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Work From Home: Real Ways To Make Money From Home Full Time Or Part Time For Students, Stay-at-home Moms And Dads, Retirees, And Anyone Who Wants Easy, Fun Ways To Earn Extra Cash!

by Steve Daly

How can you make real money online?

Yes, and it’s easier than you think!

Thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of ways to make money from the comfort of your home.

You can work part time or full time…as many or as few hours as you wish.

Students, retirees, and stay at home moms and dads can make money on the side working from anywhere from a laptop or even a smartphone.

You can make money quickly doing things you already do and using tools you already use.

In this book, you’ll learn proven ways to earn a living online, including…

* Real ways to make money from home

* How to make money from home for free

* How to make extra money fast

* How to earn money from home without any investment

* How to make extra money on the side

* Fast and easy ways to work from home

* Unusual ways to earn extra cash

* Smart ways to make $100 a day or more on the Internet

* Legitimate no-scam ways to create and run your own online money makers

* Easy, fun ways to make money in your spare time with your smartphone


As a Man Thinketh: Classic Wisdom for Proper Thought, Strong Character, & Right Actions

by James Allen

In the years since its publication in 1902, “As a Man Thinketh” has set thousands of men on the pathway to personal and financial growth. Now, in this unique rendition of James Allen’s masterwork, you, too, can manifest the traits and skills characteristic of those honorable, refined, and successful men. Each of the aphorisms and quotes in this book reveals simple yet revelatory techniques that will empower you to strengthen your character, harness constructive thoughts, and create the life you’ve always wanted.

As Allen himself wrote, “As a Man Thinketh” ‘shall create positive results in daily circumstances and actions, regardless of the venueâ??an agreeable prospect, one must concede!’

Make Money On eBay: 50 Items That You Can Always Sell on eBay

by Marc PIerce

Want to make additional income online, but don’t know how?

Have you tried selling items on eBay with minimal success?

“Make Money On Ebay” will teach how to spot items that are guaranteed to sell on the platform.

Most eBay books just cover the basics with very little actionable advice. When I first started selling items on eBay I fell victim to one of these books. Instead of telling me how to make money on eBay the book proceeded to tell me its rules, and regulations. Thanks, but no thanks!

This book will tell you the items that will make you money, where to find them, and how to package them to sell today!

I make a full-time income from eBay and you can as well!

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Norse Mythology: Classic Stories of the Norse Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Monsters (Classical Mythology Book 3)

by Scott Lewis

Have you ever wondered how Thor got his hammer?

Norse Mythology: Classic Stories of the Norse Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Monsters contains stories passed down from the ancient Norse religion, practiced by the Vikings and other northern people who live in modern-day Scandinavia, Iceland, and throughout the British Isles.

Inside this book you will find myths that answer the following questions:

  • How did Odin form the world from Ymir’s body and make men and women from wood?
  • What are the names of the nine realms and who (or what) live in them?
  • Why does Odin have only one eye and why does Tyr have only one hand?
  • Where the gift of poetry comes from?
  • Who are Loki’s children and why does Odin fear them?
  • Why do the gods fear the end of the world and what will happen at Ragnarok?

In this book, you will also find many stories about the gods Thor and Loki and their exploits in the land of the giants.

You will read the story of the dwarf Andvari and his golden ringâ??the myth that is the basis for Robert Wagner’s famous opera The Ring of Nibelung as well as J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

And, in these pages, you will find the story of the mortal hero Sigurd and his battle with the dragon Fafnir.

Whether you are new to Norse Mythology or looking to dive into the rich, fantastical world, Norse Mythology: Classic Stories of the Norse Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Monsters is the place to start!

Many Roads

by Greg Dutilly

Many Roads” is the first in a series of books created by Greg Dutilly. It is a story which follows a lost and broken young man who escapes the chains of his past by demolishing his comfort zone’s as he learns to love himself, mistakes and all. A journey of discovery and adventure, successes with many failures. This is a walk which initiates an inner transformation. It is becoming grateful for all things, including our own failures and folly. We cannot truly love another until we love ourselves and accept who we are. We cannot fully love who we are until we become truly grateful for all things.

