiana. The house next to theirs has been vacant for some time. The couple awake to find someone has moved in overnight without them hearing a thing. Their new neighbour, Christophe, is from France and his demeanour is as hot as his body, gorgeous and aroused at all times.

Julie finds herself attracted to the man from the moment she sets her eyes on him. Amazingly enough, her boyfriend finds the man’s highly sensual nature intriguing, and the couple find themselves making decisions they never thought they’d make and going to places they never thought they’d go.

This eBook is intended for adult eyes only!!

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