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Love Guitar bitesize รข?? Learning to Master One of the Most Versatile Instruments in the World!: The ultimate beginner’s guide to the 10 beginner basics on guitar

by Andy Read

This book is written as an introduction to learning to play the guitar. It can be very overwhelming as a beginner, but in this Love Guitar bitesize edition, we’ve tried to make it as simple to understand as possible, giving you ten of the most important guitar basics as you start out on your playing journey.
Andy Read has had nearly 20 years experience teaching guitar full time, to all ages. A trained teacher, he has been constantly reviewing and refining this method to make learning this amazing instrument as understandable as possible.

Basic #1 – Finger names/Open string names
basic #2 – 6 must-know chords
basic #3 – Guitar parts
basic #4 – Left hand home position
basic #5 – The rest stroke
basic #6 – TAB
Basic #7 – The chord box
basic #8 – Strumming (using a pick)
basic #9 – Finger picking (RH home position)
basic #10 – Tuning

Segments From My Closet

by Meyna Bacchus

My name is Meyna P Bacchus and I am a single mom , an entrepreneur and also a NYC employee. These short stories I am sharing with you captured three important segments of my life . Which includes Set backs from my childhood, disappointments in my life and Bad relationships I endured as I found my pathway in this thing called life. These are all captured in my short stories and I hope to help someone in anyway I can as I open up my closet .

Here is my Blog page , its Quite new so we have alot to talk about , Thank You.

Wild Planet: Sharks

by Stefan Winslet

This book is a part of a series showing wildlife on our planet. Will be interesting both for adults and children.
You`ll see best photos of sharks in wild nature with all their beauty, dangerous nature and basic instincts.

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