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STUCK : MC Biker Romance

by Kelly Cusson

MC Biker Romance
A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

Ali is stuck. Stuck in a town as small and dull as most of the people in it. Stuck in a dead end job. And, most of all, stuck in a relationship with Jake. A deadbeat alcoholic who has lately taken to hitting her. It’s this frustration that drives her to drink. It’s also this frustration which compels her to accept an offer of a drink from Ben. A gorgeous, tattooed member to a club that rivals her boyfriend’s. One drink at a little run down bar turns into a weekly tradition. And, though Ali worries about her boyfriend discovering her secret, she finds that she likes Ben too much to care.

But, when Jake finds out what Ali has been hiding from him, the consequences prove deadly. With a mad, vengeful boyfriend on her tail, Ali has no choice but to turn to Ben for protection. Will Ben be able to keep Ali safe from harm? Will Ali find in Ben what was missing from her relationship with Jake? Or, will Ben turn out to be just another biker with more love for his club than he has for her?

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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

Christmas at Stone Creek: A Novella

by Anne M. Mikolay

Pennsylvania, 1860: Assailed by grief, spirited Sarah Neumann tries to hold her family and her heart together as she begins life without her beloved mother. In Mama’s absence, Sarah does her best to care for her father and her twin sisters; she is shocked when Papa announces his plans to celebrate Christmas before the family’s official mourning period ends. Sarah’s world is turned upside-down as her sisters happily prepare for the holiday and challenge Sarah’s steadfast belief in tradition and consistency. Sarah is inconsolable until an unlikely, new friendship helps heal her heart, and a miraculous occurrence teaches her that those we love never truly leave us.
In the tradition of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, Christmas at Stone Creek is a coming-of-age story featuring a head-strong, independent 19th century young woman making her way in life. Period details and colorful imagery bring Sarah and the Neumann family to life. This is a tale of loss, grief, rediscovery, and eventual contentment and joy. Christmas at Stone Creek offers comfort to the grieving and hope for all.
“I had heard grief did strange things to people. This, I sadly suspected, was such a case. In the past, Papa had always done what was right, but at that moment, for the very first time, I questioned whether he knew what that was. I would accompany my sisters into town to shop for holiday food and trimmings, as Papa instructed, but my heart was completely, utterly certain that despite their efforts, there would be no Christmas at Stone Creek. How could there be when our brightest light was no longer with us?”

Goggles (Spanish Edition)

by Jorge Ladriere Bartolini

Goggles no es el buscador de Internet, son los lentes para proteger del viento a
pilotos de avión, conductores de motocicletas y Vehículos descapotados. Estos en
particular terminaron en el Norte de México, y propiciaron una búsqueda
internacional de una pintura robada por la Gestapo de Hitler durante la segunda
guerra Mundial. Desde el Desierto de Sonora hasta la Alemania de la guerra fría,
una aventura en motocicletas que busca desenmarañar una sociedad secreta Nazi
que sobrevive hasta la actualidad, con el fin de llevar a cabo los sueños e ideales
de Adolf Hitler, de una Raza Aria Superior, la cual se financia gracias a las obras
de arte robadas por todo Europa durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial
Los Goggles son una ventana al pasado, una maquina de tiempo que permite
recabar la información sobre los oscuros secretos de Hitler, experimentos Humanos,
la búsqueda de la raza Suprema y los medios que usaron para sobrevivir la
persecución de la postguerra. Es un hecho que aun hoy, siguen perdidas muchas
obras de arte robadas por la Gestapo, obras de Pintores tan famosos como
Leonardo Da Vinci, Rubens, Tiziano y Bellini entre otros. Y aunque algunas ya han
sido recuperadas otras siguen extraviadas como la de “El lobo y el Ovejero” Autor:
Pieter Brueghel “The younger” (1564-1637), robada en Viena en 1942 por la
Gestapo y que le pertenecía a Balder Von Schirach.
Juan Pablo, un motociclista Mexicano con la ayuda de Un Hindú, el MOSSAD la
inteligencia Israelí e Interpol, los llevara en un viaje de Aventura, historia y acción
para encontrar la pintura y en el camino desenmarañar los secretos más oscuros de
la Sociedad Secreta “Supremacía Celta” (SC) al mismo tiempo que entrega una
reflexión sobre la Vanidad y del Valor de la Vida, por encima del Valor de las cosas

Der Winterkönig. Geschichten des Drei�igjährigen Krieges: Historischer Roman (German Edition)

by Jörg Olbrich

Wie durch ein Wunder überlebt der Sekretär Philipp Fabricius zusammen mit zwei Statthaltern den gewaltsamen Fenstersturz aus der Prager Burg. Philipp macht sich schwer verletzt auf den Weg nach Wien, um den Kaiser über die protestantischen Aufstände zu informieren. Mit Hilfe der schönen Magdalena erreicht seine Botschaft die Residenzstadt, doch die Lage zwischen Katholiken und Protestanten spitzt sich weiter zu und Philipp gerät ins Visier der gegnerischen Parteien. Der Krieg lässt sich nicht mehr aufhalten �
Währenddessen tritt in Pilsen der Schmied Hermann den kaiserlichen Truppen bei. Als Söldner in Tillys Armee begeht und erleidet er die Schrecken des Krieges. Die Chronik eines jungen Schreibers in Wien dokumentiert die Gräuel.

Verwüstung, Hungersnöte, Armut und Pest kosteten zwischen 1618 und 1648 rund sechs Millionen Menschen das Leben. Der Auftakt der sechsteiligen Romanreihe “Geschichten des DreiÃ?igjährigen Krieges” überzeugt mit historischen Fakten und einer spannungsgeladenen Entwicklung.

Dreams of Yesterday

by Della R. Jackson

Dreams of Yesterday, is a story of three generations of Harris women living in Columbus, Georgia plagued with a dark, bitter cloud of unrequited love. For three generations the Harris women have fallen in love with married men. Fifteen years old, Emma Jane’s life is quickly altered and will send her upon an unfamiliar road, ripping her from youthful pleasures.
Emma Jane is determined – with perseverance – to break the cycle, which played with their emotions and lured the women in her family into forbidden love, passion, desires and soul ties. She will find an inner strength and a will to survive. It is in such circumstances that Emma Jane truly learns the essence of love, that before she can give her all to another, she must first discover the love, courage and strength buried within herself.
The story unwinds in 1932, When Emma Jane is faced with a tragedy, this adversity will ultimately lead her into discovering a dormant talent that she possesses. She will soon meet Nathaniel Tucker, a dashing stranger and immediately she finds herself drawn to him. But he holds a secret, a secret that will send her into a whirlwind of emotions, regret and despair. Thus, the saga beginsâ?¦

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