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The Power Of Positive Energy: Powerful Ways For Self-Improvement, Increasing Self Esteem & Gaining Positive Energy, Motivation, Happiness & Becoming Psychologically Stronger – CHANGE YOUR LIFE

by Jason Kutcher

Do you want “peace of mind” every day? Do you want “freedom” from negative thoughts?

Do you imagine yourself free from any negative thoughts?
Do you imagine yourself happy, optimistic, and peaceful every day?

Inside “The Power of Positive Energy” you will learn the strategies on how your mind can change into a positive-peaceful state. You will know the specific steps on how to make yourself happy, fulfilled, optimistic, calm, and peaceful every day.

Many people resort to drastic things such as intense therapy or medication to try to control their thoughts, mind, and live a better lifeâ?¦

Luckily, you don’t need medication to live a life of happiness,abundance and have freedom from stress, fear, and anxiety…

You already have EVERYTHING you need to live the life that YOU want to live.

That power comes from within your mind and you already have it.

You just have to learn how to control it.

You will learn the various tools and techniques successful people do every day, such as: 

  • How to really think positively
  • How to gain confidence and increase self-esteem
  • The secret to always have a success mindset
  • How to get motivated in life every day
  • Exactly what Positive Energy is and how to start using it in daily life…
  • How to become socially fearless with hypothesis testing…You will always have a success mindset
  • How the benefits of attitude of gratitude can dramatically increase the quality of your life
  • The characteristics and qualities of highly successful people
  • How to really live a happy life every single day
  • Furthermore, these are the Ultimate Benefits you will receive from the book:

  • You will become a positive person every single day
  • You will become confident and your self-esteem and self-image will be lifted higher
  • You will have powerful morning habits that will make you more successful
  • You will always be motivated every single day
  • Remove fear from your life
  • You will be able to forgive anyone and that will give you enormous peace of mind
  • You will always be thankful every single day
  • You will always have a success mindset
  • You will always be ultimately happy every single day
  • Praise:

    This book is indeed amazing and powerful because it talks of ways on how to have a transformed life and mind. I am so much more relaxed and confident. My stress level is near zero for the first time in 63 years. My internal anger is nearly gone. I find myself relaxing and going with the flow instead of fighting to control the world. I now know I don’t need or want to do that. I feel at peace with myself.. This is such a powerful and inspiring book, a life changer and full of vibrant energy. If you’re in the state of negativity, helplessness and hopelessness, I very highly recommend this book. Two thumbs up!”

    – Gary Winter

    You have my personal guarantee that you’ll start seeing a difference or I will happily refund your money.

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    Thomas Jefferson: A Captivating Guide to an American Founding Father Who Was the Principal Author of the Declaration of Independence and the Third President of the United States

    by Captivating History

    Did you know that Thomas Jefferson rewrote the Bible?

    Free History BONUS Inside!

    Although one can speak of Thomas Jefferson in a tediously factual way, he was an enigma. Historically, he is noted for writing the Declaration of Independence, which was a daring and courageous statement of the rights of Americans and, indeed, of all people.

    Hidden beneath the many cloaks of legalistic terminologies that he was fond of using, all the strengths and vulnerabilities of Jefferson as a man were there too. Like many people of today, he had a difficult childhood. He also liked to party while in college and loved to play the fiddle.

    The names of his friends and colleagues are featured in all the history books of yesteryear and todayâ??Patrick Henry, John Adams, George Washington, Lewis and Clark, Benjamin Harrison, and Lafayette. Thomas Jefferson also knew the scoundrels of the day like Benedict Arnold and Aaron Burr.

    He was not only a lawyer, a statesman, and a founding father of the USA, but a political and moral philosopher. He even rewrote the Bible. But that’s not all…

    This captivating history book covers topics such as:

    • Young Jefferson Leaps into Adulthood
    • “Two if by sea!” – Jefferson: Evolution into a Revolutionary
    • Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence
    • The “War” Governor of Virginia
    • The Many Roles of Thomas Jefferson 1785-1800
    • The Third President of the US
    • Jefferson Re-Elected in 1804
    • Intellectual, Writer, Farmer
    • And much more!

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    Roman Emperors from Caesar to Basil II: Short stories from the Roman History

    by Srdjan Kotarlic

    This book covers in short interesting chapters life and the rule of several Roman Emperors and rulers that lasted for centuries.

