Free advice and self-help Kindle books for 16 Jul 18

Where Your Heart Is (Lilac Bay Book 1)

by Rachel Schurig

Iris Holder has no intention of making a new life on Lilac Bay Island.

She just needs a little time to work out a come back plan and then she’ll be right back to taking over the real estate world in the big city. Getting fired and losing her home were a setback, sure, but there’s no reason to think she’ll need more than a few weeks to get herself together. After all, Lilac Bay isn’t exactly her favorite place. And the feeling is mutualâ??at least when it comes to her ex, David Jenkins.

Getting involved with the quirky islanders is not on her agenda, no matter how many fish fries and drunken book clubs her cousin Posey drags her to. She definitely doesn’t have time to help reopen the family restaurant. And mending fences with David, her first love, is absolutely out of the questionâ??even if that means ignoring the spark that’s growing between them.

But the more time Iris spends on Lilac Bay, the harder it is to leave. She’s getting closer with David, getting closer with her family, and suddenly she’s not so sure her old life was as perfect as she always believed it to be. Maybe she’s actually looking for something new, for something more. Maybe she’s looking for love.

And maybe that love is right in front of her.

Diary of the Hollow (Chronicles of a Drowsy God Book 0)

by Ashleigh Gauch

Sometimes, fear holds you back. Sometimes it’s the only thing standing in the way of total ruin.

Life has it out for Dasha Berenzety. As if dealing with the three other voices in her head and her parent’s divorce wasn’t enough, strange shadows and old memories followed her from California to her new home in Washington.

At first she thinks she’s made friends with mayor’s daughter and “queen of the school” Alice and her two drones, but things quickly take a turn for the worst. Humiliated and enraged, she runs for student council president in the hopes she can end Alice’s rule and improve the quality of life for her fellow students. And, possibly, catch the eye of the cute girl in fifth period.

When a new voice shows up with promises of everything in her wildest dreams as a trade for her fears, she’s skeptical but goes along with it.

It worked.

Sometimes terror is your only protection.

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