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30 Sleep Hacks for New Parents: A Sleep Survival Guide for Parents of Newborns

by Karen Kostohris

Is great sleep possible with a newborn? The answer is YES! This book will show you how good sleep IS POSSIBLE! This 30+ page eBook is PACKED full of proven tips, tricks and ideas for better postpartum sleep for baby and parents.

“30 Sleep Hacks for New Parents” is not just another book on infant sleep. This is a VERY PRACTICAL, HANDS-ON Survival Guide for parents – packed with ideas and proven tips and tricks from an experienced postpartum doula and mother of 5. If you have a newborn or are expecting a baby, this guidebook will be a game-changer for your family’s sleep! It is a very quick and easy read – no “heady” or lengthy background information but very practical and useful information that you can apply today!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

– How to understand infant sleep needs, patterns and cues
– Develop creative strategies to maximize your sleep
– Learn new sleep hacks and tips from a professional night doula
– Understand why your baby is waking
– Develop skills to help your baby sleep better and longer
– Learn how to help your newborn transition from life in the womb
– Learn ways to cope with the demands of caring for a newborn
– And much more!

Here’s what people are saying about this sleep reference guide:

“As a mother of three, I wish I had known all this with my first! This wisdom made a huge difference for our family!” – Ruth G.

“I just read your book and I feel so much better prepared to be a grandma! I’ll be sure to let my daughter know about this book. I wish I would have learned more about this 30 years ago!” – Natalie H.

I already read most of it today while nursing my 9 month old and found it so helpful! Lot of helpful info, good reminders, and a few new tricks to try next time around!! Neither of our kiddos have been “good sleepers” so I know I will refer back to this if we are blessed with more!” – Claire C.

When I Do Relationships So Right How Do They Go So Wrong: Using Emotional Maturity to Transform Your Mind, Your Relationships, and the Generations to Come (Emotional Maturity 101)

by Dana Elken Terrell

How can you possibly be successful in life if you’re not successful with your relationships?
How do rewarding relationships turn into relationship problems?
Have you ever felt no matter what you do to make things right, you end up feeling the same pain, disappointment, and despair of relationships gone bad?
How do you let people know you just want to get along? How do you stop them from always derailing your best efforts? How do you help them stop judging you incorrectly?
Whether it’s family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, business partners, fellow students, teachers–or any other relationship–this book will help you uncover the hidden habits and patterns that are silently damaging your relationships.
Once you recognize the patterns and understand how they work, you can replace them with new ways that change all the rules.
Self-help secrets you will gain from this book:
-Identify the four common patterns society taught you that are silently derailing your interpersonal relations.
-Adopt four ways to address these patterns to turn your relationships back into rewarding ones.
-Uncover the key reason your friends, loved ones, and associates react in confusing ways to your good intentions and learn how to heal the problem.
-Learn new ways to approach difficult situations you previously considered insurmountable.
-Relate to stories of others and apply them to your own life.
-Stop the emotional pain of taking things personally when they’re not.
-Use emotional maturity to create miraculous relationship improvements.
-Improve your communication & social skills and interact confidently in all situations.
-Gain the conflict-resolution skills you need to deal with unexpected challenges.
-Become best friends with yourself by understanding your values, principles, feelings, needs, and boundaries.
-Grow a life-long support system you can count on at any time.
-Apply all this new knowledge to any type of relationship.
-Become a positive leader in your network, creating mutually-supportive friends based on all you’ve learned.

Relationship books are plentiful, but this one is different. You need real answers for the mysteries of relationships. You need to get to the heart of what’s not working so you can quickly change it and succeed. This book reveals unique answers, proven to work, that are not commonly found elsewhere.
Are you ready to turn your rocky relationships into rewarding ones? If you want to turn your life and your relationships around, don’t wait any longer. Take the first step and read this book today.

“Books on improving relationships abound but few have the depth of consistent wisdom that is found on the pages of this book. Dana Terrell has achieved this through her applied knowledge of Bowen theory. She has made this theory her own with her unique integration with EMDR [iBE]. This makes for a valuable book for anyone who cares about their relationship health — and let’s face it, there is no way to improved wellbeing without finding ways to do our relationships better.”
Jenny Brown, PhD
Growing Yourself Up: How to bring your best to all of life’s relationships

Self Help For Divorced Couples: The basic real steps to overcome divorce and start living again, you must do it. (Self help and couples relationship Book 1)

by Henry T. Fisher

Whеn Ñ?оu Ñ?ее the wоrd “divоrсе”, what comes to mind?
Now that Ñ?оu are thinking аbоut divоrсе, I wаnt to intrоduсе аn idеа. Wе are lucky еnоugh to livе in аn аgе аnd in a part оf thе world thаt сеlеbrаtеÑ? Ñ?еrÑ?оnаl frееdоm.
Individuals аrе еnсоurаgеd tо еxÑ?lоrе their vеrÑ? individuаlitÑ?, аnd for thаt reason, divоrсе is here to Ñ?tаÑ?. AÑ? lоng as people vаluе their happiness аnd Ñ?аfеtÑ?, аnd rесоgniÑ?е thаt thеÑ?е gоаlÑ? аrе achievable, Ñ?Ñ?оuÑ?еÑ? will continue tо get divоrсеd.
With thаt аÑ?Ñ?umÑ?tiоn in mind, I wаnt Ñ?оu tо think оf divоrсе аÑ? аnоthеr Ñ?tаgе in аn еvеr-еvоlving familiar rеlаtiоnÑ?hiÑ?.

In this book you can find the real basic steps you must to follow to overcome the divorce. The mental side and the pratical side. You have to follow the rules now because they are simple, simple to follow but simple even not to follow, it is your choice. These rules work for you, follow the rules, step by step, day by day and come back to life.

– How to survive a divorce
– How to overcome a divorce
– How to deal with the pain of divorce
– How to overcome the legal aspect of divorce
– The positive side of divorce
– The 10 golden rules to be happy after the divorce

Why we kill all that is inside of our happiness: Why we kill all that is inside of our happiness , How can you become more optimistic,happiness is a choice you make , happiness trap

by Sara Etch

Why we kill all that is inside of our happiness
1.How can you become more optimistic?
2.Happiness Keys.
3.Three emotional errors limit your happiness.
4.Do not bury your feelings.
5.The best reasons for permanent happiness.
7.Your feelings .. that Do not belong to you.
8.Eating fruits and vegetables brings happiness.
9.5 fruits and vegetables daily for the health of your heart.
– Happiness Keys:
– Every day we make many decisions in our lives, some of them simple and unimportant and others remain with us and affect us and remain until the end of our lives, so do not regret away from some decisions that may ruin your life.
– In a study conducted by Columbia University that the average man takes at least 70 decisions a day, so many daily decisions lead to so-called “exhausting decisions” that actually strain the mind.
At the University of Texas, a recent study shows that sometimes the mind makes decisions that are not quite right, as minds focus on specific details when making a decision rather than focusing on the big picture of the subject.
This leads to some decisions that may lead to severe remorse and pursuit throughout our lives. Today we will talk about five P = common decisions that might kill one day.
-1. Make a decision based on the opinion of others.
-Making decisions based on others’ opinions will bring you a lot of damage, even though you can find a profitable job because someone is sticking to it because it “sees” that is best for you, but what about your love? What about your thinking and direction? Will money only bring you happiness?
-2. Work exhausting and long hours.

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