Free humour Kindle books for 15 Jul 18

How To Talk Polo: A Fan’s Perspective

by Don Lubner

A cigar-chomping lawyer who never played the game, announcer Don Lubner has often been lovingly described as “the Howard Cosell of polo.” In A Fan’s Perspective he dispels common polo myths and explains the origins and rules of â??the king of sports’. Whether you’re a polo fanatic or a casual fan, this book will show you How To Talk Polo.

Lessons I Learned from Drinking: Life Principles Gained through Investing in Spirits

by Timothy Fields

Lessons I’ve learned from Drinking is a fun, lighthearted reflection on some of my most memorable drinking adventures over the last 20 years. Some were expensive. Very expensive. Some I was flying solo. Many of them were with friends. And among a few key nights, I’ve gained important insights into life and who I want to be.

What is this book not about? It’s not actually about the alcohol. (Nor does it celebrate alcoholism. That disease is serious and impacts many.) But it is about the life lessons gained around a bottle. I have embraced independence, self awareness, the value of mental health, the importance of financial management and, most importantly, an understanding of my own peace of mind, thanks to my journey that has, in truth, involved a lot of alcohol. A lot.

I know without these experiences, I would not be the person I am today. Some of the lessons learned were hard. (And expensive!) But they were needed to make me who I am today, someone I’m proud to be and at peace with as a man.

It is my hope that through this book you will laugh, relate to a story or two, and reflect on your own experiences.

So pull up a chair and order your drink of choice. Let’s toast to life and all the lessons it presents!

Hotel Welt: Schichten, Schätze & Schulden (German Edition)

by Fyona A. Hallé

Das Wiener “Hotel Welt” ist in finanziellen Nöten; selbst Conny (13), die Tochter der Besitzerin, muss gelegentlich an der Rezeption einspringen. Im benachbarten Palais des Fürsten von Finsterfels wird gleichzeitig stapelweise Schwarzgeld gehortet. Als dann auch noch im Park zwischen Hotel und Palais ein Schatz gesucht wird, kommt es im Hotel zum Aufeinandertreffen von Fürst und Prinzessin, von Hotel-Besitzerin und Tochter und einigen weiteren Beteiligten – bis zum groÃ?en Knall …

Eine turbulente, satirische Geschichte, in der haute volée und Hotel-Welt kollidieren.

Ebenfalls erhältlich von der gleichen Autorin und zum Teil mit dem gleichen Personal: “Kaiserwasser”, zu erwerben als eBook und als Print-Buch.

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