    Roman Gaul: The History of Gaul as a Province of the Ancient Roman Empire

    by Charles River Editors

    *Includes pictures
    *Includes ancient accounts
    *Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading
    *Includes a table of contents

    “Caesar, having stationed his army on both sides of the fortifications, in order that, if occasion should arise, each should hold and know his own post, orders the cavalry to issue forth from the camp and commence action. There was a commanding view from the entire camp, which occupied a ridge of hills; and the minds of all the soldiers anxiously awaited the issue of the battle. The Gauls had scattered archers and light-armed infantry here and there, among their cavalry, to give relief to their retreating troops, and sustain the impetuosity of our cavalry.” – Julius Caesar, De Bello Gallico

    The Roman Republic’s development from a city state into a world power that controlled large swathes of modern Italy, Gaul and Spain, as well as other parts of Europe is seen by many as being the direct result of Roman fear of the “Celtic Threat.” The sacking of Rome by the Gauls in 386 BCE became indelibly imprinted into the Roman psyche, and with this fear came a desire to put as much distance as possible between the city of Rome and any potential enemy. The result was the gradual acquisition of buffer zones that became provinces of an empire that grew without any particular thought out or deliberate strategy of expansion.

    The Gallic Wars, the series of campaigns waged by Julius Caesar on behalf of the Roman Senate between 58-50 BCE, were among the defining conflicts of the Roman era. Not only was the expansion of the Republic’s domains unprecedented (especially when considering it was undertaken under the auspices of a single general), it had a profound cultural impact on Rome itself as well. The Roman Republic, so dynamic in the wake of the destruction of their ancient enemy, Carthage, had recently suffered a series of dramatic upheavals; from the great slave rebellion of Spartacus to the brutal and bloody struggle for power of Marius and Sulla. Rome had been shaken to its very core, and a victory was essential both to replenish the dwindling national coffers and to instill in the people a sense of civic pride and a certainty in the supremacy of the Republic.

    Quite simply, in terms of scale, the Gallic Wars were unmatched by anything the Roman Republic had witnessed since the Punic Wars. By the end of the campaigns, ancient historians estimated that more than a million people had died, and still more were displaced or enslaved. Even by the more conservative estimates of modern historians, a casualty count in the hundreds of thousands appears possible. Either way, the war was a cataclysm, involving tens of thousands of combatants, and it also marked the greatest displays of skill by one of the greatest battlefield generals history has ever known.
    Caesar’s successful campaigns in Gaul have become the stuff of military legend on their merits, but it helped that he had the foresight to document them himself. Caesar himself wrote a famous firsthand account of the Gallic Wars, apparently from notes he had kept during the campaigns, and he wrote Commentarii de Bello Gallico (Commentaries on the Gallic War) in the third person. Caesar’s account described the campaigning and the battles, all as part of a propaganda campaign to win the approval of the Roman people. As a result, he left out inconvenient facts, including how much of a fortune he made plundering, but the work still remains popular today, and it is still used to teach Latin.

    Roman Gaul: The History of Gaul as a Province of the Ancient Roman Empire looks at Caesar’s famous conquest, and what Gaul was like for the next 5 centuries until the dissolution of history’s most famous empire. Along with pictures depicting important people, places, and events, you will learn about Roman Gaul like never before.

    Serial Killers Case Files: A Compendium of Notorious Serial Killers

    by RJ Parker PhD

    AN IN-DEPTH examination of serial murderers and their victims that include the profiles of some of the most prominent killers of our time. The author addresses various serial killer types: Organized and unorganized, men, women, doctors, and unsolved murder cases. 

    Something about their twisted psychology and abhorrent acts have turned folks like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, David Berkowitz, and Andrei Chikatilo, to name a few, into household names and media figures. In Serial Killer Case Files, true crime author RJ Parker offers several cases that deal with the names above and also shine a light on killers that are not as present in popular culture but whose bloody actions are worse than any horror movie out there. – John Douglas, FBI Profiler (Ret’d), bestseller author

    BESTSELLING AUTHOR RJ Parker delves into the gritty, gruesome details of the most notorious serial killers to strike the United States, Canada and the UK, including the unidentified killers who may still be on the loose.
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