“In Many Roads, Greg Dutilly shows the power of the human condition, proving that it’s never too late to start a new. Greg is a shining example of not allowing drugs and depression defeat him. This book is for anyone interested in the power of the human spirit but especially for those feeling alone and powerless. Greg is extending his hand forward and gives hope for those walking that same road. His poignant work can help you to follow the path to health, self love and happiness. “

Partha Nandi, MD FACP



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Enneagram: Embrace Your Potential and Overcome Your Weak Points with Enneagram Exercises, Meditations and Questions

by Eleanor Cooper

Access to your hidden and neglected strengths, knowing they are yours to take and own them using Enneagram exercises, meditations and questions.

You have heard about Enneagram, you may have read articles or even books on the topic, but you still don’t see exactly how it could contribute to your life?

You understand things and are aware of the theory side of Enneagram, but you want real results and changes in your life?

Did you consider if there is a book with the practical side of Enneagram to help you profit from your knowledge and lead you to the next level? What if you could get a guide to bring out the best of yourself based on your exact Enneagram type?

This is the PERFECT book for you.

Enneagram guide and author Eleanor Cooper shares her must-see insights on the world of personality types. Based on her work with several hundred people through the past decade and her research about human nature driven by insatiable appetite for knowledge and understanding, now she brings up the questions we all longing to get a clear answer: Who am I? Who can I become?

In this book you will discover:

  • Comprehensive and understandable explanations about the nine types without the long and repetitive descriptions you can find in other books
  • Suprisingly accurate map for accessing your hidden potential
  • Exercises, mediations and questions which develop self-awareness and connection to yourself that you need to reach your next level
  • Powerful self development advices based on your exact personality type on how to get that fulfilled life you’ve always dreamt of
  • The undeniable guide to take control over your opportunities and personality flaws
  • BONUS: A secret gift waiting for you inside the book

Enneagram is an accurate character type system that has been around since ancient times, which has proven its usefulness and helped people in all shapes and sizes to understand human nature and types better, get to know themselves and others, and bring one’s potential out.

This book is written for those who seek Enneagram not only to know it academically but for its benefits and the ability to turn their lives into freedom and prosperity. It’s understandable, useful and easy to follow.

Buy this book NOW and invite self-understanding and self-acceptance into your life.

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Riches for Real Estate Agents: Have, Be, and Do Everything You Want

by Jarett B. Shaffer

Make Real Estate Your Gateway to the Life of Your Dreams

Many real estate agents begin with excitement and passion. Then the struggle sets in – long hours, low pay, programs that promise leads but don’t pay off. Riches for Real Estate Agents fills in the missing pieces to finally realize all the dreams you had from your career.
Jarett Shaffer, Hampton Road’s number one life coach and business strategist, and Susan Shaffer, a real estate leader with thirty years’ experience, bring you seven steps to lasting wealth, personal happiness, and freedom from fear and worry. Inside, you’ll find a systematic plan to get off the real estate hamster wheel and:

  • Have all the wealth you desire
  • Truly make your career a labor of love
  • Make your real estate practice pay more in less time
  • Select a specialty where you can truly shine
  • Finally do everything you want!

Riches for Real Estate Agents is like Think and Grow Rich meets The Richest Man in Babylon. It’s everything you need to turn an underperforming real estate business into a systematic, enjoyable, and very profitable one. Buy it now and finally achieve everything you dreamed real estate could bring you.

