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Ethan’s Bride: A King’s Valley Romance

by Margaret Desmond

“You can trot right back to your â??broken down’ car and drive back to wherever you came from.”

For most of her life, Jessica has played the role of the perfect daughter, perfect stepdaughter, and, ultimately, the perfect fiancée, concealing her true self behind the person she thought everyone else wanted and expected her to be. That all ends the day she discovers that her future husband is cheating on her.

Her spur-of-the-moment escape comes to a grinding halt when her car breaks down on a lonely country road. But no gallant knight comes to her rescue. Instead, she’s confronted by a handsome stranger who believes that she’s a spoiled, self-indulgent, high society brat up to no good.

Jessica is only too willing to obey the stranger’s command to get out of his sight. But fate and a mischievous, matchmaking grandmother steps into the fray, and two stubborn people who have been unlucky in love may discover that true love really can change everything.

– A clean, contemporary romance. Book 1 in the King’s Valley Romance series but can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone novel –

Going to the Chapel (Crystal Springs Romances: The Wedding Chapel Book 1)

by Mary Jane Morgan

Claire Coleman is mortified when a handsome stranger discovers her crying in a quiet country chapelâ??the very chapel where she was supposed to have married her high school sweetheart, and the place where she now hopes to feel her mother’s presence.

Custom builder, Sam McGinnis, has sworn off rescuing women in need. That is, until he finds a beautiful blonde sobbing her heart out in his almost-finished chapel. The woman is obviously in a world of hurt, and no way can he walk away from the heart-broken lady.

But will rescuing Claire put Sam’s own heart in jeopardy?

Then He Came Back (Love From Austin Book 2)

by Chris Campillo

Smart, sexy, and with a mouth that can set anyone straight, Sue Brinkley will always keep the upper hand when it comes to men. She’s come a long way from the teenager abandoned with a baby. She’s determined her son will have all the opportunities she lost when she ended up pregnant, but she’s not ready for his biggest requestâ??he wants to meet his dad. Sue agrees, but only on her terms.

Then he comes back.

Trey Harrison will forever regret walking out on the girl and baby that needed him. He’s spent years treating patients in ravaged countries, trying to find redemption. Now he has the opportunity to make amends. But when he arrives in Austin, he’s blown away by the fiery, gorgeous mama bear that is so unlike the girl from his past. During the explosive reunion, their son discovers a secret that sends him running from his mother, and Trey finally has a chance to help the family he deserted.

Forced to work as a team, Sue and Trey must face the hurt, lust, and love that always brews whenever they’re together.

Due to content, this book is intended for mature readers.

Hotwife Erotica Stories : Naughty Hotwives Collection

by Maria Leptons

Love those naughty stories of wandering wives? Enjoy this hot collection of sexy women with dirty desires!

A Mother’s Love: Collection of Stories

by Bee RaNature El

A compilation of 3 short tragic stories, displaying the love and compassion a mother has for her children. Through struggle and heartbreak, death and separation, nothing can stand in the way of a mother and her love.
Get a glimpse through the eyes of mother’s who have been faced with challenging circumstances that leave each in a state of devastation and pain.
Love is the only element that can travel through the depths of time.

Ripped: A Hitman Romance (Contract Killers Book 1)

by Jove Chambers

Cade “Ripper” Davies
I don’t do attachments. I don’t do affection.

I do my job, and it’s all I need. I’m a contract killer, and I’m a bad man.

But this girl, Shell, she’s getting to me. She started out as a convenient hostage, a means to an end. But for some reason, I’m keeping her safe, even though it means turning against a man I once considered my best friend.

There’s something about her, and not just that she’s sexy as hell. I can’t get her out of my head, and I can’t let her go.

Shell Birch
The first thing I notice about Cade is that he’s ridiculously attractive. The next thing I notice is that he’s pointing a gun at me. I’m not one of those girls who gets hot for dangerous men, but let me tell you, the shoulders on this guyâ?¦ Looking at his hard, broad body makes me warm in all the wrong places.

He’s got a filthy mind and clever fingers, and he makes me dizzy when he touches me. I’m at his mercy, completely and utterly.

I’ve see another side of him, something unguarded and honorable. That side of him takes me and makes me his. But I can’t be hisâ?¦ not with the kind of life he leads, not with the kind of demons he has.

Oh, and I think I might be pregnant.

This a standalone romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhanger.

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