Free science fiction Kindle books for 13 Jul 18

Unplugged EMP Boxset: EMP Post Apocalyptic Fiction

by J.S Donovan

A riveting new EMP suspense boxset that keeps you guessing until the end!

Best-selling dystopian author J.S Donovan brings you his collection of highly-rated EMP survival novels. These stories have accumulated over 150+ five-star reviews and have been boxed together for the first time!


In a flash, an EMP blast disables North America’s entire east coast. Separated from her husband and daughter, thirty-nine-year-old psychologist Naomi Baxter finds herself trapped on the streets of Philadelphia. The brutal February cold gnaws at her skin as she strives to reunite with her family. Having a keen understanding of the human condition, Naomi knows that she must find her daughter before anarchy consumes the city.

Grid Down

A small, northeastern town lay in ruins after a mysterious electromagnetic pulse causes a massive blackout, leaving residents stunned and unprepared. But the loss of power is only the beginning. With no signs of assistance on the horizons and no way of knowing how far the blackout has spread, residents are left to deal with a world without power, communications, and vehicle mobility. The government is absent. Food and supplies have been pillaged, and families must choose whether to stay or flee. However, nothing can prepare them for the onslaught of a horde of escaped convicts who band together and take over the town.

A Way Home (The Noble Book 1)

by Coushatta LaRue

Alice’s world is dying. In an attempt to save it she must enter mysterious worlds. Worlds where she hopes to find answers or a new home. Protecting her family is all she dreams of, but doubt and fear grow in her heart with each new, rotting world.

Is there ever an end to the chaos? Will the secrets of a lost past bring clarity or only more pain? Will Alice ever find a new home and safety for those she loves, or will she fade away with the rest?

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