ã?¨ã?­ã?ã??ã?¯ã?³ã?¹ã?ã?¥ã?¼ã? ã§å¥³ã®å­ Girls In Erotic Sostumes #1

by Johnson Thang

ã?¨ã?­ã?ã??ã?¯ã?³ã?¹ã?ã?¥ã?¼ã? ã§å¥³ã®å­ Girls In Erotic Sostumes
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Hamilton Beach Food Processor Cookbook: 50 Homemade Meals In A Fraction Of The Time-Make Seemingly Impossible Culinary Feats

by Joseph Nakagawa

50 Homemade Meals In A Fraction Of The Time-Make Seemingly Impossible Culinary Feats

What if there was a way to cut down on some of the most time-consuming tasks and get you back to cooking without excuses? There’s an appliance you might already own that can help you cut down on precious time. It’s the food processor.

A food processor is a lazy cook’s dream. It grates, it chops, it mixes, it purées, and even helps ensure perfect pie crust every time. If we had to name the kitchen tool MVP, the prize would go to the food processor. No other tool even comes close to being able to deliver creamy dips, perfectly chopped veggies, and blended ingredients. Best of all, the kitchen workhorse slashes prep time. Put yours to good use with these fifty tasty, healthy food processor recipes.

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Dishes Made In The Machine

Recycled Human: The Reality of Re-Entry

by Glenna McCarthy

“Recycled Human” is a continuation of my first book, Damaged Goods but Recycled Human is aimed more at the re-entry into the general public. A big part of that shift involves various â??transitional services’ which are in fact not helping people. In fact, the services meant to help a person like me develop can be yet another oppressive system. When a person wants to change and truly is ready to face change, it can be challenging to find genuine resources. So here it isâ?¦..this is my testimony of what I saw in myself and the system that needed changing. I hope “Recycled Human” is useful in your own personal journey or the journey of your loved one.

Sixty FUN Things to Write About: A ridiculous collection of writing ideas to break down your walls!

by Jake Zelinger

A ridiculous collection of writing ideas (what old people call “prompts”) that are specifically designed to destroy writer’s block and kick your creativity into gear.

Essentialism: Living Like A Minimalist

by James Latham

Everybody is running up and down, busy and striving hard to do more so as to achieve more. Yet, the most successful achievers always seem to have a lot of time on their hands. Every other person on the planet is trying to put their hands in many pies at once yet the most remarkably successful personalities have very few endeavors at once. They focus more on what must be done rather than the things they feel they want to do. That is the most common denominator running through the lives of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Nikolai Tesla, Elon Musk and Reverend Martin Luther King. They focus on the most essential things and requirements and shun every other thing.

Essentialism is key to huge success and contentment but it is even much more effective when paired with minimalism. Essentialism and minimalism are two sides of the same coin; two peas in the same pod. They dovetail and complement each other perfectly without any conflict. Essentialism says; “Do less”, minimalism screams; “Have less”. Together, they can help you focus on your objectives, eliminate uncertain needs and derive the maximum from your potentials, strengths and opportunities. By conserving your artillery for the big and important occasions, you can ensure that you produce beyond expectations. Most especially, you will also attain great contentment, happiness and an inexhaustible supply of satisfaction and confidence.

The latest book in my essentialism series, this book;

-Convinces you further to jettison the consumerism principle
-Further explains what essentialism is and what it is not
-Gives you reasons to embrace essentialism as a life choice
-Explains why society’s idea of happiness is wrong
-Teaches you to prioritize and stay true to your priorities
-Redefines happiness and contentment
-Demystifies minimalism
-Defines the boundaries of minimalism
-Gives you the reasons why minimalism is such a good idea
-Shows the link between essentialism and minimalism
-Advocates for why you can be a better essentialist by becoming minimalist
-Provides compelling reason for you to join essentialism and minimalism
-Shows you how to combine essentialism and minimalism
-Provides a stepwise guide to building the right mindset for becoming an essentialist minimalist
-Lays down the framework for adding minimalism to essentialism
-Serves to prepare you for my next blockbuster bestselling book on essentialism


Dark Psychology: How to Sneakily but Ethically Influence People to Consistently say Yes to Your Wants and Needs

by James Walker

Social Psychology: How to Sneakily but Ethically Influence people to Consistently say Yes to Your Wants and Needs is the one-stop guide that will teach you how to manipulate people effectively and make them bend to your will without them even realizing it. This book unveils the secrets of ethical manipulation. Now is the time to create positive changes in your life.

