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Spanked Boy Stories

Spanked. Paddled. Caned. Belted. Thrashed. Tanned. Punished. All words that mean the same thing. All words that once were the standard means by which a boy who had done wrong was disciplined and taught the error of his ways.

Only a few decades ago this was a common thing – a normal thing. Nowadays it is not quite so, but only a few short years ago it was perfectly normal for a boy who had done wrong to know with absolute certainty that he was going to receive a very sore spanked bottom as punishment for his crimes. The tradition of corporal punishment was established and protected for centuries. Every schoolboy in England feared the cane, every son of Texas knew that his dad kept a strap.

Contained in this book are twelve tales contributed by twelve authors detailing fictional accounts of spanking. Fictional. The spankings contained within are entirely fictional. Real spankings were not. Maybe the thought of that disgusts you, and if so, this is not the book for you.

But if you are at all interested in reading about how boys used to be punished, this may be just the book for you!

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