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Kimono Town Ashikaga

by Tony Roppon

Do you like “Kimono”?
I love Kimono.

Summer in Japan is very hot and humid.
So I am mostly wearing Kimono (Yukata) during the summer.
Kimono is breathable.
So, for Japanese people, Kimono is suitable.

However, modern Japanese people have few opportunities to wear Kimono.
90% of Japanese people wear only clothes.
People who are always wearing Kimono ( like me) are rare.

I would like to disseminate the charm of Kimono more abroad.
But before that, we must also spread it to the Japanese.
So I am always wearing Kimono, no matter where I go.

Actually, the town I live in is Kimono Town.
The city of Ashikaga is a historically famous town in “Meisen” (Silk Cloth).

In this book, I will introduce my favorite Kimono, the charm of “Ashikaga Meisen” and the tourist sites of Ashikaga City.

….*…..*…..*…..*…..*…..*…..*…..*…..*…. *…..*….



Chapter1ï¼?Ashikaga Meisen
ã??ã?Ashikaga Meisenã??
ã??ã??Let’s walk with a kimono

Chapter2ï¼?Other tourist attractions
ã??ã?Ashikaga Gakkoã??
ã??ã??ï¼?Ashikaga-City Official Pageï¼?
ã??ã??Three gates
ã??ã??Confucian shrine
ã??ã?Ashikaga Flower Parkã??
ã??ã??Ashikaga Flower Garden (Japan)
ã??ã??Official Page


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