Inside, you’ll discover…

  • Social Psychology
  • Ethical Manipulation
  • Reason vs. Emotion
  • Effective and Powerful Techniques of Ethical Manipulation
  • Best Practices
  • Mastery
  • Much, much more..

How to Clear Your Mind and Learn to Relax

by Cynthia Palmer

This book is a little shorter than most you can go read on the subject of relaxation and clearing your mind. I think it’s best to keep things simple and avoid any stress that over complications can cause.

It’s first best to look at what is causing us stress in our lives?

For me, before I learned to live stress free. In the early days of my career when I was so caught up in the rat race and struggle for better positioning at work, my mind was clouded by so many things that I thought I needed to do. I placed things of little importance before things of great impact on my life simply because they were on my to do list. I was working sixty to eighty hours a week at the office and then coming home and usually working a little there as my spouse wondered why he was eating dinner alone every night. Which of course served to cause more stress in our relationship.

For me the hardest thing was letting go of the little things that I thought mattered to focus on myself and my own mental health. It’s best to be altruistic but you must know when to put yourself first. Your happiness is of the utmost importance. After all, you only live once.

Morning Makeover : The Ultimate Secrets To Stop Procrastination And Achieve Life Mastery – Strategies To Boost Your Energy Levels And Productivity (procrastination … cure, routine, high performance habits)

by Amina Rose Adam

Is starting your day right and getting things done a constant struggle for you? Do you spend time procrastinating instead of getting things done?

This book is for you. 

Discover how to beat procrastination, the biggest time thief.

You’re about to discover how to…


  • How to leverage early rises to ensure effective use of your time

  • How to increase your energy and productivity levels of your morning to effectively win the day

  • Discover the ultimate morning habits which can be applied as soon as tomorrow morning and help you overcome procrastination

  • You will learn why starting your morning right can help you maintain focus throughout the day and get things done

  • Discover how you can master your day and become a high achiever and much more !

Download your copy today!

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Tags: (morning makeover, morning routine, life mastery, procrastination

Limitless Endurance Affirmations | The 100 Most Powerful Affirmations for Limitless Endurance â?? With 2 Positive & Affirmative Action Bonus Books on Instant Persuasion & Body Image

by Jason Thomas

Exclusive Offer â?? Now Includes 3 Amazing Bonus Titles:

2 More Titles of 100 Most Powerful Affirmations.
Plus Full Length Title: Conscious Visualization

You will not achieve fulfillment and happiness until YOU become the architect of your own reality. Imagine that with a few moments each day, you could begin the powerful transformation toward complete control of your own life and well being through positive affirmation. Because you can.

You will be able to release all fear and doubt simply because you know that you can. Utilize this simple, proven technique to regain the lost comforts of joy, love, and fulfillment in your life.

You have the ability to unlock your full inner-potential and achieve your ultimate goals. This is the age-old secret of the financial elite, world class scholars, and Olympic champions. For example, when you watch the Olympics, you’ll find one consistency in all of the champions. Each one closes their eyes for a moment and clearly affirms & visualizes themselves completing the event flawlessly just before starting. Then they win gold medals and become champions. That’s merely one example of how the real power of affirmation can elevate you above any of life’s challenges.

Life is too short to be exhausted on thousands of everyday anxieties and fears. Sadly, the average person will get to the end of their life and realize that more than half of it was spent struggling with these kind of problems. Because they didn’t know what to do, many of these people never found any satisfaction in life. You can and will become bigger than those struggles by enhancing the energy that already flows within you.

