Free science Kindle books for 14 Jul 18

Astrology vs. Astronomy

by Abdul-Jabbar Khan

Astrology vs. Astronomy is a unique book in which you will discover the islamic perspective of these two subjects as the author Abdul-Jabbar Khan explores the meaning of both and delves deeper into both subjects.

Magnesium: Reduce Stress, Cure Insomnia, Prevent Illness, And Boost Your Happiness And Sex Drive In 7 Days ((Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals) Book 1)

by Stephen James

A Medically Proven Strategy To Reduce Stress, Cure Insomnia, Prevent Illness And Boost Your Sex Drive With The Miracle Of Magnesium

Discover how to finally beat stress, sleep troubles, and illness, while increasing your happiness and sex drive once and for all!

Medical research and public awareness on the vast benefits of magnesium has soared in recent years. The medical field has learned that magnesium plays a key role in our health – yet the majority of us (up to 75%) are deficient in this essential mineral – and it is negatively effecting our every day wellbeing!

If someone told you that they had a cure that prevented or even cured disease, boosted your happiness, and improved your sex life, yet only cost a few dollars for a month’s supply, would you think it was a hoax? Possibly. However, in the case of magnesium, all of these statements are true and proven by countless medical studies, which are highlighted in this book.

In This Book You Will Learn…

  • Your personal risk for magnesium deficiency
  • Why magnesium is a necessary nutrient
  • Why most of the population is deficient in magnesium
  • The symptoms of magnesium deficiency
  • The Science behind magnesium deficiency’s role in heart disease, osteoporosis, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and more
  • How magnesium can prevent and cure modern health concerns
  • Forms of magnesium supplementation
  • Guide for meeting your daily magnesium requirement
  • Easy DIY recipes for transdermal magnesium application
  • Magnesium food intake and recipes
  • The essential steps for raising your magnesium levels in 7 days and reducing stress, curing insomnia, preventing illness, and boosting your happiness and sex drive

You can boost your happiness and wellbeing today with magnesium, and this book can help guide you there. Take control of your health and your future wellness by downloading this book today!

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