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Short Stories of a Hopeless Romantic

by Ruel D Fordyce

When you’re naive, you’re gonna do dumb stuff and try to convince yourself that everything is ok until the sum total of your mistakes, leads you to the point where you’ll have to reconsider that thing you called love. Short Stories of a Hopeless Romantic, is a short story anthology comprised of eleven poetic prose pieces. Each piece is a mini story in itself that all work together to tell an entire story about the pursuit of love. The woman in the story has no name and that’s because she can be anyone of us. Find a quiet cosy spot, get your beverage and curl up with this book and allow yourself to feel something beautiful.

Poetry Diary of an Ordinary Human: Life Pages

by Oana Micu

Poetry Diary of an Ordinary Human is a book of poems put together to make a life. It is a collection that makes you go through a wide range of emotions and find yourself among the verses.

What started with one poem written after countless nights filled with thoughts, became a healing tool and dozens followed. These poems tell the story of every human being who has been hurt, who wants to love intensively and to live passionately knowing his time is limited.
Poetry Diary of an Ordinary Human – is just that… a diary written when finding a quiet moment in a chaotic day or a persistent thought in a quiet night.

Religious Fervor

by Pete Marchesi

Religious fervor… It is a subject to stay away from. People are out there becoming freaks! My books shows the whole thing up a bit.

A Weak Mind

by Pete Marchesi

Alright. What is this about? I am happier these days. I recently went to the doctor. It is what this… is about. (Don’t worry. I am on your side.)

Best of luck and thanks for the support.


by Ashmita Acharya

Just like life is not only roses and rainbows, so is poetry. In this anthology, the poetry included are from some of the darkest times of the poet. The poet hopes to inspire others who unfortunately is going through rough times, and just want to convey that – “you are not alone” in this, and that it is not your fault. Well, Aquiver says it all – at least for now… Hoping to write about roses and rainbows too… hopefully, that will happen too someday… someday soon…
#Depression #MentalHealthAwareness #FightingStigma

Volume 1

by Adam Lansing

In his debut publication, Adam Lansing presents the first in a series of short collections of poetry inspired by the every day.

Elijah (Epic Poetry Book 2)

by Abdiel LeRoy

Signs and Wonders in an Ancient Land!

“Even the beings who in God’s presence stand
Still find His love too deep to understand.”

This majestic and imaginative retelling of the great Old-Testament prophet’s ministry and miracles will take you on a transcendental journey through time and space and otherworldly encounter!

Join Christ’s chariot ride from the heavens to cast down fire as Elijah annihilates the false prophets of Baal, take cover in the enchanted moonlit woods of Cherith Brook, and ascend from the banks of Jordan to choirs of angels!

At times raunchy, yet always reverent, this beautifully choreographed 12-book epic will embrace you in a timeless story of love and danger, wonder and prophecy!

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