Too often people are held hostage and limited by a cycle of negative thinking and pessimism. This kind of thinking creates a streak of what many choose to call, “bad luck”. I have good news for you. There is no such thing as “bad luck”. This phenomenon is merely a cycle of negative affirmation that must be broken and mended with a fresh regimen of positive affirmation and vision. By repeating and remembering these affirmations in times of difficulty, we transform our rigid affirmations of defeat and intimidation into warm, confident manifestations of the world as we choose it to be.

Get what you want and desire from the world like millions of others around the globe using affirmations. You already possess the power to assert your own perceptions and transform your thoughts and desires into reality. By using positive affirmations daily, you will unlock that natural potential inside of you.

Remember, anything you think or say is an affirmation. Your everyday negative thoughts are powerfully damaging affirmations that can do grievous harm to your precious well-being. You must learn to let them go now. By keeping a cycle of positive affirmations in your mind, you leave no available room for the old cycle of negative affirmations to repeat and take effect. As you transform your stream of consciousness into a positive way of thinking, your life will be wildly enriched and transformed by positive affirmations becoming the truth that you demanded them to be.

If you want to see positive change now, you’ll find the quickest path to fulfillment with positive affirmation and visualization. There is no time to spend on loss, negativity, and defeat when you can be achieving tangible, historically proven results with minimum time and effort invested.

There is no limit to changes that can be made through the power of creating truth with affirmation.

Read This Book To Change Your Life Today!

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Intermittent Fasting: Weight Loss Guide for a Healthy Body, Burn Fat and Live a Longer Life (Fasting Diet, Lose Weight, Intermittent Fasting Beginner’s Guide, Burn Fat)

by Ashley Collen

Did you ever struggle with self esteem issues or lack of confidence when it comes to your body?

Tried everything and still not losing weight?

Still not found a healthy and easy method to lose weight and you are still stuck in crazy rigid diets that make you starve all day?

Here is a method that will help you get rid of fat once and for all without exercising for hours or putting your health in danger

It is no secret that now obesity is at its highest point and so many adults and children suffer from it. Yes, it is true the consequences are deadly, so many health risks like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, cancer and mental illness.

When I mention mental illness my heart aches. The ones that got thru depression, low self esteem, lack of confidence know what I am talking, it is such a painful subject. But from the bottom of my heart, my dear reader, I want to assure you that things can change. They really can change. And it can be simple, maybe at the begging will be a little difficult, but the most beautiful things in life must come with a little effort.

If you are serious about making a change you need this book.I wrote it for all the people that want to make an important and life changing shift in their life. This is for everybody out there that values health in all forms and want to make their body a beautiful temple that serves them

The mind and the body are strongly connected. By following the Intermittend Fasting (IF) lifestyle you will lose all the unnecessary body fat and you will have a slimmer and healthier body.

Your self esteem will beautifully rise and you will begin to feel confident.

I put my heart in this book to deliver to you simple steps for having a beautiful body and also explaining how the IF process really works

I’d like to drive you through all the things you will learn:

I’d like to drive you through all the things you will learn:

  • One of the oldest methods in the world,used by our ancestors, that help you lose all the unnecessary fat
  • The scientific approach of the Intermittent Fasting process
  • How IF will help you lose weight naturally and live a long and healthy life
  • Exactly what are all the benefits of this great method, beside the ones I already mentioned
  • And this are just a few of the informations, I’m just getting started
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    Origami For Kids: Easy Japanese Origami Instruction Book For Kids

    by Ben Mikaelson

    â??â??â??Buy the Paperback version of ORIGAMI FOR KIDS and get the Kindle ebook version included for FREE!â??â??â??

    Available To Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet!

    Origami For Kids is a great buy for anyone looking to learn and master the ancient art of Japanese Paper Folding. Not only is it it suitable for kids, but Adult Beginners will also find this book easy to learn and enjoyable!

