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Highland Box Set: Highland Romance Collection

by Kyra Johnson

Amazing Collection of 6 Standalone, Steamy Hot Highland Romance Stories!

1.Highland Mist
2.Highland Rapture
3.Highland Vow
4.Highland Dargon
5.Highland Arrangment
6.Highland Secret

– Highland Mist : Highland Romance –
At his birth, Gavin Loudain’s parents were told he would be a great man with a terrible fate, courtesy of the old witches who lived out on the moors. “He will find his greatest treasure, and then succumb to death.” Fearing for his life, his parents kept him secluded and under careful watch, and in doing so let a thirst for adventure take root and grow. With the death of his father, Gavin’s life was able to begin in earnest. His first act as the new laird was to hold a hunt and games in his father’s honor, inviting friends, family and famed hunters to come and join them. Amongst them was Reagan MacGregor, sister of the great hunter Isaac, and a capable rider herself. From the moment their eyes meet they are destined for one another, but a sinister fate awaits Gavin on the moors, and perhaps not even the strongest love can keep him from it.

– Highland Rapture : Highland Romance –
A peaceful trip through the Northern English countryside to a quiet town on the sea turns into a bath of blood when the band of soldiers accompanying Isabelle Wharton and her new husband Captain Alan Wharton are attacked and massacred by a band of Scottish outlaws. The men take Izzy hostage, and she finds herself the prisoner of one Owen Chester, the very man directly responsible for her husband’s death. Held captive whilst waiting for ransom, Izzy finds herself wrestling with her undeniable, fiercely strong attraction for Owen and her guilt against feeling anything but contempt for the man who killed the one she thought she loved.

– Highland Vow : Highland Romance –
Lyla never imagined she would be a lynchpin for anything.

Her mother told her all her life that, following the death of her father, it would be her responsibility to marry the boy next door and merge their lands and cattle. To her credit, she does intend to…

…until a group of men wearing Cameron colors come riding down the road.

With her fields condemned to burn, and her town threatened to be razed to the ground, Lyla does the unthinkable, and offers herself in marriage as a show of good faith to the leader of the clan, a powerful man named Lachlan, if he will only spare her town and allow them to pay tax and tribute to remain alive.

To the horror of her people, Lachlan accepts.

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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

Julien’s Terror

by Laura Rahme

In this chilling psychological tale set in revolutionary France, a young couple confront their darkest fears. Looming above them, between healing and oblivion, lies the French Republic’s most shocking secret.

FRANCE, 1794 – The Reign of Terror

Julien d’Aureville, a young boy from a broken home in Paris, meets a fugitive aristocrat who changes his life. As the Terror subsides and Napoleon rises to power, Julien’s fortunes improve.
Then he meets the mysterious Marguerite.

Upon her marriage to Julien, Marguerite Lafolye has all a Parisian woman could ever wish. Yet something is not quite right.
Is Marguerite hiding a dark secret?

When she attempts to see into Marguerite, even the celebrated
fortuneteller, Marie Anne Lenormand, cannot read her cards.

From bourgeois Paris to the canals of Napoleon’s Venice, Marguerite seems to be living a lie. Who is she really? What drives her obsession with the late Dauphin, Louis-Charles, son of Marie-Antoinette?

Could the answer lie in a memory – in Nantes’ orphanage, or in the hidden undergound caves of war-torn Vendée, or else in the secret refuge of Gralas Forest, deep in Western France?

Or could the answer be right here, in Paris, within the forbidding walls of the Temple Prison that Napoleon threatens to destroy, and where the Dauphin tragically perished.


From the author of THE MING STORYTELLERS and THE MASCHERARI comes an historical psychological thriller that will defy all you knew of France’s revolution.

In this confronting new novel, Laura Rahme paints the tragedies and triumphs of love in tumultuous and deadly times.

JULIEN’S TERROR is a suspenseful mystery where folklore and superstition meet with the horrors of the past.

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