Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 14 Jul 18

Curtain Call: A Tense Crime Thriller

by Ryan Kane

Debut Author Ryan Kane brings his first crime book “Curtain Call” to the attention of all Crime Thriller enthusiasts. Follow the twists and turns as this thriller unfolds in to a thrilling ride of who done it and why.

Four years on from moving away from the dangers of New York and Damien is still drifting through life, with a list of รข??to-dos’ that seemed to get longer with each passing day.

With a drunken father and overly dramatic mother, who is always threatening to leave, he often prefers to snatch some sleep on his friend’s couch rather than putting up with them.

When an old friend, Christa, unexpectedly shows up, bereft at the loss of her friend and co-star in the Broadway show they starred in, Damien is astonished but happy to see her. But she is far from the confident young girl he remembered.

Other deaths follow, all of them close to Christa, and Damien becomes suspicious. Is his old friend in danger? Why are people close to her dying inexplicably?

Damien is determined to find out what’s going on, no matter what the personal cost will be. Can he get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Christa or will he succumb to the Curtain Call?

TWO RHODE TRIPS: A Two-Volume Mystery Thriller Omnibus

by Lawrence De Maria

A beautiful woman begs Alton Rhode to find the bank-embezzler lover who left her pregnant. She says the fugitive’s bone marrow could save her daughter.

The trail has been cold for 14 years!

That’s the least of the investigator’s problems. He almost immediately becomes the target of a deranged mob killer. Only a mysterious guardian angel – with an automatic pistol – keeps him alive long enough to find the missing man.

Then things really get weird!

“Pulitzer-nominee De Maria has written a stunner of a private eye mystery, with an incredible twist at the end.” (John Crudele, NEW YORK POST)
A security guard apprehends Elizabeth Olsen, smoking gun in hand, fleeing a mansion. Inside, John Denton lies dead.

The District Attorney, in an election year, will prosecute the open-and-shut case himself.

Elizabeth claims she is innocent. But she acknowledges that Denton was her lover, and her story has more holes in it than the victim.

No one believes the sexy, amoral party girl. Not even her high-powered lawyer. But her wealthy father does. He hires Alton Rhode to clear her.

Then, the case takes a truly tragic turn, sending Rhode on a journey into the dark past of a Southern town.

There, he uncovers a startling secret that threatens everyone, innocent or guilty.
“While De Maria may have been an award-winning financial reporter, he’s an awfully good fiction writer as well.” (NAPLES DAILY NEWS)

“What is really almost beyond belief is how easily De Maria has transitioned from the dry world of financial reporting to the wild and lavish world of novel writing.” (COLLIER CITIZEN)

“A master of thriller dialogue.” (WASHINGTON INDEPENDENT REVIEW OF BOOKS)

“A Lawrence De Maria title gives you more bang for your buck than just about anything in the book marketplace today.” (FLORIDA WEEKLY)

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