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Whitey Ford is Nicer Than Me

by Leonard Stegmann

Yankee pitching legend Whitey Ford lied to a little kid? How could this possibly be? (Nostalgia Humor/690 words)

High Carb Vegan Diät: Abnehmen in 5 Wochen, ohne zu Hungern (German Edition)

by Brockhous Alexandra

Kennst Du das, eine Diät motiviert anzufangen, um dann kurze Zeit später wieder aufzuhören?
Das ist ärgerlich, weil es Zeit, Geld und Motivation kostet.
Möchtest Du wissen, warum die meisten mit ihrer Diät aufhören, obwohl Sie, wie Du, kurz vorher noch extrem motiviert waren?
Der Grund ist verblüffend einfach:
Was die Ratgeber alle vernachlässigen, ist der Spa� an der Sache. Keiner möchte langfristig auf das verzichten, was gut schmeckt. Keiner möchte unnötig hungern und dem Jo-Jo-Effekt verfallen.
Jeder Ratgeber meint, die Geheimnisse des Abnehmens zu kennen. Wei�t Du, was das Geheimnis ist? Es ist die Freude an der langfristigen, gesunden Ernährung. Gesunde Ernährung bedeutet nicht, auf Kohlenhydrate zu verzichten.
Gesunde Ernährung bedeutet nicht, nur das zu essen, was â??funktioniert”.
Im Gegenteil: Mit der High Carb Diät kannst Du Dir gönnen, was immer Du möchtest – und trotzdem oder gerade deswegen, abnehmen! Damit gehört das lästige Kalorienzählen für immer der Vergangenheit an.
Hüte Dich vor den groÃ?en Geheimnissen. Es sind die einfachen Dinge, die von sogenannten “Experten” verkompliziert werden.
Bei der High Carb Diät sind es unsere Ratschläge, die jedem nachvollziehbar einleuchten, um endlich gesund zu leben.
In diesem eBook bekommst Du eine High-Carb-Diät Plan vom professionellen Ernährungsberater. Gratis dazu gibt es die Tipps zur dauerhaften �nderung Deiner Essgewohnheiten!
Du erhältst einen effektiven Fitnessplan vom professionellen Fitnesstrainer. Dazu hat der Trainer sogar seine persönlichen Tipps zur Selbstmotivation für Sportmuffel beigefügt!
Für die nötige Abwechslung bekommst Du viele leckere Rezepte für Deine High-Carb-Ernährung.
Das eBook bietet Dir grundlegendes Wissen über High-Carb mit allen Vor- und Nachteilen.
Du erfährst, welche unbewussten Ernährungsweisen den Menschen krankmachen und wie High-Carb dagegen hilft.
Damit bekommst Du viele Methoden, um die Kräfte Deines Körpers dauerhaft zu aktivieren.
Gib der High-Carb-Diät eine Chance: Sie wird die erste Diät sein, die du nicht abbrichst und damit Deine letzte Diät sein!

Fernand Cuny’s: BOXING (La Boxe)

by Matthew Lynch

Men have been punching one another in the head since time began. It was not long before they realized that this process could be refined into a sport, an art, even a science. Fernand Cuny was a boxer and boxing instructor in turn of the century France who sought to popularize his favorite sport and bring pugilism to the Parisian public. He wrote this manual on Boxing (la boxe in French) to show his fellow citizens that to know boxing was to love it, and that it was in fact an easy and worthwhile endeavor to become instructed in the “sweet science.” Fans of MMA and boxing are sure to find something to interest, amuse, and even confuse them in this book.

Go Wild!: Over 200 Ways to Connect With Nature

by Emily Goss

Say the word, â??nature’ and most people will imagine green landscapes and cute animals. While both are certainly worthy of appreciation, in reality, nature is all around us. From lichen and insects to trees and clouds, there’s always something magical to see if you look for it. And whether you’re surrounded by rolling hills or living a hectic city life, by appreciating nature, you can enhance your health, happiness, and sense of connection with the world around you.
Go Wild! is packed with ideas to help you make the most of nature, along with the latest research on the benefits it can bring. From relaxation to saving money, enhancing your work performance to improving sustainability, there are endless advantages to connecting with the world around you. It’s said that the best things in life are free, and Go Wild! shows that there’s more truth in that than you may think.