    What to expect:

    • This Origami Book will take you by the hand and lead you step by step through 14 different origami projects. Each project has helpful pictures and well written instructions at each step to guide you and ensure you don’t get lost.
    • You will notice as you progress through the Origami Book, the first few projects will start off quite easy (such as a Heart, a Cup, and an Envelope) and then they gradually start to get harder with more advanced techniques (including the likes of the Brachiosaurus and the traditional Crane).
    • Not only will you be impressing your family and friends with your new-found paper-folding skills, but you’ll also be amazing them with your new knowledge of Japanese culture and history. You’ll not only learn Japanese words, you’ll learn how to draw a few of them in the Japanese language.

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    Exercise Techniques for Beginners: Starting steps to get into shape

    by John Harris

    While most everyone learns the very basics of exercise in grade school, an ever-increasing number of us go on to take things to the next level and actually learn a proper exercise routine. As the years pass, this lack of understanding is compounded by all of life’s other demands and suddenly it is difficult to know where to start even if you wanted to. Luckily, Exercise Techniques for Beginners: Starting Steps to Get Into Shape is here to offer you up a basic overview of a wide variety of different exercises to put you on the path to a lifetime of fitness.

    All of the exercises found inside are based around gaining strength based on using your own body weight which means you don’t need anything but this book and commitment to the cause in order to get started right away. Inside you will find exercises that target your arms, chest, core, back, legs and more. You will also find a full yoga routine as well as a wide variety of stretches to ensure you don’t hurt yourself when you go full steam ahead. So, what are you waiting for? Take control of the battle of the bulge and buy this book today!

    Pоwеr Of Now: A СоmÑ?lеtе Practical Guidе To Ð?еlf- Frееdоm And Self Discipline

    by Christoffer Petersson

    What Does Personal Freedom Mean To You? Do you want to earn more money, pay off a debt, get the job of your dreams, live in a specific location, lose weight? Freedom has a different meaning for each one of us, however, the way to change your life and achieve self-freedom is the same for everyone. Success Without Discipline Is A Myth! In this book, Christoffer Peterson explains that it all has to do with self-discipline the correct mindset that gives you the motivation to complete small or hard tasks. Even if your goal is difficult, self-discipline can help you accomplish -like it has helped millions of people. When you’re disciplined, you manage to control your thoughts effectively find the right motivation easily. This helps you slowly achieve your goals, so you can then reward yourself and build your self-esteem. Get Power Of NowAnd Start Your Journey Toward Self-Freedom Today!

    Blogging Quick Start Success: Start Your Money Making Blog In 7 Days

    by Sunil Arora

    This E-Book will help you start a blog and also guide you to convert into your own money making machine for the entire life. you just have to follow 7 simple steps in order to create your successful money making blog.


    by Kingsley Lucas

    How To Invest In International Markets Using The Net Current Asset Value Approach & Find Stocks With Tremendous Potential For Appreciation

    And Perhaps Earn between 20% to 30% P.A. These book features case studies of net current asset value stocks from different countries. More likely than not, the net current asset value approach is known to work in the USA where value investing was popularised by Ben Graham and Warren Buffett. But does the strategy work in other markets. In this book, you will discover the eternal truths of investing through the eyes of a deep value investor. Be acquainted with the case studies and learn to make the net current asset value strategy work for you as an investor.
    Through case studies, learn how to use the deep value net current asset value strategy in countries such as:

    Hong Kong

    Invest In Deep Value Stocks Internationally

    Deep value net current asset value stocks have worked in USA. But do you know that the strategy also works in other countries such as Singapore, UK, Hong Kong and Canada? The idea is to find net current asset value stocks beyond one’s domestic market. As such, one is able to find high quality stocks, not constrained by geography.

    Find Beaten Down Stocks With High Potential

    Beaten down stocks have mean reverting features. If a company can be purchased at a price less than its liquidation value, contingent on the capital structure of the company, one is able to find companies that naturally revert to a mean. Because some of these stocks have been beaten down so badly, these stocks are void of expectations. Without expectations, investors can pay very low prices to acquire such assets. As such, many of these stocks turn out to be buyout targets and when the industry recovers or upon the development of some earning power, many of these stocks rise dramatically.

