Free horror Kindle books for 14 Jul 18

Witch Indeed (A Mackenzie Coven Mystery Book 2)

by Sonia Parin

Mackenzie Coven rule number one. Do not lose your cat.

Lexie, aka Alexandra Elizabeth Mackenzie, the incoming High Chair of the American Continent and all Circumferential Domains Pertaining to the Mackenzie Coven (she really needs to come up with an acronym) has been asked to step up to the plate and attend a prestigious feline extravaganza at Chelsea Manor. The task is simple enough. Represent the coven, get herself and Luna, the cat which has as yet to decide if she’ll stay with her or not, there in one piece meaningâ?¦ no more crash-landing or leaving bits and pieces of Luna behind. Two out of three isn’t bad. Lexie figures the rest will be simple enough until she realizes she’s crash-landed in a room with a dead man in it – a man who’d had a fascination for stuffed cats.

There are only a handful of guests attending this exclusive feline soiree and they all have their eyes on Luna, but one of them also has blood on their hands.

If they killed once, they’ll kill again.

Clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language.

Cascading Error: Critical: A Michael Bishop Supernatural Adventure (The Dossiers of Asset 108 Book 4)

by J.M. Guillen

A madman, broken by otherworldly horror. A cult that worships the Names of Lamentation. A twisted cosmology bent on the ending of all things…

For some, death is but a doorway.

Following a trail of plague corpses and inhuman wretches, suave cyber-badass Michael Bishop seduces and quips his way to Istanbul. Once there, he discovers an old foe who has crafted himself a new face.

Amir Cadavas: a depraved occultist and Class I Jerk.

Michael has dealt with this clown before- only six years earlier, in the Yucatan. There, Amir sadistically slaughted most of his cadre. Michael responded by murdering the cultist to death.

Now, in Istanbul, the psychopath has returned.

Soon, a beartrap of deceit springs around Michael, plummetting him and his cadre into the depths of human madness. They struggle against masked worshippers of inhuman darkness; they wander through misbegotten temples and rituals of blood. All this as they are mocked and toyed with by Amir.

Yet the web of schemes quickly becomes apparent. Bishop has to make choices, choices which will shape the future of our world. If he fails…

An ancient city will rise. The time of man will come to an end.

The Equation is not complete.

Cascading Error:Critical: A Michael Bishop Supernatural Thriller is the fourth book in the Dossiers of Asset 108 series. If you like wildly sarcastic characters, other-dimensional weirdness, and zany cybertech, then you’ll love JM Guillen’s action-packed otherworldly adventure!

Buy Cascading Error: Critical for a wild romp beyond reality today!

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