Tony Parker: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Greatest Point Guards (Basketball Biography Books)

by Clayton Geoffreys

Learn the Incredible Story of Basketball Superstar Tony Parker!

Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device!

In Tony Parker: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Greatest Point Guards, you’ll read about the inspirational story of basketball’s premier point guard, Tony Parker. Tony Parker became one of the first international players to create a lasting impact in the NBA at the point guard position. In an age filled with greats like Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, and Tim Duncan, Parker played in one of the most exciting eras of modern basketball. In Tony Parker’s duration as a San Antonio Spur, the Spurs have won multiple NBA championships and created a perennial contender.

While he may have been considered raw upon first entering the league, Tony Parker worked tirelessly throughout his first few seasons in the league to ensure his sustainable success in the NBA. Whenever he decides to retire, he will be remembered as one of the key pieces of the San Antonio Spurs Big Three.

Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

  • Early Life and Childhood
  • Career in France
  • Tony Parker’s NBA Career
  • Getting Drafted
  • Rookie Season
  • Making the RIse, First NBA Championship
  • Championship Hangover
  • Enter the Big Three, Second NBA Championship
  • First All-Star Season
  • Third Championship Season
  • Years of Falling Short
  • Enter Kawhi Leonard
  • Return to the NBA Finals
  • Fourth NBA Championship
  • Another Playoff Exit After Winning the Title
  • Enter LaMarcus Aldridge, Becoming Part of the Best Trio in NBA History
  • International Career
  • Parker’s Personal Life
  • Impact on Basketball and Beyond
  • Parker’s Legacy

An excerpt from the book:

While basketball today is a global sport with dozens of international players currently in the NBA, it was not like that in 2001. Basketball was a sport played almost entirely by Americans with only a handful of foreign-born players making their names known in the league.

A few foreigners had done well for themselves in the NBA. Lithuanian Arvydas Sabonis, even as a 36-year old center, had led the Portland Trail Blazers to a near victory over the eventual champions Los Angeles Lakers in the 2000 Playoffs. Croatian Toni Kukoč had played a key role as part of Michael Jordan’s second three-peat. And over the past 2000-01 NBA season, a German 7-footer named Dirk Nowitzki had averaged 21.8 points and 9.2 rebounds. However, all three of those players were big men, and big men would always be in demand. For an international guard to succeed in the NBA was a different story. Croatian shooting guard Dražen PetroviÄ? had made the All-NBA Third Team in 1993 before he tragically perished in a car accident. During the eight years since his death, no foreign guard had come close to surpassing his legacy. The nearest at that time was Canadian point guard Steve Nash, who was steadily improving as a teammate of Nowitzki in Dallas.

No guard until now. For on June 27, 2001, the San Antonio Spurs would select a French point guard named Tony Parker with the 28th pick in the draft. Outside of his invitation to the Nike Hoop Summit in 2000, Parker had never played in the United States. He was listed at just 5’11” during the draft and was viewed as a “project”, a good athlete who would need time to develop into a legitimate basketball player. Would Parker be able to adjust to playing in an entirely different country? Would he be able to handle playing for the San Antonio Spurs, a championship-level team that had no time to coddle him? Would he handle the transition from playing in Paris to the middle of Texas? Was he big and athletic enough to play against the more physically taxing Americans?

MARADONA IN BARCELONA: A star born and almost broke in it’s infancy


It may only have been two seasons but they proved of sufficient drama to cement the name of Diego Armando Maradona into Barca folklore. A period laced equally with controversy and genius. When on the field unplayable, off it uncontrollable. A peasant prince of the slums let loose amid the chic, sophisticated, conservative Catalans. Wild, a law unto himself, but such was his talent, a blind eye was turned to excesses that would have shamed the Borgia’s. Blessed by the footballing Gods, but cursed with an addiction that in time would prove his ultimate downfall. Cocaine. A flawed Masterpiece? Maybe, but still a darn fine tale. Maradona in Barcelona.

Karate training: å®?æ?¦ç©ºæ??家になã?ã?

by toragorou Kuroiwa

Battle of bare hands. That is human craving. However, talent is necessary.
KARATE can become strong even without talent. That is characteristic of KARATE.
I would like many people to know direct blow KARATE=ZISEN KARATE.

March 30, 2017
Change the layout of the book. It became easier to read.

Please watch out. This book is not for genius.
It is written for ordinary people.

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