    Learn About Investments That Easily Turn Into 1 to 3 Baggers

    Learn how to look for hidden treasure and seek out stocks which can turn into multibaggers. The idea is not to look at companies which are well followed by analysts but to look at undiscovered areas of the market.

    Valuable Case Studies

    You will find nested within the pages of this book extremely valuable case studies. We begin these case studies by describing what caused an investment to be overlooked, how you can analyse it and what you can expect from it after you buy it. These case studies contain the know how to become a successful deep value investor.

    Kingsley is a deep value investor and invests across markets such as Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Europe, UK, Malaysia and any market that offers deeply discounted stocks at junkyard prices. By doing so, He has trained himself to bet against the prevalent market perception and to become a serial compounder. He believes that this book will give investors an international perspective on deep value stocks and its potential in markets across the globe. The world is truly and investor’s oyster!

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    by Kingsley Lucas

    How Amateur Investors Can Build A $20 Million Dollar Portfolio

    For investors who are interested to compound money seriously, this book offers up a solution and blueprint in which investors can follow to become wealthy. The idea first is to look at what really works and to stay clear of what can result in disaster. In a study conducted in 1986 by the State University of New York at Binghamton, a portfolio of deep value stocks trading at less than 66% of the estimated liquidation value had a mean return of 29.4% over a 13 year period. Comparatively, the NYSE-AMEX Index had only 11.5% return over the same period. This speaks volumes regarding what type of an approach investors should follow to ramp up investment results.

    Learn how to:

    Rewire Your thought Processes

    You are likely to be your biggest obstacle to your investing success. Learn how you can rewire yourself to think in a manner that aids you in investing. When you are able to do this, you will find yourself betting against the crowd and not with the crowd most of the time.

    Grow Your Portfolio To $20 Million

    If one is able to appreciate the “don’ts” investing, it is very likely that the battle for great investment results is half won. By saving part of your pay and injecting in into the market using a blueprint that can compound money at between 20% to 30% per annum, one can build up a portfolio worth millions over the long term.

    Love The Unloved Stocks

    Develop a love for the unloved. For it is the unloved stocks where great investing returns are found. And this is not anecdotal. Portfolios of beaten down unloved stocks often exhibit returns higher than portfolios of stocks which are loved by the markets.

    Shift Your Investing Perspective & Become A Contrarian Investor

    Step into the shoes of a contrarian investor. Learn to think independently and not rely on the market and its many pundits for an opinion. By doing so, you take one more step forward to become a great investor.

    Discover The Fortune Formula To Stock Market Investing

    If you have ever wondered if you can shift investing odds to your favor, wonder no more. If you can follow the thought processes shown in this book, chances are, your investing results will improve tremendously even if you are an amateur investor.

    Case Study : 50% in 6 Months

    Through a case study, you will also get yourself acquainted with a case study of one of the author’s experiences in the stock market where an investment yielded a 50% return in 6 months.

    Kingsley is a value investing practitioner and a believer in the magic of compounding. He believes that deep value investing offers a means by which investors can reach their financial goals. Through his books, he intends to share little shared secrets about how investing the right way can seriously grow one’s wealth.

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    How to Draw Cars, Trucks, Ships, Planes in five steps: 50 Step By Step Things to Learn to Draw (Cars coloring Books Book 1)

    by Osie Publishing

    Limited Time Discount! (Regular $9.99 )

    The #1 How to Draw Cars, Trucks, Ships, Planes in five steps: 50 Step By Step Things to Learn to Draw and Color! Activity Book For Kids! Fun by learning to draw things that go is a great way to spend your free time. This book will keep children entertained for hours. It also serves as a fantastic gift for any occasion. Sized to frame at 8.5″ x 11″ Pages so kids could freely color

    50 Cars Trucks, Ships, Planes in five steps in 100+ pages!

    Make these drawings come to life using your imagination, pencils and markers!

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