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American Pharoah: Triple Crown Winner

by Karl Thor

  • The colt that made horse racing history
  • Winner of the Kentucky Derby 2015
  • Winner of the Preakness 2015
  • Winner of the Belmont Stakes 2015
  • One of the best race horses of our generation

You’ve seen the amazing races, now read the story of this modern horse racing legend!

February 2, 2012 was a notable day, even though many wouldn’t realize it for another 3 years. That was the day that the horse named American Pharoah was foaled.

The story begins with the registration of American Pharoah’s name. Although some may not realize it, the name is actually misspelled. The actual name was supposed to be American Pharaoh.

“Day one we felt that he had brilliance in him,” said owner Ahmed Zayat. “His demeanor, his aura, his conformation, and in the way he moved.”

His story has sent shockwaves throughout the racing community. He would become the first American Triple Crown winner since 1978 and only the 12th horse in history to accomplish the feat.

ninngenn sikkakutuu (Japanese Edition)

by takamido tetsuya

é«?御å ?å?²ä¹?ã?29æ­³ç?¬èº«ã??ã?é??ã?ç?¡ã?ã??家æ?ã«ã¯å?å??è¦?捨てã??ã??ã?å?é?ã??å°?なくなっã?ã??彼女ã??ã?なã?ã??ば嫁ã??ã?なã?ã??学歴はç?¡ã?ã?職歴å¤?æ?°ã??好きなé£?べç?©ã¯ã?¢ã?¹ã?ã?¼ã?ºã?ã?¼ã?¬ã?¼ã??ã??ã??æ??きã??æ??è¿?ã?ã??ã?±ã?ã£ã¦ã??ã??ã?¯ã®ã?ã?¼ã?ºã?ã?¼ã?¬ã?¼ã§æ??æ?¢ã??どã?で人ç??é??é?ã?ã?ï¼?é??é?ã?だã??ã?のé??é?ã?æ?¢ã?ã??正解だã??ã?のç²?æ?¢ã?ã??どっちでã??è?¯ã?ã?ç??きてã??ばç?¡å?é¡?!ã?ã?ã?どã?ã?てã?ã?なっã?ï¼?è?¥è??ã??ã?ã?ã??な大人になã??なã?でくã??ã??ã?ã??ã?ã©ã?ã?ã??ばã?ã??な大人になってã?まã?のã?ï¼?ç¬?ã?ã??ã?æ¶?ã?ã??のã?¹ã?¼ã??ã?¼äººç??ç?©èª?ã??ã?っと死ぬにはまだæ?©ã?ã?ç¬?ã?ã?ã?なã??ã?ã??ã??読ã?ï¼ç©ºç?½ã®ï¼?0年ã?æ­¤å?¦ã«ã?ã??ã??

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